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Friday, January 24th

01/24 The coronavirus has it's first case here in the U.S. Elizabeth Warren is confronted by a father who wants his money back for paying tuition, Ilhan Omar kicks off re-election campaign, and St Paul winter carnival will have drag queen bingo this year.

Thursday, January 23rd

01/23 the continued problems on the light rail claim yet another victim. Ilhan Omar is kicking off her re-election campaign tonight, deep diving scientists have discovered bubbling CO2 hotspot, and guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Wednesday, January 22nd

01/22 BREAKING news of a volcano eruption, the city of St Paul wants a news sales tax to be able to fix the streets, guitar news with Johnny Heidt, and the failure of the judicial system in the death of the real estate agent in Mpls.

Tuesday, January 21st

1/21 Dalia Al-Aqidi, is running against Ilham Omar in the 5th district in Mpls. AOC is spewing nonsense again, the Mayor has a hard time listening to the audio, and guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Monday, January 20th

1/20/20 WWYD if you found $43k in a couch? What the finder of the loot did, upset Kenny! NYT Presidential endorsement does not carry much weight, according to Joe. Mega disasters that should worry us.

1/20/20 MNST Joe and Patrick with a Super Bowl preview as well as SB's of the past~ Special treat: Arnie's Call from the '90's!

Friday, January 17th

1/17 The teacher of the year in Mn took a knee at the National Championship game, more great reaction from our two interviews this week, Reusse makes his weekly stop to visit the world of sports, and guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Thursday, January 16th

01/16 Andrew Towne a Minneapolis native and one of six rowers who completed the first ever man-powered trip through Drake Passage joined the show. "The Impossible Row" is online now at

Wednesday, January 15th

01/15 John Abraham, Professor and Program Director, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Professor of Thermal Sciences at the University of St Thomas joined Joe for a discussion on climate change.

Tuesday, January 14th

Joe points out that we have some really old trees. The oceans heating up is causing quite a bit of pondering. There is a big settlement in the Covington High School/DC controversy and you won't hear a word about it. A creative father of three has an invention.

Monday, January 13th

01/13 Joe starts with a CNN piece on the Australian brush fires. Listener mail with a recap of last weeks "Groinies" awards show. Guitar News with Johnny Heidt and Alaska man survives three weeks in the wilderness after burning down his cabin.

Monday Night Sports Talk: Episode 14

Friday, January 10th

01/10 We celebrate our first ever "Groinies" award for 2019. Reusse joins for his weekly segment from the estate in Fort Myers, listener mail, and guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Thursday, January 9th

01/09 Joe assigns the staff to help him gather items for Positive Thursday. We had to remove the signs from glacier park saying they would all melt by 2020, goats are going to stop the brush fires, and guitar news with John Heidt.

Wednesday, January 8th

01/08 Joe reads a great piece in the WSJ "Why Down Under Is Burning Up Bush fires have many causes. The climate-change narrative is a gross oversimplification." Rickey Gervais is facing ridiculous backlash, and guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Tuesday, January 7th

01/07 The social contract has been thoroughly corrupted in Milwaukee where two kids were shot at for throwing snowballs at a moving car. An interesting twist in the horrific story of the brush fires in Australia, and guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Monday, January 6th

01/06 Patrick joins us as we do a Sports Talk themed edition of GL

Friday, January 3rd

01/03 A few more segments from the great show the day "The Crucher" died. We also chat with former NHL star Kevin Stevens on the Wild recovery day Sunday the 5th, and guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Thursday, January 2nd

01/02/20 We play a few highlights from the episode the day that we lost "The Crusher" and we have a live edition of guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Tuesday, December 31st

12/31 Joe vows no more math in the year 2020, dedicated group of hikers takes on Pike's Peak, city of Minneapolis is starting a 5 cent plastic bag fee, and guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Monday, December 30th

12/30 6 rowers, including a Minnesota native, become first to cross Drake Passage unassisted. A new college savings plan in St Paul is introduced, and guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Monday Night Sports Talk: Episode 12

Friday, December 27th

12/27/19 Joe wants to work the old school tree lot & Light Rivalry Calls!

Thursday, December 26th

12/26 We discover the "Dueling Cosells" tape from Don Vogel's show!! Is the President for or against wind?? Sad news on the Notre Dame Cathedrahl, and guitar news!!

Tuesday, December 24th

12/24 A very festive Christmas eve edition today. We play the great clip of The Little Drummer Boy performed by Howard Cossell in honor of the late great Don Vogel, guitar news with John Heidt and we keep an eye on the Santa tracker.

12/23 Monday Night Sports Talk: Episode 11

Monday, December 23rd

12/23 A homework assignment that Joe gave the crew begins the show today. They also attempt to figure out what binary means, and guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Friday, December 20th

12/20 The parallel rail that the Government lives in has never been more evident than with the Impeachment proceedings. We discovered a forest in New York that had been covered for years. Patrick makes his weekly visit, and guitar news with johnny Heidt.

Thursday, December 19th

12/19 What Trump being Impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of congress means for our future. More info on the weather in Australia, Johnny Heidt with guitar news, and we discover a GL Road in Wyoming.

Wednesday, December 18th

12/18 Reuvers finally makes it back from California, Joe reads some great road trip stories. An embarrassing climate crisis PSA out of Colorado, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Tuesday, December 17th

12/17/19 Audio of a V8 Chevy Snowblower gets Joe's attention, as well as parenting percentages and single parent stats from today versus decades ago. The findings will surprise you. What has Greta won now? Joe's call to the Happy Gnome goes a little bit awry.

Monday, December 16th

12/16/19 Monday Night SportsTalk Episode: 10

12/16/19 Wages in Seattle are putting restaurants out of business. Is mandatory $16/hr too much? The okay sign at the Army Navy football game comes under fire. Are we allowed to rewrite the Constitution? Nope. The Climate Conference accomplished nothing.

Friday, December 13th

12/13 We discover why Mn has 87 counties, two masked men intimidated moviegoers of No Safe Spaces and forced them to flee in California. Patrick made his weekly visit, guitar news with Johnn Heidt, and of course it's Scramble Friday.

Thursday, December 12th

12/12 The great Steven C Anderson joined to start the show. He jammed with the guitar playing newsman Johnny Heidt.

Wednesday, December 11th

12/11 Greta has been named Time magazine's "Person of the Year" Johnny has guitar news including a new Twitter song, and have drivers always been this bad in the winter?

Tuesday, December 10th

12/10 We finally sort out our confusion over the 12 days of Christmas. There are pigeons wearing tiny hats in Las Vegas, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!

