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Friday, February 22nd

02/22 Pinal county Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb joined at the start of the show. He discussed just how dire of a situation border security is and how drug smuggling at the border has become a billion yes billion dollar business. If you want wall talk you are getting it from a guy who is in the eye of the storm.

Thursday, February 21st

02/21 A best-of GL from Jan 15th 2006 MLK day. Otherwise known as the Will Steger episode. Joe also had multiple conversations with listeners on snowblower etiquette, comet sightings, and a special in studio appearance with former Twins skipper Ron Gardenhire for the winter caravan.

Wednesday, February 20th

02/20 The entire crew makes it in for today's show despite the snow and driving conditions. Joe has another case of power-washing involving the kissing statue in Sarasota, you can't make it up. Johnny Heidt also brings not one but two, action packed news casts.

Tuesday, February 19th

02/19 Joe chats with Darren Troseth who caught the record sturgeon on St Croix, turns out he is a long time GL'er!! Climate change is to blame for shrinking number of buffalo, more ruling from the salon, and Johnny Heidt with two great news segment.

Monday, February 18th

Hour 1 Joe discovers a researcher named Marina Vance who claims the biggest shock she discovered was the impact of toasters was on air quality. Johnny Heidt is in today and wraps up the hour with another award winning news cast.

Hour 2 The actor Jussie Smollett who initially was thought to be the victim of a hate crime back in January now is seeing his story falling apart. The two Nigerian brothers arrested in connection with the assault are no longer suspects in the attack. They're now cooperating with police. They claim that he paid them to do it.

Friday, February 15th

Hour 1 More information has surfaced in the story of the Colorado man who was attacked by a mountain lion while jogging, and used his bare hands to kill the animal in order to survive. Joe also has thoughts on the dangerous road declaring a national emergency over the wall will bring.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour expressing his desire to have Garrison Keillor on the show for a conversation. Then Reusse makes his weekly appearance and informs the team of a new problem that he has been having lately.

Thursday, February 14th

Hour 1 Joe begins the hour with the embarrassing follow up coverage of the Covington Catholic High School kids story. He also gives many examples of the adult children in office and their spending habits with your money.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with more thoughts on the bizarre story of the man who shot at the bus driver in Minneapolis last week. They also discussed the new green deal and retold the story of the time he buried his car in the sand.

Wednesday, February 13th

Hour 1 The entire crew is in for today's show. The Mayor talks to Matthew Fitzpatrick who wrote an article for "Popular Science" on how global warming will change your town's weather by 2080.

Hour 2 State Senator Ron Latz joined Joe at the start of the second hour. Latz and other MN Jewish leaders talked with Ilhan Omar about anti-Semitism for hours last year, before the Dem primary. Sen. Ron Latz hosted it at his house.

Tuesday, February 12th

Hour 1 The Mayor begins the show with another edition of email roundup. We also discover that the Great Lakes now have too much water. Joe also discussed a candidate for St Paul city council Alexander Bourne and his interesting past.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with a story of Kamala Harris claiming that while in college she did smoke weed and listen to Snoop Dogg and 2pac, just one problem. Their music had not been released yet. He also spent time discussing the accusations that Amy Klobuchar was tough on her staff.

Monday, February 11th

Hour 1 Joe begins the show today with a letter to the editor in the enemy paper. He was also introduced to a new term 'dead-naming.' Then Johnny Heidt wrapped up the hour with a news segment.

Hour 2 Elizabeth Warren drinks a beer to show she is just like you and me, until a knick-knack on her kitchen cabinet is discovered in the background. Then Johnny Heidt wraps up the show with another award winning news segment.

Thursday, February 7th

Hour 1 Joe mentions that GL'ers have had their eye on the cup for some time. The Euphorians have never been able to link at all. Rep.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be a non-factor. Sen Amy Klobuchar: will she conform or upset those in her party? Great Hour of GL at its finest.

Hour 2 The Euphorians go after Gucci looking to Powerwash a new cold air item as 'blackface'. There is more information on the cross that washed up on the Fl shore. Rookie has some snow removal issues and gets berated by Joe and Kenny. Once again, Higher Education, even for Catholics is not holding.

Wednesday, February 6th

02-06-19 Hour 1 Joe reviews President Trump's State of the Union speech. The President didn't really go out on a limb. Lindsey Vonn should save what is left of her body and retire. Amy Klobuchar running for President? Yep. Heidt, Kenny, Rookie and Souch pour over the news.

02-06-19 The entire staff minus Reuvers is in studio and they have not missed a beat. Souch starts out with a great story about the history of the USS Constitution, Old Ironside, as they say. Then a Cross washes up on shore in Ft. Lauderdale. Joe is looking for some answers. News segment with Heidt stands on its own. A very loose staff today.

Tuesday, February 5th

02-05-19 Joe covers quite a bit of ground in hour hour today, including sliding down his driveway behind his trash bin, complaining about the phones being temporarily out, MN's new True North logo, and humans being attacked by bears and mountain lions. Throw in an Ilhan Omar update, and you have a show!

Monday, February 4th

Hour 1 Souch decides the Super Bowl was not very super, then tries to find any new information from a weather/climate change article! Guess what? No facts found! Trying to track down a Sasquatch expert, common surface money revisited and some libel suits may be moving forward by the students from Covington, KY.

Friday, February 1st

Hour 1 Joe welcomes MN State Senator John Jasinski to the podcast, talking about issues in MN that the legislature will need to address like, legalizing marijuana, taxes, education, etc.

Hour 2 Inaccurate wording on a local news website, gets under Joe's skin. Words have meaning, so he called the news desk to get some answers. Would Joe like to have a relationship with a tree in CA? Super Bowl observations on halftime show.

Thursday, January 31st

Hour 1 Joe began the show today with more historical facts in weather history from his new favorite website. He then got into the legalization of marijuana discussion with Kenny, and the boys chatted a bit more about the 3 year old boy who claims he was saved by a bear in North Carolina.

Hour 2 Joe brings up an op-ed piece from The Washington Examiner that was worthy of another groin kick. Mary Poppins has also been power-washed, another llhan Omar update, and Howard Schultz comments frighten the left.