12/9/19 Monday Night Sports Talk: Episode 9

Monday, December 9th

12/9 Today's environmental statistic, Miss Universe pageant. The crew discovers just how much money is being wasted by the government on salary alone. Hillary Clinton's phrasing while denying lesbian rumors to Howard Stern leaves LGBTQ advocate 'disappointed'

Friday, December 6th

12/6 More email and reaction from Duluth following their failed attempt city wide of snow removal. Joe does a great Lou Nanne impersonation, guitar news with Johnny and Reusse makes his weekly visit in studio.

Thursday, December 5th

12/5 A great email from a Duluth GL'er provides the perfect explanation to the way we are being publicly served fro those who live in the salon. We also revisit a call we got from Sam years ago on his snowblower mishap, and another edition of guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Wednesday, December 4th

12/4 Joe develops a frightening cultural theme on the show today. The boys also discuss the recent, record setting Cannonball Run. That and another edition of guitar news.

Tuesday, December 3rd

12/3 We officially launch the GL online store!!! Electric cars don't run in the winter, and Gov Walz wants to form a "climate cabinet" the same Mn gov't that cannot run a DHS which has squandered millions of dollars on mismanagement.

Monday, December 2nd

12/2/19 Monday Night Sports Talk: Episode 8

12/2 Professor at Brown University is refusing to have kids because of the fear of climate change. Joe is very torn on the subject of palm oil, and guitar news with John Heidt.

Friday, November 29th

11/29 BEST OF GL: Joe continues his understanding of the Mystery and the mindset of voters in 2016 before the election.

Thursday, November 28th

11/28 BEST OF GL: Thanksgiving Day edition

Wednesday, November 27th

11/27 The pre-Thanksgiving edition has the crew in a very festive mood!!! The way that the latest snowstorm is being presented is embarrassing, and another edition of guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Tuesday, November 26th

11/26 Another sign that we are broken as a society, a woman tries to sell her newborn child on craigslist. Students at Macalester College do not think we should celebrate Thanksgiving, and guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Monday, November 25th

11/25/19 Monday Night Sports Talk Episode 7

11/25 We make not one but two trips to the failed academy. The boys also re-enact a scene from the Woody Allen movie "Annie Hall" and Joe shows off a little admiration......for a tree.

Friday, November 22nd

11/22 We start the show with the 56th anniversary of the JFK assassination. We take a trip to the failed academy. The Freedom From Religion foundation is at it again, and guitar news.

Thursday, November 21st

11/21 Coldplay's Chris Martin says band will not tour its new album due to environment concerns. A trip to the failed academy this time New York University at Binghamton. Ilhan Omar update, and guitar news.

Wednesday, November 20th

11/20 Joe and Kenny give a review of "Ford vs Ferrari" Mayor Melvin Carter doesn't think ShotSpotter technology will help reduce crime in St Paul. Plus Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Tuesday, November 19th

11/19 Pastor Walt McFadden on today’s podcast. He knew and tried to counsel Leroy Davis-Miles, the 23-year-old who punched a 75-year-old after they got off a bus. The 75-year-old died as a result of his injuries.

Monday, November 18th

11/18 Best Of GL: 2004 Regions hospital takes cross out of Chapel. Reports of Abraham Lincoln being gay? A guy calls to promote his own booyah, Joe gets a little upset.

11/18 Vikings big comeback victory, PJ runs onto the field in Iowa, and Reusse claims he may have told that story before.

Friday, November 15th

11/15 Jason D. Hill Professor of philosophy at DePaul University joined us to chat about his open letter to Greta Thunberg. We discuss the detailed story on the tragic death of the 75 year old man in Minneapolis and Reusse makes his weekly visit.

Thursday, November 14th

11/14 Joe reads a great open letter to Greta Thunberg from a Prof at DePaul University. Another horrific school shooting story this time in CA. Another story of the war on Christmas, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!

Wednesday, November 13th

11/13 The Impeachment hearings feature a drag queen and therapy dogs, The 75 year old who was beaten getting off a Metro Transit bus has died, and Greta hitched a ride home on a sail boat.

Tuesday, November 12th

11/12 Joe laments the loss of hockey broadcaster Don Cherry. We make two stops on another trip to the failed academy. Plus Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

11/11 Monday Night Sports Talk Episode 5

Monday, November 11th

11/11 St Paul sets a new record with its 30th homicide this year. Another gender reveal goes horribly wrong, a couple of great emails honoring Veterans Day, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!

Friday, November 8th

11/04 Monday Night Sports Talk

11/08 Producer fired over the leaked viral Epstein video from 3 years ago. Joe has a deeper and darker thought on "A Warning" by Anonymous. Plus Reusse makes his weekly visit.

Thursday, November 7th

11/07 Justice Dept demands info on anonymous author of "A Warning." $300K bird study found an estimated 110 birds have died at the hands of US Bank stadium. A trip to the Crabby Coffee shop and guitar news!!

Wednesday, November 6th

11/06 The votes are in.......and once again Joe lost. The Department of Human Services had more than 200 violations of state contract law within the past year, according to records. Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Tuesday, November 5th

11/05 Joe is a little worked up over how complicated we have made the voting process. A horrific story out of Mexico dealing with the drug cartels, and guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Monday, November 4th

11/04 Joe and the crew react to comments made by Ilhan Omar at the Free Stuff Fest yesterday. New Delhi air pollution has reaches unbearable levels. How is Greta getting home?

Friday, November 1st

11/01 The crew discusses the Fox 9 story on the rise in assaults on the light rail. Joe offers his thoughts on the impeachment proceedings, Reusse stops in for his weekly visit, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!

Thursday, October 31st

10/31 The Halloween edition of Positive Thursday!! Joe reads a great story of a University President pushing back against the failed academy. He also looses a bet with the crew, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Wednesday, October 30th

10/30 Ilhan Omar faces criticism after voting 'present' on Armenian genocide resolution. A funny clip from Jimmy Kimmel, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Tuesday, October 29th

10/29 Joe makes a link between the way Mysterians value people as opposed to nature when discussing the wildfires in California. A gender reveal party goes horribly wrong in Iowa, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Monday, October 28th

10/28 Austere religious scholar dead.....according to the Washington Post. We also have another Ilhan Omar update, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!

10/28 MNST: Episode 4 Is LIVE at Jax Cafe in Minneapolis!!!

Friday, October 25th

10/25 The Minneapolis City Council approves the 2040 plan which is a "Comprehensive Plan that shapes how the city will grow and change." The average cost of owning a vehicle according to AAA.

Thursday, October 24th

10/24 The mother of a 16 year old charged in the shooting outside of Allianz Field is upset with Melvin Carter “I am not for gun violence. … My son could have been killed … I fear for anybody and it’s not OK to shoot,” she added. “But … don’t use my son as an example … because this happened at Allianz (Field).”

Wednesday, October 23rd

10/23 A Duluth resident is blaming climate change on the recent weather and Lake Superior water levels. A professor is fired for her opinion on Polar Bears no longer being in danger and an outdoor educational trip to the Crabby Coffee shop.

Tuesday, October 22nd

10/22 Author Jack El-Hai on his new book "The Lost Brothers" a tale of three young brothers who vanished after leaving their home to go out to play in Farview Park in North Minneapolis.

Monday, October 21st

10/21 Monday Night Sports Talk: Episode 3!!!

10/21 St Paul has another shooting this time outside of Allianz Field during the Loons playoff game. Joe begins with a Curt Brown piece in yesterday's Star Tribune, and Johnny Heidt with another edition of guitar news.

Friday, October 18th

10/18/2019 In one of Garage Logic's best guests ever, Captain Kangaroo, Bob Keeshan, joins Joe in studio. In this 1996 interview, we learn a lot, even a few not well known secrets from the show. It was Rookie's favorite guest EVER!

Thursday, October 17th

10/17/2019 MN Attorney General Keith Ellison and Rep. Ihan Omar throw Sen. Bernie Sanders their endorsement. UM, Okay. Sanders sings "This Land" years ago. Euphorian protester jumps on top of train and people yank him off so they can get to work.

Wednesday, October 16th

10/16 What we learned after the 4th Democratic Debate last night. A history lesson in the Crabby Coffee shop, the world's shortest IQ test, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Tuesday, October 15th

10/15 Mysterious Oregon cattle killings, mutilations alarm ranchers. We chat with one of the locals. Ilhan Omar update. Family of armed suspect is outraged that clerk shot and killed him in self defense.

Monday, October 14th

10/14 Joe read a piece that appeared in Breitbart called "My Socialist Hell: 20 Years of Decay in Venezuela." Joe had to clean out the CP's car yesterday and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

10/14 Monday Night Sports Talk Episode 2!! The place you come to find the hottest takes on the world of sports PLUS a movie review on the 1958 Fantasy/Sci-fi thriller "The Blob"

Friday, October 11th

10/11 Joe and the crew have a few thoughts the day after President Trump's campaign rally last night at Target Center. He begins the show with a little bit of a math problem, they also have a little discussion on Raymond Chandler.

Thursday, October 10th

10/10 Where was Mayor Carter when good Samaritan cop is stabbed by 23 year old shoplifter? President Trump and Vice President Pence are in town today for a campaign rally.

Wednesday, October 9th

10/09 The political class in America exists on its own rail. President Trump visits Minneapolis tomorrow, and news from the Crabby Coffee shop.

Tuesday, October 8th

10/08 Should taxpayers be on the hook for a campaign rally? A guy in China went to great lengths to save his fish, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Monday, October 7th

10/07 It's The Return of Monday Night Sports Talk with Soucheray and Reusse!!

10/07 Joe discusses the criminal histories of candidates up for St. Paul City Council. Greta Thunberg visits Native American Dakota reservations to discuss oil pipelines. Trump tweet causes confusion over Turkey and Syria.

Friday, October 4th

Souch maintains that Johnny Carson paved the way for all modern day entertainers. We would not be doing what we are doing without him. Today's replay is from '05, the day after Carson's death was reported. Reusse gives GL'ers the current dope on the new University of Saint Thomas' future division digs. SCRAMBLE!!!!

Thursday, October 3rd

10/03 GL covers a wide number of topics on today's show. We start with the video and arrest of a 13 year old girl in St Paul. The "ok" sign is now racist, even for Disney characters, and we say goodbye to our good buddy Moon from KS95

Wednesday, October 2nd

10/02 A great discussion on the first cars ever developed in the U.S. Joe wants to know if we should pay college athletes. Kenny gives a history lesson on Alexandria, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Tuesday, October 1st

10/01 Australian Alan Jones broadcaster takes down the spoiled climate protesting students in epic fashion. The Mayor of Minneapolis won't welcome President Trump for his visit next week and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Monday, September 30th

09/30 Joe begins with one big takeaway from the Presidential Impeachment proceedings. A really good email from a GL'er on Greta Thunberg, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Friday, September 27th

09/27 Best Of GL: Today we celebrate another 2nd place Marconi finish. Reusse, Rookie, and John all call in live to congratulate the Mayor. We also play a few highlights and fun moments from the afternoons over the last few years.

09/27 Best Of GL: Today we celebrate another 2nd place Marconi finish. Reusse, Rookie, and John all call in live to congratulate the Mayor. We also play a few highlights and fun moments from the afternoons over the last few years.

Thursday, September 26th

09/26 Best Of GL: Joe discovers a plastic surgery show on MTV. Joe also takes issue with the amount of security that is required at the Winter Olympics and how air traffic has changed after 9/11 because of a flight from Miami.

Wednesday, September 25th

09/25 The Rev. Tim Christopher on his reaction to community activists denying what they saw on the released police bodycam video of the police shooting of Ronald Davis. Plus Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Tuesday, September 24th

09/24 Body cam video of the Ronald Davis shooting is released and answers all questions.

Monday, September 23rd

09/23 Candace Owens appeared at a congressional hearing on white supremacy. Joe struggles with the idea of whether or not the climate needs to continue to be discussed on the show, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Friday, September 20th

09/20 The hypocrisy from the left on the Justin Trudeau "brownface" story has become laughable. We also talk to local high school student Jeremy on why he is taking part in the Podstrike. Also our weekly visit with Patrick Reusse.

09/20 The hypocrisy from the left on the Justin Trudeau "brownface" story has become laughable. We also talk to local high school student Jeremy on why he is taking part in the Podstrike. Also our weekly visit with Patrick Reusse.

Thursday, September 19th

09/19 Lt. Bob Kroll from the Minneapolis Police dept on shortage of cops and crime rates downtown. We also play a great call from Pedro out of the mine for Positive Thursday, and the Navy now confirming that they have spotted UFO's.

Wednesday, September 18th

09/18 Fewer cops on the streets are issues right now in both Minneapolis and St Paul. A few climate predictions from years ago that fell flat on their face. Kenny has a Crabbee Coffee meltdown, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!

Tuesday, September 17th

09/17 You need to hear Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin's speech on gun control and the value of life from March of 2018. Listener mail with info on the Ford vs Ferrari dispute, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Monday, September 16th

09/16 The video discussed last week on the gang beating and robbery in downtown Mpls made National news over the weekend. AOC says that Miami will be gone in two years and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!

Friday, September 13th

09/13 The Mayor has a few thoughts on the Democratic debate that took place last night. The Mystery continues to showcase zero diversity of thought. Plus Patrick's weekly visit which includes one of his top five favorite stories as a sports writer.

Thursday, September 12th

09/12 The Mayor goes down a deep and troubling path on the way this country would rally as opposed to the way we did 18 years ago. Positive Thursday submissions from Moron #1 and #2, and an accidental yet interesting Author's Corner discussion.