Wednesday, January 30th

“Joe has done his homework on the severely cold weather that we are having. Is it Extreme? His research shows some interesting things about our weather history. An Ilhan Omar update and also is there a movement to get rid of the phrase “So help me God” prior to testimony? Hmmm.

Tuesday, January 29th

Hour 1 Joe and the entire crew are in for today's episode. They start the show with a ruling on garage wood. Joe then gives a review of 'Deadline Artists' and how Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamill defined an era of New York journalism in the late 20th century.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with more on the story of the 3 year old North Carolina boy who claims he was saved by a bear after getting lost in the woods. Johnny Heidt then wraps up the show with another stellar newscast.

Monday, January 28th

Hour 1 We are not alone, Chicago also likes to get into the Climate Change hysteria. Joe also offers up thoughts on legalizing marijuana, Tom Brokaw is forced to issue an apology, and yet again another llhan Omar update!!

Hour 2 Joe wonders if anyone currently in office is actually interested in solving the enormous debt this country currently faces. The also replayed an interview Trevor the duck who is the loneliest duck on the entire island of Niue.

Friday, January 25th

Hour 1 The Mayor starts out the show with his foolproof plan to end the Government shutdown!! They then have another llhan Omar update, followed by a call from Jay Kolls on the light rail story from yesterday.

Hour 2 The one and only Patrick Reusse makes his weekly stop in Garage Logic and he was in rare form today!! We learn about his favorite stop in all of Florida. President Trump also agrees to re-open the Government for 3 weeks.

Thursday, January 24th

Hour 1 Joe begins the hour with an observation on the most recent book submitted to Author's Corner "Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine" by Gail Honeyman. He also had the Lake Detective on with an update on a prediction given weeks ago.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with a KSTP story from Jay Kolls on light rail causing a death in a crash of a young man, and legal loopholes prevent them from being prosecuted. B as in B, S as in S.

Wednesday, January 23rd

Hour 1 Listener mail started out the show with additional thoughts on the Covington High School case. Ilahn Omar also made some very outrageous claims against the group of students, most of which were completely false. Johnny Heidt then wrapped up the hour with a news segment.

Hour 2 Joe discovers an avid "Indoor Medallion Hunter" today. He also recalls the story of the time out looking for it with his mother years ago. He and Kenny also discuss the art of lost golf balls and a woman's claim that they are pollution and very harmful to the ocean.

Tuesday, January 22nd

Hour 1 The entire GL crew in for today's show. They continued the discussion on the case of the Covington High School students and why the Mayor thinks that this is one of the most important times in American journalism.

Hour 2 Joe introduced some listener mail and reaction to the Covington High School case, most of which pointed towards the staff. Johnny Heidt then rounded out the show with another award winning news segment.

Monday, January 21st

Hour 1 Joe and the entire crew are in for today's episode. They spend most of the first hour discussing the story of the students from the all-male Covington Catholic High School coming face-to-face with Nathan Phillips, a longtime Native American activist and Vietnam veteran, as he chanted and banged a drum in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Hour 2 The Mayor begins the second hour today with a little listener mail then Kenny takes him to task for being the "word Police." A new report on who is to blame for the wild fires in California, then Johnny Heidt wraps up the hour with a news segment.

Friday, January 18th

Hour 1 Charles Krauthammer gave a very civil, well thought out piece of dialogue on border protection two years ago. It is worth your time, Joe and the crew play it in the opening segment of today's show. The Mayor also has troubling thoughts on what Ilahn Omar is up to in office.

Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour with an email on a question relating to the Jayme Closs case and the murder of her father. Patrick then joins for his weekly segment live from the estate in the fort. Then the boys close out the week with Rookie telling a really bad joke.

Thursday, January 17th

Hour 1 The Mayor starts out the show today with the story out of Jordan Mn where students displayed a "Re-elect Trump 2020" flag against Mpls Roosevelt in a basketball game. Joe then concluded the hour with his weekly email roundup segment.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with a heart-breaking story. Paul Bunyan and Babe The Blue Ox have been power-washed in Bemidji!!! Then more proof that the main-stream news gathering organizations are out to promote one thing....doom!!

Wednesday, January 16th

Hour 1 The second show in the new studio. Yes we realize we had some technical issues yesterday but we hope to have corrected them. The crew discusses more in relation to the Jayme Closs case in Barron Wl, then he closes out the first hour with more climate change B.S.

Hour 2 One of the best subjects to come up on GL in years. CNN legal analyst Areva Martin accuses talk show host David Webb of 'white privilege' just one problem......he's black.

Tuesday, January 15th

Hour 1 The boys debut the brand new podcast studios on today's episode! Then they go down the road with the latest developments in the Jayme Closs story from Barron Wl. They also introduce the mother of the year down in Mankato.

Hour 2 Group Calls Photo Of Murdered Officer Waving Thin Blue Line Flag Insensitive And Racist......It's Almost Over!! Joe also brings up the subject of screen time and how it is affecting habits of adults.

Monday, January 14th

Hour 1 The entire GL crew is in for the show today. Joe begins the show with listener mail and then into continued discussion on the Jayme Kloss case in Barron WI. Johnny Heidt then wraps up the hour with a news segment.

Hour 2 The Mayor begins the second hour today with a story out of yesterday's Star Tribune saying that there is a group wanting more and better bike lanes in Minneapolis. Yep, we are not nearly inclusive enough!!! Johnny Heidt wraps up the show with a news segment including Breaking news in the criminal complaint against Jake Patterson in the Jayme Kloss kidnapping story.

Friday, January 11th

Hour 1 Barron county Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald joined to start the show to discuss Jayme Closs, who was found alive after she went missing back on October 15th. Longtime Vikings Head Coach Bud Grant, who owns a cabin in Gordon WI near the site of where Closs was found, joined Joe to describe the remote nature of that specific area. KSTP reporter Beth McDonough, who has been covering this story since day one then closed out the hour.

Hour 2 Reusse kicks off the second hour with his weekly segment. Joe then brings up what he describes as a story that should frighten every single person in the country. Then the show is concluded with a phone call from state representative Raymond Dehn to clear up his comments on disenfranchised voters.