Wednesday, September 11th

Today's replay includes the first segment where came on the air that day in 2001. Also replayed, is Joe's reaction to the country coming back together several weeks later. Things like traveling, investing, etc. The show became the 'Are You In?' show. Have a listen and please: Never Forget how this country came together when we got sucker punched. We need to get back to that~

Tuesday, September 10th

09/10 President Trump fires John Bolton as National security advisor. Three people were fatally shot in St. Paul within a matter of hours, including a good Samaritan who was helping victims of a multi-vehicle crash. That and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Monday, September 9th

09/09 Man livestreams chase before fatal encounter with Edina police. We have to apply the 48 hour rule in GL until we know more information. Joe discovers a new job in the city of Duluth, and man losing touch with nature.

Friday, September 6th

09/06 More on the hypocrisy of the left, NASA Failed To Protect Earth From Getting Hit By An Asteroid but they know what the temp will be in 100 years. Patrick makes his weekly visit and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!

Thursday, September 5th

09/05 Positive Thursday begins with reaction from CNN's Climate Town Hall. Bernie Panders thinks that we need to introduce population control. We also take the next step in trying to name Kenny's pontoon!!

Wednesday, September 4th

09/04 Elizabeth Warren is not only a hypocrite but apparently she is also a thief. Hurricane Dorian "Is what climate change looks like" according to AOC. A new addition to Author's Corner, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Tuesday, September 3rd

09/03 Hurricane Dorian approaches and Bernie Panders will stop it if he gets elected President!! State Fair wrap-up, another deadly weekend in Chicago, an interesting NASA report on climate change, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!

Friday, August 30th

08/30 Garage Logic is LIVE from the Minnesota State Fair!!!

Thursday, August 29th

08/29 Another episode of Positive Thursday. Ilhan Omar refuses to answer questions. Audio challenges from Moron #1 and #2. Plus, Kenny has a great story about a recent pontoon boat purchase.

Wednesday, August 28th

08/28 5 eyewitness news chief political reporter Tom Hauser joins to discuss a complaint filed against Rep. Ilhan Omar alleging that her campaign paid $77,000 for travel to have an affair.

Tuesday, August 27th

08/27 University of California Berkeley now offers a course in adulting. We have a great example of windmilling right here in our own backyard, and Joe reads a great piece from Cal Thomas: "San Francisco has a new definition of political insanity."

Monday, August 26th

08/26 Joe returns from the Gull Lake classic boat show with some deep thoughts on the GL service road of life. Bernie Panders, and Elizabeth Warren are at it again. Plus Johnny Heidt with guitar news!

Thursday, August 22nd

08/22 Garage Logic is Live at The Minnesota State Fair. Marjorie starts things off, Two dogs at the end, Glen Perkins and Surly with their new beer and two musical acts!! See you at the fair!!

08/23 Sharon Jones with Marjorie, a visit with our late friend Monty, and of course we play Married Forever!!

Wednesday, August 21st

08/21 The entire crew is in, and everyone is a little excited for the MN state fair. The Paul Bunyan statue at the fair is going to be auctioned off. Mpls Park Board to vote on renaming Calhoun parkways after Bde Maka Ska, and Johnny Heidt with another edition of guitar news!!

Tuesday, August 20th

08/20 Joe reads some shocking quotes from Ilhan Omar on Israel and the list of the 30 worst districts for African-American's in the country. Elizabeth Warren visits Macalester College. Joe also has a great article from the climate dispatch.

Monday, August 19th

08/19 More from the world of those elected who wish to be important rather than useful. Man loses touch with nature. A woman attempting to travel to New York on a yacht to reduce her carbon footprint is a hypocrite, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!

Friday, August 16th

08/16/2019 Scramble Friday Best-Of! Gay gardeners and Bigfoot prints. Who could want more than that?

Thursday, August 15th

8/15/19 Garage Logic's Best-of today is a gem. Preacher Kelly checked in for the first time and had Joe mesmerized. Ray follows up with a call pertaining to why blacks should expect more from themselves and not make excuses. Two powerful calls. Joe is then onto diversity at festivals and makes his comment about what happens when you live close to the nation's tallest buildings, also from 2006.

Wednesday, August 14th

8/14/19 AOC says that we should get rid of all gas powered vehicles eventually. Whoa!! A VW ad and a Philadelphia Cream Cheese ad are considered whom? Swedish sixteen year old Greta Thunberg is on her way over to talk climate change, via a racing yacht. What kind of reception will she get?

Tuesday, August 13th

8/13/19 The Mayor learns the number of existing Podcasts out there as well as how many new Podcasts stat up every day. Insight into the GL Podcast. Senator Elizabeth Warren will visit Macalester College and Joe threatens to attend to see what is said. The 'white crosswalk figure' is power washed! HOW? Joe has a very poor signature~

Monday, August 12th

08/12 Jeffrey Epstein, died early Sat from an apparent suicide, according to federal authorities. The Mayor has some thoughts and a few questions. A new theory on combating climate change and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Friday, August 9th

8/09 We call and wish a happy 100th Birthday to our dear friend Marjorie Johnson. We also replay Joe's personal favorite state fair segment with Marjorie and the late great Sharon Jones. Smokey The Bear also celebrates his 75th birthday today.

Thursday, August 8th

8/08 Welcome to another edition of Positive Thursday..........sort of. A disturbing new movie in Hollywood. An audio challenge, and Joe reads his favorite quote on climate change from Garth William Paltridge, a retired Australian atmospheric physicist.

Wednesday, August 7th

8/7 David Caprio the attorney in the charming video of the 96 year old man who was issued a citation we played yesterday joined us to chat about the story and his show "Caught in Providence." Joe also had another author's corner recommendation and we have another episode of guitar news.

Tuesday, August 6th

8/06 Great listener email reacting to the discussion yesterday on gun control. Another story from the Crabby Pants News dept. Johnny Heidt with another edition of guitar news, and the discovery of a news age group, the seenager.

Monday, August 5th

The loss of life at the two shootings recently is devastating. Joe tries to get his arms wrapped around what can be done to prevent this: More evil. Kenny speaks with Joe about the mechanics of a ban or what classifies these weapons. Where do we start? How can we come to an agreement?

Friday, August 2nd

This is a must listen to show. Joe speaks with the late great author and historian, Stephen Ambrose about his book'Citizen Soldiers'. A charming conversation about history. Then rookie plays one of his favorite highlights of all time Sam Smitson and the 'Snowblower incident' OUCH!

Thursday, August 1st

8/01 The Best Of GL: Joe has a case of where should his sensibilities lie. A woman wants to pay a lot of money to restore a 1964 Dodge Dart.

Wednesday, July 31st

7/31 The Global Warming hypocrites are at it again, plenty of reaction from the Mayor after last night's Democratic national debate. Johnny Heidt with another installment of guitar news and Joe tried out for the North Stars???

Tuesday, July 30th

7/30 More proof that the left hate children. A primary school playground in the Netherlands has been ordered to close due to its children being too noisy. We also take a trip to Technology Corner, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Monday, July 29th

7/29 Joe and the crew take a trip to urban America. There they discuss how Baltimore, Chicago, and the Twin Cities are being ruined by those who have been elected. An update on the kids who caught the sturgeon in Edina, and Joe attended 10,000 Lakes Concours d'Elegance on Lake Minnetonka.

Friday, July 26th

7/26 Eric Rasmussen from 5 Eyewitness News was on to chat about his report that uncovered at least $30,000 in personal expenses charged to the U of M by a high-profile professor over several years. Joe also had a great wind-milling story and the weekly chat with Reusse.

Thursday, July 25th

7/25 Back to Positive Thursday Joe has become obsessed with a song. Two more audio challenges from Rook and Reuvers, and one of the kids Joe used to have is having a coyote problem in her backyard.

Wednesday, July 24th

7/24 Joe brought up a story out of the Atlantic "The Future of the City Is Childless" discussing the declining birth rates as we get closer to the countries tallest buildings. We also discussed Mueller testifying before Congress and Johnny Heidt's guitar news.

Tuesday, July 23rd

7/23 Sacramento County Says It's Illegal to Work on Your Own Car in Your Own Garage. Kenny tells a great story from inside the Crabbe Coffee shop, and Johnny Heidt with another edition of guitar news.

Monday, July 22nd

7/22 The entire crew is back in studio today. Joe reacts to the trailer being released of Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers in "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood." The city of Berkley CA is the first to ban natural gas, and Johnny Heidt with another edition of guitar news.

Friday, July 19th

7/19 Our friend Alyssa Ahlgren from Alpha News Mn makes another in-studio appearance. Very interesting conversation on the state of politics in this country and where things might be headed. We also have our weekly chat with Reusse on the Twins and the British Open.

Thursday, July 18th

7/18 Not so Positive Thursday today, Joe has thoughts on President Trump's rally in North Carolina. He also found a great piece of reporting on the jet skier lost in Lake Superior. We also play back the infamous Reusse call in honor of the start of the British Open.

Wednesday, July 17th

7/17 Joe discusses the PBS documentary "Chasing the Moon." He also has several different examples of why a generation of people are being misled with the climate hysteria. All of that and Johnny Heidt and his guitar news!!

Tuesday, July 16th

7/16 Professor Lawrence Rudnick from the Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics at the University of Minnesota came on to help the crew more deeply understand the Fermi paradox.

Monday, July 15th

7/15 Joe hands out two different homework assignments on today's show. One is in relation to the "climate crisis" that some claim, the other is a Wall Street Journal piece from last Saturday. He also mentions the Apollo 50th anniversary celebration, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!

Friday, July 12th

07/12/19 The Best Of GL: Joe reflects on the way the press decides to ask questions on an ammunition dump story. A high school pulls its band from attending a George Bush rally, the GL duck calls in to discuss a web amputation, and an Oompa quiz!!

Thursday, July 11th

07/11 The Best Of GL: Joe has a little trouble with math!!

Wednesday, July 10th

07/10 Joe begins the show with a tiny Author's Corner segment and 3 book recommendations from Robert Ferrigno. The crew also discusses the differences in life near and far away from the country's tallest buildings. That and our weekly chat with Reusse.

Tuesday, July 9th

07/09 The St.Louis Park City Council Pledge of Allegiance debate begins the show today. "As a proud American, I'm appalled that our little suburban community's meeting protocols have sparked this polarizing conversation," said City Council Member Anne Mavity.

Monday, July 8th

07/08 The entire crew is back after the 4th of July break!! The Mayor learns an important social media lesson. He also makes a link in regards to the Tempe police and Starbucks controversy. All of that and Johnny Heidt is back with the guitar news!!

Wednesday, July 3rd

07/03 The Best Of GL: Back by popular demand The Little Ceasars segment!! We also played the interview of the Nathan's Hot Dog champion. A tragic story of a man and his donkey and Johnny Heidt with a major news hiccup.

Tuesday, July 2nd

07/02 The Best Of GL: Joe interviews a man by the name of John Gross. He lives in Winslow Arizona and decided to build a garage inside of his house. We also played a call from Mischke and had a great segment with an Oompa Quiz.

Monday, July 1st

07/01 The Best Of GL: Joe attempts to explain "The Mystery"

Friday, June 28th

06/28 The best of GL today features: Joe discovers the new phones in the studio and can't function. Moron #1 & 2 can't take a poetry lesson seriously. Rejected Bond titles, and Rookie's great milk truck snafu!!

Thursday, June 27th

06/27 The St. Louis Park city council voted 5-0 to no longer say the Pledge of Allegiance at City Council meetings.......The Mayor has thoughts. Positive Thursday brings a couple of challenges, and we get the weekly visit from Reusse.

Wednesday, June 26th

06/26 Rep. Steve Drazkowski (Mazeppa) asks Rep. Angie Craig to seek Congressional ethics probe of Rep. Ilhan Omar. He joins the Mayor today. A Russian man is found mummified after spending a month in a bear's cave. We also visit the hot/crazy matrix!!

Tuesday, June 25th

06/25 A massive freshwater sea Is buried beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Keith Ellison makes the grand announcement that he is actually going to do his job by enforcing laws. And the boys play an all time great Coyote McCloud air-check.

Monday, June 24th

06/24 We clear up the podcast episode numbers. AOC says that the explosions at a Philadelphia oil refinery are the result of climate change. Bernie Sanders is going to forgive all college debt, and Mn Nice tweets.

Friday, June 21st

06/21 Alyssa Ahlgren with Alpha News Mn makes her first in studio appearance. Fresno CA lawmakers want to pay gang members not to shoot each other and Reusse live from Hazeltine, the site of the women's PGA championship.

Thursday, June 20th

06/20 Joe began positive Thursday with a piece from WTOP in which the Supreme Court ruled a WW I memorial in the shape of a 40-foot-tall cross can continue to stand on public land. Joe also read a great email on the life of fallen officer John Hetlund of Racine, WI.

Wednesday, June 19th

06/19 The Mayor has a number of deep thoughts on the Garage Logic service road of life on the St Paul school board voting last night to drop James Monroe's name from two of it's buildings. A Minneapolis Park Board commissioner is floating an idea to add affordable housing for low-income residents at the pavilion site at Bde Maka Ska.

Tuesday, June 18th

06/18 Joe begins the show with another great D-day letter. The crew also has a little bee talk, controversy around the launch of the USS Minneapolis-St Paul, a trash artist in South Minneapolis, and of course the new foods at the Mn State Fair!!