Thursday, January 10th

Hour 1 Listener email starts off the show today and then Joe and Rookie try to figure out the name of the park Reuvers drove by the other day and the show comes to a complete stop! Joe then goes on a rant against the city of St Paul for the way they are handling a petition signed by the residents of a neighborhood.

Hour 2 Joe carries over more thoughts on the way that the un-elected people are choosing to treat residents of a St Paul neighborhood and the dangerous precedent that it may be setting for the future. Rookie also helps Joe understand how the show "Shark Tank" works.

Wednesday, January 9th

Hour 1 Yes the entire crew is in again for two shows in a row!! Joe offered up thoughts on the President's speech last evening and then of course the reaction from the left afterwards. The boys also had some fun at the Mayor's expense regarding the new podcast studios and Johnny Heidt wrapped up the hour with a news segment.

Hour 2 Kenny starts the hour with his own personal Boy Scout camping story. Joe then brings up to dark stories that fall right into the template of the mysterians. Johnny Heidt then wraps up the show with yet another award winning news segment.

Tuesday, January 8th

Hour 1 The entire GL crew is back after the long Holiday week. The discussion starts off political then quickly goes into The Mayor's travels and his interesting quirks while on vacation. Johnny Heidt then concludes the hour with a stellar news segment.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with a great obit from the Sunday Pioneer Press, then unfortunately he and the rest of the GL crew have to make yet another trip to world of the failed academy. Johnny Heidt then wraps up the show today with another award winning news segment.

Thursday, January 3rd

Hour 1 Todd Okerlund, son of the late great Mean Gene Okerlund joined Joe at the start of show today to share some stories on the life of his dad in the world of professional wrestling. Joe also shared some stories on the family trip he and his crew took to Puerto Vallarta over the holidays.

Hour 2 Reusse kicks off the second hour with thoughts on the passing of Mean Gene, and Super Dave Osborne. Joe then has a little email roundup, a story for the Gumption County Institute for the Criminally Incompetent, and they get a call from an old friend Stu who has a few questions for "The Clue Writer."

Friday, December 28th

Hour 1 It's a best of Garage Logic today. The Christmas Light Rivalry edition!!! Happy new Year GL'ers!!

Thursday, December 27th

Hour 1 Joe started the show today with some listener mail, including taking the Rookie and his friend at the airport to task for the doom and gloom over travel warnings. No catastrophic tornadoes in the year of 2018 were cited by the Star Tribune today, we were lucky this time. The media can't get enough of the call President Trump made to a 7 year old before Christmas.

Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour discussing Colin O'Brady completing the first ever unaided walk across Antarctica. Rookie gets hung up on one unimportant aspect of his trip. Dave Dahl also makes his very first appearance on the podcast to talk about the winter weather storm and travel complications.

Wednesday, December 26th

Hour 1 Joe brings up an interesting weather fact to start the show. Airport travel info from rookie's friend at the airport, and then Johnny Heidt rounds out the hour with a news cast.

Hour 2 Joe wonders where all of the bicyclists are right now? Then the boys discuss the impending winter storm about to strike the state of Minnesota. Joe then goes into the sea change of political class from the greatest generation to what he predicts will be the future. Johnny Heidt then wraps up the show with another news segment.

Monday, December 24th

Hour 1 Joe and the boys are in for a Christmas Eve edition of GL today!! Joe still wants to believe the cattle story from last Friday. Joe has an end of the world, James Bond related. Johnny Heidt then wraps up the hour with a news cast.

Hour 2 The Netherlands already has more bikes than people, Joe and Reuvers bust out the Santa tracker, Patrick joins with some of his favorite Richard Reusse stories as Santa, and then Johnny Heidt closes out the show with yet another award winning news cast.

Friday, December 21st

Hour 1 The entire GL crew is live from Summit Brewery for the first ever listener VIP party!!! The Mayor was very confused by a story from North Dakota of a group of cows who gathered to from a crucifix...yep he is our very own cidiot!! Kenny and Johnny Heidt were there today to bring him back to reality.

Hour 2 The entire GL crew is live from Summit Brewery for the first ever listener VIP party!!! Mark Stutrud the founder and owner of Summit Brewing started the second hour of the show today. Johnny Heidt gave a second news segment and the ultimate push back. The boys led a chorus of "Baby It's Cold Outside" at the Summit Brewery!!!

Thursday, December 20th

Hour 1 Joe began today's show with a little email roundup, and also gave some additional info to the listeners who missed out on the Summit experience tomorrow and how they can still enjoy some of the fun. There was yet another weird sound discovered last night.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour today with more on the mission to cover up the Art Deco murals in the St. Paul City Council chambers. Joe is also thrown off because of the time of the day we taped the show, he hasn't had his lunch yet. Then he wraps up the show with thoughts on the decline of the desire for the sedan in America.

Wednesday, December 19th

Hour 1 Michelle Bausch of WTOP in Washington D.C. was the guest today to discuss her new podcast "Going Under: The story of Tangier Island, Va." The boys then have the final debate on who refers to a regular can of Budweiser as a "diesel." Johnny Heidt then wraps up the hour with a news segment.

Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour today with a lovely piece of writing sent in by a listener. They then have their daily push back segment featuring "Baby It's Cold Outside." Then Johnny Heidt wraps up the show with another award winning news segment.

Tuesday, December 18th

Hour 1 The hypocrisy from the left strikes again! This time Michael Bloomberg Flew Giant Blocks Of Ice To London On A Private Plane To Demonstrate 'Climate Change.' The Mayor also proposes "The Groinies" awards show next Januray 4th. UC Berkley also holds a candlelight vigil for a robot that burst into flames on campus.

Hour 2 Joe started the second hour discussing the first ever transgender contestant for Miss Universe. He also talked about the last of politicians who attempted to be useful rather than important. It was also discovered that a class in the destroyed academy called adulting teaches how to cook, do laundry, and change a tire. Can't make it up.

Monday, December 17th

Hour 1 Joe began the show today with pianist Steven C to promote his Christmas together show tomorrow night at The Cathedral of St Paul. The boys then stumbled upon an Irish woman who had a tough time making a snow angel, then the hour gets a little out of hand at the end because rookie is confused as to what topic Joe was discussing.

Hour 2 Deana Martin the daughter of the late Dean Martin is on to discuss the ridiculous controversy over "Baby It's Cold Outside." Joe then talks about his latest obsession of watching Jonathan Winters on The Tonight Show, and then we learn that back in High School Rookie ran for and won Class President.......

Friday, December 14th

Hour 1 You can't keep the Mayor down!! He is in here right from the surgery room. The boys also played the very first jingle for the Southdale mall Christmas season from 1956. They also had their daily push back segment featuring "Baby it's cold outside."

Hour 2 Joe and the crew start the second hour with thoughts on this year's Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. They also had a ray of hope as Joe read a story about a Michigan boy who tried to save up money to buy a headstone for his late friend, and California introduces yet another absurd tax.

Wednesday, December 12th

Hour 1 Joe begins the show today with a little listener email roundup! He then offered up thoughts on the gunman who attacked a Christmas market in Strasbourg France. Johnny Heidt then rounded out the hour with another news segment.

Hour 2 The failed academy strikes again as American University students and staff call for minority-only ‘Spaces’ on campus to promote inclusion......yep. Johnny Heidt then wraps up today's show with another newscast including the name of the National Inquirer chief publisher which threw the boys off a bit......

Tuesday, December 11th

Hour 1 The show gets off to a bit of a rocky start because of technical issues. Fran Ring a speech pathologist from the Anoka Hennepin school district called in to discuss the brain development in kids because of over use of devices like ipads. Johnny Heidt then rounded out the hour with a news segment.

Hour 2 Joe begins hour 2 with email roundup which led the boys down the road to play The Great Crepitation Contest of 1946, A Comedy Record About an International Farting Contest. Johnny Heidt then finished off the show with yet another award winning news segment.

Monday, December 10th

Hour 1 "Baby It's Cold Outside" comes up again today. The GL crew discovered the politically correct version. Is screen time effecting the brain development in kids? Plus it has been revealed that the city of Minneapolis has three videos in different languages on how to can't make it up.

Hour 2 Joe re-reads the email from David Bliss in Bulgaria pertaining to George Orwell's masterpiece 1984. A ray of hope regarding the Nebraska elementary principal who attempted to ban Christmas, and the boys have a little fun at The Mayor's expense with a photo that surfaced online this past weekend.

Friday, December 7th

Hour 1 Joe starts the show with the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and they played the call of Paul Filer a Pearl Harbor survivor who sang Danny Boy on the show years ago. The left is after their own over a woman saying she wanted to give George W Bush a hug, and the new lead prosecutor in Boston wants to do away with punishing crimes.

Hour 2 Reusse kicks things off in the second hour with a live report from the Gopher volleyball regional championships. Then the Mayor finishes off the week with the greatest example of power-washing, and we are sad to report that it happened right here in our own backyard in Mankato.

Thursday, December 6th

Hour 1 Joe started out the show today with listener mail which provided thoughts on the double standard of Baby It's Cold Outside as scandalous & 50 shades of Grey being ok. They also had the sad report of a long time 21st-er turning in his card because of what he thought was fact-based information. He then finished the hour with Bernie Sanders $300K travel budget to preach about "climate change."

Hour 2 Joe starts the hour with additional thoughts on the funeral of George H.W. Bush and how this is the end of the Greatest Generation. He then discussed a City Pages article calling out Mpls City Council member Lisa Bender, and wrapped up the hour with a principal who wants to ban a number of Christmas items including candy canes for one of the dumbest reasons ever.

Wednesday, December 5th

Hour 1 Joe started the show today with thoughts on the funeral coverage of George H.W. Bush and how this may very well be the end of the Greatest Generation. The Freedom from Religion foundation is at it again, and Johnny Heidt rounds out the hour with another news segment.

Hour 2 Stephen Moore distinguished fellow at the Heritage Foundation joined the Mayor to debunk the coming climate apocalypse. He also had more shows that have been power-washed like "A Christmas Story." Then Johnny Heidt closed out the show with another award-winning news segment.

Tuesday, December 4th

Hour 1 Ladies and Gentlemen the one and the only Lake Detective makes his podcast debut!!! More reaction from listener email and from the power-washers in relation to the song "Baby It's Cold Outside." Johnny Heidt wraps up the hour with another news update.

Hour 2 Joe begins the hour with thoughts on the yellow-vest protests in Paris. He then discussed the Rutgers Professors who are outraged over the arrest of an undocumented immigrant for drunk driving and endangering pedestrians. Johnny Heidt also wrapped up the show with another news update that includes a call from the former Gov!

Monday, December 3rd

Hour 1 The Mayor began today's show by reflecting on the life of former President George H.W. Bush. He then told the story of the time he was asked to be the emcee at a speaking engagement and the great sound byte that Bush gave about Garage Logic. This was followed by a Johnny Heidt news update, and thoughts about the Mpls police and their choice of Christmas tree decorations.

Hour 2 The power-washers are at it again, "Baby it's cold outside" has now been banned by radio stations. Joe also has yet another story from the world of the failed academy. Johnny Heidt with a news update and the boys also mention the details on their first ever remote GL podcast, this one will be held at Summit Brewery. Listen for all of the details!!

Friday, November 30th

Hour 1 The boys got a great gift from Mike Frattallone, and teased to a major announcement on next monday's show about the first ever live GL podcast taping....let's just say the fine folks from Summit Brewing are going to be a big part of this very cool event.

Hour 2 GL lands an interview with a man who has a major stuttering problem only to discover that it can be cured if he speaks in another accent. That and Patrick makes his weekly appearance with two brand new Richard Reusse stories from long ago that he had not yet been aware of, and they are a must listen!!

Thursday, November 29th

Hour 1 Listener mail leads to the discovery of one of Joe's desires for a long outdoor skating trail here in the Twin Cities. A very troubling story over the removal of artwork in the St Paul city council chambers. Where will it end??