Monday, June 17th

06/17 Joe takes issue with the detail of a Star Tribune story on the boathouse community in Winona. The Obamas travel to France, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Friday, June 14th

06/14 The CP questions the placement of Joe's flag at his house. An emergency call is placed to the Lake Detective to explain a recent DNR advisory on sunfish. Patrick also joins for his weekly segment on the conclusion of the NBA and NHL seasons, the U.S. open and of course the red-hot Mn Twins.

Thursday, June 13th

06/13 WTOP in Washington D.C. launch a new podcast called "22 Hours: An American Nightmare" Joe spends a few minutes with the hosts Megan and Jack today. Rook and Reuvers try again to trip up the Mayor on Positive Thursday along with thoughts on Trump saying he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on opponents.

Wednesday, June 12th

06/12 An angry and emotional Jon Stewart demands Congress compensate 9/11 first responders. More on how we have become enslaved by those in the salon. We also this week's final edition of guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Tuesday, June 11th

06/11 More thoughts from The Mayor on the Minneapolis Park Board forcing traffic to take detours off Minnehaha Parkway. Power washing the word black, the discovery behind the creation of a cities Chief Resiliency Officer, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Monday, June 10th

06/10 Joe is tempted to give up the fight against climate change hysteria. We also have another Ilhan Omar update and Johnny Heidt is in for another edition of guitar news.

Thursday, June 6th

06/06 Today GL commemorates the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Today we played FDR's D-Day prayer in it's entirety to start the show. Joe also featured two pieces from the Washington Post. David Vonn Drehle "How The Economic Might of The World Started on D-day" and interviewed Barry Svrulga on his outstanding work "My Grandfather's Secret D-Day Journal."

Wednesday, June 5th

06/05 Minneapolis officials canceled segregated meetings for city staffers marking slavery anniversary. Joe also takes another trip to the failed academy, plus Johnny Heidt and the final edition this week of guitar news!!

Tuesday, June 4th

06/04 More thoughts on the woman who was lost for 17 days on a hike in Maui. A story of the greatest athletic achievement in Olympic history. Another great ray of hope from a teenager down in Albert Lea. All of that and Johnny Heidt and his guitar news!!

Monday, June 3rd

06/03 Alyssa Ahlgren who authored the piece "Thoughts from a hipster coffee shop" for the website Alpha News joined. If you want the definition of pushing back this is it. Kenny also had more tales from the farm over the weekend and we had Johnny Heidt and his guitar news!!

Friday, May 31st

05/31 Finally we have the official Garage Door Opener!! More ruling from the salon in the city of Minneapolis and of course it involves Lisa Bender. All of that and Patrick checks in for his weekly segment from the Women's College World Series in Oklahoma.

Thursday, May 30th

05/30 GL has exclusive interview with alien featured in the New York Times. Two more attempts to trip up The Mayor on positive Thursday. A bus driver in Stillwater is honored after 50 years of service and transporting over 800,000 students.

Wednesday, May 29th

05/29 A lost hiker in Hawaii is found after 17 days, we have questions. A campground worker in Mississippi is in trouble for pulling a gun on campers. Johnny Heidt with another edition of guitar news and did the Mayor really get into more alien talk??

Tuesday, May 28th

05/28/19 The entire crew is back after the Holiday weekend. The Mayor starts with yet another piece of audio from AOC. Kenny has a problem on the farm. Ohio television viewers are mad at the weather interruptions, and Johnny Heidt with the latest edition of guitar news.

Friday, May 24th

05/24 A best of GL begins with Joe and Patrick discussing the St Thomas controversy. We also feature the leprosy segment from years ago, along with the chimp tool shop, adult babies, and live phone call from The Mayor himself to rule on the potential for a garage door opener!!

Thursday, May 23rd

05/23 Positive Thursday one attempt to stump failed but the other succeeded. Not everything associated with Ckick-Fil-A is bad. Good news for those who hate mosquitoes. Big cities apparently have declining population, and Australia doesn't fall for the climate change B.S.

Wednesday, May 22nd

05/22 Joe gives the crew a lesson in news gathering as it relates to the camping world controversy surrounding the American flag. They also discuss the latest in the developments of the Lola on the Lake fire. That and of course Johnny Heidt with the latest edition of guitar news!!

05/22 Joe gives the crew a lesson in news gathering as it relates to the camping world controversy surrounding the American flag. They also discuss the latest in the developments of the Lola on the Lake fire. That and of course Johnny heidt with the latest edition of guitar news!!

Tuesday, May 21st

05/21 Howie Padilla the public relations manager for Metro Transit came on the show to discuss the incident on a U of M light rail platform during which numbers of young juveniles with metal pipes were threatening passengers. Joe also brought up a gallup poll in which 4 out of 10 Amercians embrace socialism.

Monday, May 20th

05/20 Joe began the show today with a story of ‘Adversity score’ in SAT scores based upon on crime and poverty data and other demographic information for students. He also discussed his recent road trip to a car show in Wisconsin, and of course we had guitar news with Johnny Heidt.

Friday, May 17th

05/17 Best of GL today includes: Patrick calling in from Wyomania, Rookie taking an Oompa quiz on a potential CI girl, a great phone call from Bobby, the crew interviewing potential candidates for a weather position, and ground breaking duet exclusively in GL.

Thursday, May 16th

05/16 Positive Thursday begins with a batch of listener mail. Joe then finds a story out of Argentina where a cloud formation looks like....... There is push back at Trinity University, and Joe is finally tripped up on a piece of unbelievable audio from AOC.

Wednesday, May 15th

05/15 The first ever in-studio appearance on the podcast for the Lake Detective! We also visit the failed academy, discuss a very disturbing story out of Las Vegas, and straight from the Crabby Coffee shop, Kenny brings up the story of the farmer in Nebraska who cuts off his own leg.......with a pocket knife to save his life.

Tuesday, May 14th

05/14 An update on the Harvard professor who was fired as dean amid backlash for representing Harvey Weinstein, including a brilliant piece from Alan Dershowitz. Joe also had another case of reporting isn't what it used to be, our water is now too clean, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!

Monday, May 13th

05/13 Joe begins the show today discussing the passing of Doris Day. He also visits the failed academy with a trip to Harvard University. Yankee fans push back in the defense of Kate Smith, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!!

Friday, May 10th

05/10 GL is live at GRUNDHOFER'S in Hugo!!

Thursday, May 9th

05/09 Positive Thursday starts with a sad story out of the Denver area. The Mayor is then stumped for the very first time on trying to spin a story positive. We then wrap up the show with a few more details on the live show tomorrow at Grundhofer's and the first in-studio appearance with Patrick Reusse on the GL podcast!!!