Hour 2 A woman in Texas is upset over an airline gate agent making fun of her 5 year old daughter's name, you better listen to find out what that name is. Kenny is also in from the Crabby Coffee shop, he tells the great story of Joe getting mad at him last week inside of his garage.

Wednesday, November 28th

Hour 1 Joe started the show with listener mail and included one of the all time moments of the show in which nobody was paying attention.....including the news guy who was reading the story. Losing our touch with nature, yep one guy in Germany called 911 because he mistook the sunset...for a fire.

Hour 2 Joe gives us an update on the condition of Sourdough Slim who lost everything in the fires at his home in Paradise CA. Another story of power washing with the snog "White Christmas," and Johnny Heidt's news cast is interrupted with a call from former Gov Ventura who claims to be running for President in 2020.

Tuesday, November 27th

Hour 1 Joe begins today's show with yet another story of why he will never attend an NFL game in person. He also read a letter to the editor from a nurse who is blaming disease and other cases on, you guessed it, climate change. They also wrapped up the hour with a Johnny Heidt newscast.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with email roundup, he also takes issue again with the city of St Paul trying to take over trash collection. johnny Heidt's newscast finishes the hour and Rookie gets hung up on a story of a guy who parks a car he wants to store for purposes of collection in his basement.

Monday, November 26th

Hour 1 Joe admitted to buying the Tiger vs Phil golf match from last Friday, followed by more denying from the great denier. Plus more hypocrisy from the UN global chief who spent $500K on personal travel. The hour then concluded with a Johnny Heidt news cast.

Hour 2 More proof that some claim humans are ruining the earth and aren't doing a thing about it. Another Johnny Heidt news cast, and power-washing at it's finest......Charlie Brown is apparently a racist. Yep, you can't even make it up.

Wednesday, November 21st

Hour 1 Joe starts the show with Bruce and Judy Quick who are two former residents of St Paul Mn who reside in Paradise Ca and lost everything in the wild fires. They also wrapped up the hour with a John Heidt news segment.

Hour 2 Joe begins the hour with listener email roundup, he then brings up more from the club and their anti-stance against Chick-Fil-A, and then the show wraps up during the Johnny Heidt news experience with craziness over the mating habits of bees, you can't really even make it up!!

Tuesday, November 20th

Hour 1 Members of a curling team are kicked out because they were drinking, Joe has an issue with that. He also is not ok with a female member of the Navy dressing up like a dog because it's her passion. We are also breaking tradition at the capital because of religious beliefs thanks to Ilahn Omar.

Hour 2 Joe begins the hour with another edition of email roundup. A teacher is in hot water for bullying students....because the teacher thanked students for standing for the anthem. It's almost over!!

Monday, November 19th

Hour 1 Wind-milling alert!!! The city of Minneapolis is making shop owners comply with a city ordinance saying that they must sell fresh produce including fruit and vegetables. One issue, nobody is buying it and thus, the store owners are forced to throw it all away. Khaled Azem is the owner of Fremont market and he joined Joe to discuss this ridiculous law.

Hour 2 The Mayor begins the second hour with another tale from the world of the destroyed Academy. He also goes through listener mail including a great note about the Schwan's family run company in Marshall MN, and more unbelievable stories from the horrific wild fires taking place in California.

Thursday, November 15th

Hour 1 Gov Dayton still recovering from surgery . Great guy, just bad Politics. The Thai cave rescue info on logistics is out. These guys were brave! New developments in the Prom pic from Baraboo, WI Whoops! New book 'Garages in America' gets a thumbs up

Hour 2 A scientist admits to making some mistakes in his data on Polar Bears. Sometimes the numbers are pushed too fast and they are inaccurate. Huh? Great story of Joe being forced to kick in his first door. It took him three tries.....OUCH!

Wednesday, November 14th

Hour 1 Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald lets Joe know the latest from the town's murder and kidnapping scene. We learned some new things about what the town is going through. The prom picture from Baraboo, WI is still in the news and is forcing people to choose what they think about it.

Hour 2 Prom picture from Wisconsin is discussed and the staff does not all agree. Kenny and Reuvers differ from the Mayor. Was it a Nazi salute? Just a wave? During Heidt's newscast, Rookie describes what a character in his head thinks it is. LOL!!

Tuesday, November 13th

Hour 1 Joe tries to wrap his arms around the extent of the fire in California. The devastation is great. GL friend Sourdough Slim and a distant relative of Rookie are victims of these fires.Also in Bamboo, WI a prom photo from six months ago, is interpreted as being racist. What? Take a look for yourself~

Hour 2 Listener e-mails and some sunspot talk with the boys with what happened when they would happen during Rush's broadcast. Breaking developments that Thanksgiving is now a form of racism. Wow. That leads Rookie to tell Joe about some family research that was done by his son and who a famous shirt tail relative is of Rookie's wide and kids~

Monday, November 12th

Hour 1 Joe reviews a quote from FDR and wonders how it would fit in today's world. What party would he represent? The fire raging in California, wiping out the city of Paradise. Climate change real, Joe says the reason for climate change is simple: Nature and nothing else.

Friday, November 9th

Hour 1 The anniversary of the Edmund Fitzgerald's sinking is upon us. This shipwreck captivates so many. Is it just a Midwest thing? CNN reporter Jim Acosta is not acting like a reporter should. Joe mentions that a journalist's first job is not be become the story. Well, he is now. Reporting is not what it used to be.

Hour 2 Joe combs over the events that are taking place in Thousand Oaks, CA. Post shooting, many are calling for more gun control. Will that solve the problem? The NY socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, does not have enough money for her new digs in DC. What are we to do? Reusse's take on sports tirades over the years is hilarious!

Thursday, November 8th

Hour 1 Breaking news today of a shooting in California. Someone who is evil shot up a club, killing twelve innocent souls. With evil present in the world, Joe looks over the events of the day, trying to process where we are heading in this world.

Hour 2 We learn today that the phrase "Long time no see" is considered offensive to Asians, at least at Colorado State University. Are you kidding me? Joe has a new picture in his mind of the "Service road of life". We lost a Great Living American. What is Bigfoot Erotica? Find out....

Wednesday, November 7th

Hour 1 The Mayor started the show with a lot of election talk recapping yesterday's results. Will common sense prevail? Not if you live near the country's tallest buildings apparently.........

Hour 2 69 year old Dutch wants to legally change his age for the strangest reason, find out why. Rookie also shares another great Governor Ventura story, along with a potential ticket of Ventura / Reusse in 2020, and a John Heidt news cast to finish off the show.

Tuesday, November 6th

Hour 1 Jesse Ventura's former Press Secretary John Wodele joined the start of the show today to reflect on the 20th anniversary of winning the nomination for Governor of Minnesota. The Rookie also shared some of his stories on being present with the Ventura family the night he won.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with yet another horrific story out of western WI, he also discusses potentially making voting day a National Holliday.......but only if we eliminate early voting.

Monday, November 5th

Hour 1 The Mayor begins the show today discussing the voting process and why we have attempted to fix something that was never broken. He also talked about baseball being involved in military strategy, how the city of St Paul continues to screw up trash collection, and a John Heidt news update.

Hour 2 A Saturday Night Live actor makes fun of a wounded war veteran who lost an eye, and of course there is very little outrage from "The Club." Johnny Heidt with another award-winning news cast, and more climate change alarmists in Florida!!

Friday, November 2nd

Hour 1 The Mayor starts the show with a story and it just may be "BREAK GLASS, SMOKE LUCKY'S!!!" He then had a ray of hope in that the Star Tribune actually chose not to endorse either candidate in the run for Attorney General. The discussion this hour ended with why our political choices seem to be so thin as it relates to the candidates we get to select from every year.

Hour 2 Joe starts with a case of a high school football player suing the MSHSL because he was suspended for an illegal hit. He then touches on leaked information about an upcoming documentary about the Royal family that he can't wait to see, and Reusse joins to wrap up the week on GL!!

Thursday, November 1st

Hour 1 Joe begins the hour with great Halloween stories from the staff and the emailers. He then gives the latest with the tragic story out of Barron county Wisconsin, stops by for a visit in the world of sports and why he is very worried about the game of baseball. Joe then wraps up the hour with a letter to the editor who compares drivers to bicyclists.

Hour 2 The Mayor starts with a big story in the LA times about a problem nature.....and we can't do anything about it. Listener email played a big role this hour including one about the absolute definition of wind-milling.

Wednesday, October 31st

Hour 1 Joe begins the hour talking about memories from the great Halloween blizzard of 1991, they also unveiled yet another fantastic GL comic from Greg Holcomb, this time the GL tennis team is defeated by Diversity-ville. Also the entire crew is in today and Johnny Heidt wraps up the hour with the news of the day.

10/31/18 Hour 2 Joe has been excited for weeks to get the chance to chat with Amor Towles, author of "A Gentleman in Moscow."

Tuesday, October 30th

Hour 1 The Mayor begins the hour defending Hillary, and you need to find out why. More from the shootings in Pittsburgh, a Johnny Heidt news update, and Joe ends the hour with some great breaking news regarding the GL podcast!!!

Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour with the sad state of our current political election races. In particular the race for Attorney General between Wardlow and Ellison. Johnny Heidt with another news segment, and Michael Bloomberg was in town to give Minneapolis and St Paul $2.5 million dollars to warming.

Monday, October 29th

Hour 1 Joe began the show today with thoughts from the Garage Logic service road of life on the horrific story of the shootings at a Pittsburgh synagogue. The crew also discussed the role of social media in stories of this nature. Johnny Heidt was in with a news cast, and they closed the hour with a story where a school banned employees from participating in an event sponsored by Chik-fil-A.

Hour 2 The double standard of the club on Halloween costume, another award winning Johnny Heidt news cast, and yet another story from the world of the failed academy.

Friday, October 26th

Hour 1 Joe started the show talking about the Florida man detained after a week-long bomb-package scare. He then read several emails from listeners on his comments pertaining to President Trump from yesterday. He then wrapped up the hour with a little sports and a discussion of people who want to move Halloween to the weekend permanently.

Hour 2 Joe is convinced that no Halloween costume could not be considered offensive anymore. The crew learns that the Florida bombing suspect lived in MN for a time in the 90's, and Reusse wraps up the show with his weekly segment and does not disappoint.

Thursday, October 25th

Hour 1 Five Eyewitness News anchor Megan Newquist joined at the top to discuss her 3 part special report and exclusive interview with the father of Justine Damond who was fatally shot by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor. Joe also discussed the explosive devices left for Trump critics and how his behavior is not helping matters.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with the fallout of Megyn Kelly at NBC. The crew also discusses the outpouring of email regarding Kenny and his desire to watch the fields of corn being harvested near his farm and why he desperately wanted to be there to watch.

Wednesday, October 24th

Hour 1 The entire crew is in today!! Joe started the show today with more thoughts on the tragic story from Barron county Wisconsin. Johnny Heidt with another news segment, and then Joe wraps up the hour with some great listener email.

Hour 2 More from the world of the failed academy this time a production of the classic "Aladdin," you won't believe why one mother is complaining. Another great story from a really stupid criminal, and they wrap things up with yet another award winning Johnny Heidt news segment.

Tuesday, October 23rd

Hour 1 Barron county sheriff Chris Fitzgerald joined at the start of the show to discuss the case of 13-year-old Jayme Kloss who went missing and her parents were murdered inside their home. We also had more violent gang like activity inside Valley scare, and Johnny Heidt with a news segment.

Hour 2 Drag queen's were on hand to talk about their line of work for career day at an elementary school in Colorado. Another case of parents ruining Halloween for kids, and Johnny Heidt wraps up the hour with another award winning news cast.

Monday, October 22nd

Hour 1 A candidate for Governor in the state of Florida wants to get rid of law enforcement and his campaign is in a dead heat with his main competitor. Backyard campfires lead the listener email segment, johnny Heidt with another news cast, and more into Joe's theory of sports evolving into reality television.

Hour 2 Democratic Socialist Ocasio-Cortez compares climate change to 'existential threat' of Nazi Germany. We already have our first Christmas songs being removed from schools because they contain the word Jesus, and Johnny Heidt wraps things up with yet another award winning news segment.