Wednesday, May 8th

05/08 Professor Drew Gronewold of The University of Michigan's school for environment and sustainability was on to discuss the record high water levels of Lake Superior. We also chatted more about the live show at Grundhofer's this Friday. Joe also has a very self serving question about help he needs for a car.

Tuesday, May 7th

05/07 Video has surfaced of AOC just discovering a garbage disposal in her apartment and not having a clue what it is. We also lay out very key details for the Friday broadcast live at Grunhofers in Hugo. All of that and of course guitar news with Johnny Heidt and the quote of the year from Kenny, "How in the world did you just give me the finger while you were playing guitar?"

Monday, May 6th

05/06 Joe and the crew begin the show today with more on the "land owners" around Lake Calhoun. The show also has an Ilhan Omar update and two more appearances with Johnny Heidt and his guitar news!!

Thursday, May 2nd

05/02 Positive Thursday starts out with many, many, GL'ers that have emailed their thoughts on the opener and The Mayor has given his official ruling on what will happen next Friday at Grundhoffer's!!! We also dig up a great bit on Hollywood squares, and have our weekly chat with Reusse from the yard.

Wednesday, May 1st

05/01 After former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor was found guilty of murder, Joe spent significant time today on some of the reaction he found disagreeable. Joe and the crew also spent more time today on the proposed Lake Calhoun name change and another edition of Johnny Heidt and his guitar news!!

Tuesday, April 30th

04/30 More discussion on the proposed name change for Lake Calhoun after Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey stated that he would not follow the ruling of the appeals court. The handshake has now been viewed by an office in Philadelphia as an invasion of personal space. That and Johnny Heidt with another edition of guitar news!!

Monday, April 29th

04/29 The show starts out with former Mn Secretary of State and current Senator Mary Kiffmeyer on the controversial name change being proposed of Fort Snelling. Joe also brings up a 5 Eyewitness News piece on the lack of funding for some of the state's oldest dams and how that represents a lot of what is wrong with today's political class. We also celebrate the 29th birthday of Garage Logic.

Friday, April 26th

04/26 Are we trying to sanitize Fort Snelling? Joe chats with James Pepe a GL'er running for President in the state of Texas. We also have our weekly chat with Patrick Reusse and he informs us of another revelation he has had.

Thursday, April 25th

04/25 Positive Thursday and a trip to author's corner with John Sandford. His latest is titled "Neon Prey" the 29th in the Lucas Davenport series available now. The boys also challenge The Mayor with a couple of stories to spin positive that include Gov Tim Walz and Joe Biden announcing he is running for President.

Wednesday, April 24th

04/24 Are climate change followers really a cult? We learn something on how news gathering works in 2019. A couple of stories from the world of the failed academy along with a list of jobs and salaries out of Michigan. We also share a couple of great moments in author's corner history!

Tuesday, April 23rd

04/23 In a new Youtube video titled "A city that works for You & Me" St Paul Mayor Melvin Carter discusses all of the great things that changed in the past year to a group of 5 year olds. We also attempt to push back once again on the climate change hysteria, and another great story from the Gumption County institute for the criminally incompetent.

Monday, April 22nd

04/22 More discussion on the Kate Smith controversy. Joe's deep theory that the continued effort to sanitize our history will lead us to a darkened state. It is also Earth Day and Joe brings up several of the predictions that never happened. Plus Johnny Heidt and his guitar news!!

Friday, April 19th

04/19 Joe developes a disturbing theme on today's show, one you are not going to want to miss. He also offers up additional thoughts on the Mueller report and we get our weekly check-in with Reusse.

Thursday, April 18th

04/18 Another edition of positive Thursday and Rookie and Reuvers both attempt to trip up Joe with stories from the Mueller report and reporting not what it used to be along with AOC again looking foolish and yet somehow, someway, The Mayor finds a way to make them positive.

Wednesday, April 17th

04/17 The show begins with a disagreement on the episode number. The learn that the "White Out" pregame celebration for the Winnipeg Jets is now racist. Joe finds a story out of Detroit where it is ok to eat muskrat during Lent. Then the subject of charitable giving with our favorite lefties running for President sparks a lot of discussion.

Tuesday, April 16th

04/16 Tom Hauser from 5 Eyewitness news had an exclusive interview with President Trump yesterday. He joined to discuss what he learned. Joe is bothered by the idea of taking someone out of context, and then takes Kenny to task about old churches and animals.

Monday, April 15th

04/15 Roof collapses at Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral as massive fire rages. Joe also talks briefly about Tiger Woods win yesterday at The Masters. Putting American flags on police cars sparks a backlash in Laguna Beach, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

Friday, April 12th

04/12 A mother and son in Eau Claire were arrested at a Wal-Mart and this may top the hearing aid story for the file. Patrick joined today with thoughts on The Masters and the new look of Allianz Field. Audio surfaces of an interview with llhan Omar in 2013 joking about people saying "Al Qaeda" and "Hezbollah" in a severe tone, while noting nobody says words like "America" that way.

Thursday, April 11th

4/11/19 The Mayor puts on his Positive Thursday cap, dealing with the snow event and the likes of Rep. Ilhan Omar's dismissive comments of 9/11. The old Ford plant development site makes some progress. The new soccer stadium: Joe wonders who is supposed to wear the scarves....

Wednesday, April 10th

04/10 Lawrence Rudnick Distinguished Teaching Professor for the Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics School of Physics & Astronomy for University of Minnesota (yes very smart and very credible) he helps the crew understand the discovery of a black hole.

Tuesday, April 9th

04/09 Mark it down GL'ers today was the day Johnny Heidt admitted he was wrong.....sort of. Another couple of stories from the world of the failed academy including a Michigan State student who was triggered when he woke up from his nap to discover his roommate was listening to the Ben Shapiro podcast. Plus another edition of guitar news.

Monday, April 8th

04/08 Bentley University a private school in Waltham, Massachusetts has to create a program called "It's ok to fail" because too many kids are suffering from depression and anxiety over bad grades. Space management update ahead of the snowstorm forecast later this week, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!

Friday, April 5th

04/05 An action packed edition of GL today. Reusse live from the bowels of US Bank stadium ahead of the Final Four. Dave Dahl makes his first appearance on the podcast. Joe gives a troubling statistic about the decline of moral and ethical clarity, all of that right before the first podcast scramble and the return of Frank!!!

Thursday, April 4th

04/04 Positive Thursday is back for a second consecutive week. The staff tries desperately to bring up topics to try and test The Mayor.

Wednesday, April 3rd

04/03 The company Lime has now pulled all of their bikes out of the city of St Paul. George Washington University wants to change the mascot, another story from the failed academy. Plus Johnny Heidt with his guitar news!