Thursday, October 18th

Hour 1 Joe discusses the winding days of fall and the preparations that must take place before you know what comes. The crew also discusses the etiquette involved in backyard fires, the findings of Keith Ellison's divorce records being unsealed, and a controversy in the world of trans sports.

Hour 2 Joe begins with an important but heavy topic on the minimizing placed on the value of life. Reusse joins for his weekly report on the world of sports, including why he thinks that baseball is in real trouble. Joe then wraps up the week with a segment of listener mail.

Wednesday, October 17th

Hour 1 GL'er Rick Copeland builds a custom GL ukulele and Johnny Heidt plays it on the air!! Joe goes through more listener mail, Johnny Heidt with a news cast, and Joe discusses Randy Johnson the long time Hennepin County commissioner who has decided to leave voting for the Republican party and is voting Democrat this upcoming election.

Hour 2 More from the world of environmental hysteria!! Alumni and faculty call on St. Lawrence University to rescind Susan Collins' honorary's over. A Johnny Heidt news update, and more gas gauge discussion.

Tuesday, October 16th

Hour 1 University of St Thomas professor of thermal sciences John Abraham is now blaming climate change on Republicans, he declined an invitation to be on the show. Elizabeth Warren has essentially windmilled herself right into a political corner, Johnny Heidt with a news segment, and recounting the newest Saint.

Hour 2 Joe Has more thoughts on why exactly Keith Ellison is trying desperately to keep his divorce records private even though they are public record. The Karin Housley campaign has taken an ugly turn, a John Heidt news segment, and Rookie with another tale from his knack scale and whether it takes another hit...

Monday, October 15th

Hour 1 More stories from the great denier, including a man-made climate change story in our own back yard. Joe also goes through his listener email, and Joe relays a story on why he is such a creature of habit.

Hour 2 The glaring difference in the Keith Ellison vs Doug Wardlow race for Attorney General. An odd story in which one partner now identifies as a dog that you won't want to miss, and the report card from Reusse's appearance on the Lori or Julia show from last Friday.

Friday, October 12th

Hour 1 Matt Dunn the owner of Scream Town in Chaska joins the show amid Carver County shutting down his operation. Joe also discussed a group of witches in Brooklyn gathering to put a hex on Brett Kavanaugh, and he boasts about his feats with technology in the past couple of days.

Hour 2 Reusse joins for his usual Friday appearance. They discuss Jimmy Butler, St John's vs St Thomas this weekend, and his debut on the Lori or Julia show on MyTalk 107.1 this afternoon!! Chief political reporter Tom Hauser also wraps up the hour with the latest developments in the local elections.

Thursday, October 11th

Hour 1 The great John Sandford was on to discuss his latest Virgil Flowers novel "Holy Ghost." John Heidt with another award winning news cast, and the boys wrap up the hour playing the Rookie phone call from his garage sale the day they found out they were going off the air when he was "under the weather!!"

Hour 2 Joe begins with the current state of weather hysteria. Joe also explains why he is a fan of Kanye West, another John Heidt news update, and story about the greatest natural disaster in the history of Minnesota.

Wednesday, October 10th

Hour 1 More denying from the Great Denier as it relates to Hurricane Michael!!! Listener email including more time traveler conversation, a John Heidt news segment, and the boys discuss the nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Hour 2 Joe begins the hour with another great living American. Ilahn Omar finds herself in some hot water but will her supporters even care? Another John Heidt news update, and the boys wrap up the hour with tree talk.

Tuesday, October 9th

Hour 1 Rosemount teacher resigns after tweeting "Kill Kavanaugh," more nonsense of the earth facing its demise in 12 years unless we reduce our carbon footprint, and more instances of time traveling?

Hour 2 We are in the days of endless political ads everywhere!! Joe also got into the history of the gas pump indicator, and why it is on a certain side of your car, and a discovery that a farmer made on the "rock" he has been using as a door stop for over 30 years.

Monday, October 8th

Hour 1 Joe begins today's show with former St John's QB Tom Linnemann on the death of legendary coach John Gagliardi. He also had his daily listener email roundup, John Heidt's news, and more on why driver-less cars are a sign of bleak times for our nation's future.

Hour 2 An Austin television reporter fired for wearing a MAGA hat, more early voting controversy, and a late night talk show writer in hot water for comments on the Kavanaugh story.

Friday, October 5th

Joe begins the show with listener email roundup, he then heads down the Garage Logic service road of life with some deep thoughts on the world of driver-less cars. Joe also has some thoughts and reaction from the President's visit to Rochester yesterday.

Hour 2 Facebook executive is under fire for merely attending the Kavanaugh hearings......we are in real trouble. Then of course Patrick joins the show for his Friday afternoon thoughts for the crew, and the boys wrap up the show by taking their very first phone call.

Thursday, October 4th

Hour 1 Joe and the entire crew are back. They start the hour with a couple of items from the sports dept. Then Joe read an interesting piece from a Canadian psychology professor on the destroyed academy, Kenny asks how to vote early, and the wrap up the hour with a male hairstylist roundhouse kicking a pro-life woman at a protest.

Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour with GL listener email roundup. He then tells a story of a kid from India who builds a volcano that is a little to good. John Heidt with another award-winning news segment and they wrap up with a few stories of man losing touch with nature.

Wednesday, October 3rd

A bittersweet first ever GL podcast best-of for today. Vince Flynn always gave his very first interview to Joe and Rook in Garage Logic before he went on any other show to promote his latest book. He always honored that. His final appearance was on November 9th, 2012 Sadly he passed away just a few months later on June 19th, 2013

Monday, October 1st

Hour 1 Soucheray begins the hour talking about what may be the final game for Joe Mauer. He then talks about the FBI investigation into the Kavanaugh allegations, and applauds none other than Kanye West refusing to fall in lock step with the club.

Hour 2 Joe finds it very difficult to try and make a simple couple of donations. He also discusses an app to tell your kids how to be active, a couple of new beers he tried based upon a recommendation, and another story from the destroyed academy.