Tuesday, April 2nd

04/02 Joe chats with Rudy Pascucci who along with paleontologist Robert DePalma were featured in a 'New Yorker' piece called "The Day the Dinosaurs Died" how paleontologist's may have discovered a record of the most significant event in the history of life on Earth.

Monday, April 1st

04/01 More reaction to Joe's walk-up song tirade, the left is now turning on their own, the have power-washed Joe Biden. Johnny Heidt with another installment of guitar news!!

Friday, March 29th

03/29 The Mayor starts the show with an amazing rant about.....walk up songs!! Another story from western MN about man losing touch with nature. A great video on socialism from Campus Reform and our weekly visit with Reusse.

Thursday, March 28th

03/28/19 It is the return of POSITIVE THURSDAY!!!!

Wednesday, March 27th

03/27 The Edge from U2 with a great case of wind-milling, Joe gives a "Stan & Ollie" movie review, Johnny Heidt with guitar news, and one of the greatest groin-kicking cases in GL history.

Tuesday, March 26th

03/26 The show begins today with the entire crew stumbling their way into a startling revelation on where the decline in journalism started locally. Apparently trees are now bad for the environment!! Johnny Heidt also in studio with not one but two guitar assisted newscasts.

Monday, March 25th

03/25 The Mayor had a number of thoughts on the Mueller report to begin the show today. There were also a few tales from Kenny inside the Crabby Coffee shop today, and the city of Montreal to take down 80-year-old crucifix from city chambers.

Friday, March 22nd

03/22 Private citizen Richard Schwartz puts Seattle City Council in its place when members won't even 'look up' from their 'phones and give attention' The USA today and mainstream media's constant attempt at presenting weather hysteria. Plus the newly elected Hall of Famer Patrick Reusse.

Thursday, March 21st

An e-mailer sends Joe a link from around 2012 where an SNL skit is a mirrror image of AOC. How can this be so spot on? Then off to NC to hear Mark Robinson, who speaks to 'the Salon' and lets them know that he is the majority. Very refreshing to hear!

Wednesday, March 20th

03/20 The Mayor discovers a video called "The Brains Behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez" and it leads to a number of interesting thoughts including the current state of news reporting in the United States. The 21sters are enjoying the first day of summer, and the story of the deadliest blizzard in recorded history.

Tuesday, March 19th

03/19 The Rev. Tim Christopher from Berean Missionary Baptist Church joined to start the show today. He and the GL crew discussed many things including his thoughts on why gun laws won't help out the likes of those in North Minneapolis, thoughts on how the NRA could make a significant impact, why more people need to develop a better relationship through faith, and why Gov. Tim Walz needs to realize that there is significant problems coming as it relates to the Somali community.

Monday, March 18th

03/18 Rev. Tim Christopher gave a moving testimony at a Minnesota house hearing last week on gun control and it was pretty powerful. He will also join us in studio tomorrow. The debut of Kenny's news from the crabby coffee shop, and Johnny Heidt and his good ol' guitar bring you the news of the day.

Friday, March 15th

03/15 We begin with the horrific story out of New Zealand where an attack on Christchurch mosques leaves 49 dead. Beto O'Rourke compares people fighting climate change to 'those who were on the beaches in Normandy' & Then we wrap the week up with a visit from Reusse.

Thursday, March 14th

03/14 The national media will always report on weather with hysteria and it will never change. The beginning of the trickle-down effect from the academic scandal. Another story you just can't make up from the world of the failed academy this time we go to Sarah Lawrence College.

03/14 The national media will always report on weather with hysteria and it will never change. The beginning of the trickle-down effect from the academic scandal. Another story you just can't make up from the world of the failed academy this time we go to Sarah Lawrence College.

Wednesday, March 13th

03/13 Mother Nature has gone too far this time. The cow barn at the State Fair went down!! More on the academic cheating scandal involving the Hollywood elite. Glenn Beck spends time pulling back the curtain on llhan Omar and it is truly amazing what he finds, then Johnny Heidt with two award winning newscasts.

Tuesday, March 12th

03/12 The Mayor has another deep thought on the salon aligning themselves with the thinking of the likes of the U.N. We also learned today that air quality is racist..... Johnny Heidt with all the news that's fit to broadcast including a cool discussion on the life of famed drummer Hal Blaine.

Monday, March 11th

03/11 The entire crew is back in studio today. Joe starts off the show with a couple of movie reviews that lead to a deep, dark thought. Several stories that lead up to "reporting isn't what it used to be," then Joe reads a couple of quotes out of the St Paul city council that really leave you wondering who are these people that we have elected??

Friday, March 8th

03/08 "Best of GL" The SportsTalk edition!! The boys have some fun with the former Gov, their first phone call from "Gill," I believe I can fly, and of course double flange on the joist!! Enjoy!!

Thursday, March 7th

03/07 "Best Of GL" We go back to Jan 9th 2002 - The January thaw..... Sorry I had to rub in how long this winter has felt. Joe discusses school psychologists, getting rid of your x-mas tree, what women's words really mean, and then of course he wraps things up with Reusse. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 6th

03/06 Joe started things off today with another reminder of the importance of proper space management right now. He also got into a doozy of a topic with conflicting messages from the left on where our sensibilities lie with the world of trees. Then Patrick joined from Florida with his weekly session on the world of sports.

Tuesday, March 5th

03/05 Rookie's emotional letter to his best friend nearly 40 years ago. Dillion Donelley who wrote a piece that appeared in the Pioneer press joined to discuss the city of St Paul's attempt to raise the minimum wage. That and Johnny Heidt with all the news that is fit to podcast!!

Monday, March 4th

03/04 Alabama experienced two tornadoes and 23 reported deaths, AOC is at it again, plus another controversy involving "Black-Face" this one you can't even make up. Johnny Heidt also in today with all the news that is fit to broadcast.

Friday, March 1st

03/01 Joe has a pretty stunning llhan Omar update on today's show. Joe Biden had to apologize because he called Mike Pence......a decent guy, it's over!!! We also discover that Rookie purchased a pair of pantyhose yesterday, find out why.

Thursday, February 28th

02/28 British soldiers apparently can't fit into their submarines anymore! Joe takes issue with community activists not wanting to prosecute smokers on light rail, and a lot of listener email with reaction in the case of the first grade students at U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein's office yesterday.

Wednesday, February 27th

02/27 Joe begins the show with the Michael Cohen testimony taking place during the show. He also discussed the dynamic of the shrinking newspaper newsrooms and the continued growth of mayoral cabinets. This great show then came to a crashing halt with a bit of a technical issue at the end........

Tuesday, February 26th

02/26 Joe begins the show today with two heartbreaking stories out of Reuvers' hometown in Faribault over the past weekend. California weather is seeing record breaking weather, Johnny Heidt also has a couple of news updates and the Mayor has to get a little heavy during the middle portion of the show.