Friday, September 28th

Hour 1 Joe starts once again with the most recent developments in the Kavanaugh case. Johnny Heidt was in the house for another award winning news cast, and Joe finished the hour questioning a film receiving taxpayer money to promote congressional candidate Ilhan Omar.

Hour 2 Joe questions why people travel to look at the changing color of leaves and the boys stumble upon a live Lutsen trail cam. Reusse joined the show live from Target Field and once again did not fail to deliver!!

Thursday, September 27th

Wednesday, September 26th

Noted author Dr. Tom Combs became the very first guest on the GL podcast, he discussed the opioid crisis and the potential for another Ebola outbreak. Joe also discussed yet another Kavanaugh accuser, and gave an update on the Lake Minnetonka docking controversy.

Joe makes an incredible link between the kid out to see in Indonesia and the failed Academy that you are not going to want to miss. He also gives yet another GL prediction.

Tuesday, September 25th

Hour 1 Joe starts with a really nice tribute to Legendary Star Tribune reporter Barbara Flanagan who died at 94. More thoughts on the Brett Kavanaugh situation, another story with a person losing touch with nature, and ends with the latest on the coverage of the Keith Ellison story.

09/25/18 Hour 2 Ted Cruz can't even go out to dinner without getting harassed at a restaurant with his wife. The boys also discuss the origin for the term "salad days," and joe wraps up today's show with the ultimate story of entitlement with a woman who refused to get pulled over because "I drive a prius."

Monday, September 24th

Friday, September 21st

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Thursday, September 13th

Wednesday, September 12th

The Washington Post is blaming President Trump for Hurricane Florence. The only guy in the world who can lecture me about global warming is my man Pedro Luca, who has lived in a cave in Argentina for 40 years and has never used one drop of energy in any form.

The Washington Post is blaming President Trump for Hurricane Florence. The only guy in the world who can lecture me about global warming is my man Pedro Luca, who has lived in a cave in Argentina for 40 years and has never used one drop of energy in any form.

Tuesday, September 11th

GOING BACK TO THAT FATEFUL DAY 17 YEARS AGO TODAY. Joe and the crew replay Joe's reaction about going on the air after the attacks in 2001, mixed in with former President George W. Bush's speech that fateful day.

GOING BACK TO THAT FATEFUL DAY 17 YEARS AGO TODAY. Joe and the crew replay Joe's reaction about going on the air after the attacks in 2001, mixed in with former President George W. Bush's speech that fateful day.

Monday, September 10th

Hey GL'ers here is the first episode of the new exclusive to all of you podcast listeners. We limited it to just the one hour today with the entire crew, because of the technical difficulties of your Mayor. Enjoy!!!!!

Friday, September 7th

Bittersweet good bye to the radio show that has been my home. I will miss my normal, but a new future awaits....Thank You GL'ers Rook

Scramble on the final hour of Garage Logic. We are honored that so many of you listeners have spent time with us. See you on Monday @ and on Twitter @glpodcast

Thursday, September 6th

Joe learns af a pretty big announcement regarding the GL Podcast. The top 500 colleges in the country. How many were in MN? The Fresno State seahag teacher that ripped apart Barbara Bush when she died, was welcomed back to Fresno with a parade. Are you kidding?

Joe has a very interesting take on the anonymous letter that is sweeping Washington, DC these days. Who are these people that are taking the country into their own hands? Where will this lead to?

Wednesday, September 5th

What is next for the Podcast of GL is talked about. In-n-Out Burger is the center of a national boycott by Euphorians. why can't they think for themselves? A unique gift is left for Joe.

Joe has some questions about the gift that was left for him at the front door. Icebergs are big and powerful.....ya.....they are going to do what they want to do. Rick calls in from Harlingen, TX,

Tuesday, September 4th

Joe totals out the State Fair and gets back to work. Mayor Melvin Carter III is out of his mind with letting library fees for over due books, to cancel. This does not teach anyone, anything. Such mentions his trip to a bathroom, when he was in dire need of one. Very funny!

A student got in hot water for addressing hi teacher as: (wait for it)..Ma'am! WHAT??? yep. California school dress codes are changing, but not for the good at all. A list of games that schoolchildren in Alabama are not allowed to play.

Friday, August 31st

The boys open their final Fair show ever being joined by State Fair Super-Goer Matt Dahl. Sunpie and the Louisiana Sunspots perform. We get the news from John Heidt, the weather from Dave Dahl, and a surprise conversion!

We open with another great playing of Married Forever, which goes to a tie breaker. We acknowledge some Garage Logic favorites before our last State Fair Scramble.

Thursday, August 30th

The guys open Day Six at the Fair with some world class fiddling. Jimmie Allen joins and rocks the house. We close the hour with Today's State Fair Animal.

We're opening the second hour of the show with Sandy the Quilter and Jim Nagle returns. Danny Theison, from the Ball Park Cafe, joins to have the guys try some fruity beers. We close the hour with DJ Howie Do It.

Wednesday, August 29th

We're back with our fifth day at the fair. We start the day off with The Doug Otto Band. Our next poem from the Garage Logic poet laureate. Jason Lewis stops by to visit Joe and the boys to close the hour.

The Fun Time Band stops by for... well a fun time! We get Today's State Fair Animal! State Senator Dave Osmek stops by to tell us about all the stupid laws being proposed at the state level. We wrap up Day Five with Turkeys.

Tuesday, August 28th

The boys are joined by The Woodpicks, Princess Kay of the Milky Way and Today's State Fair Animal.

The boys are joined at the State Fair by the American Honey Queen, James Wedgewood and Fleetwood Bob, and Steve Trash.

Monday, August 27th

The boys get visits from the Jerry Hammer Band, Today's State Fair Animal and Jim Newberger, a candidate for US Senate

The boys are joined on stage by The Hamsmen, Box the Clown and Jesse the Woodworker

Friday, August 24th

GL is back at the State Fair for Day Two! The guys are joined by the Lake Detective, Tuey Wilson (our first juggler of the day), and we get Today's State Fair Animal!

The guys kickoff the second hour joined by the Lisa Wenger Band. In Capable Hands, our second juggling act, joins in the second segment. We get a food update on what's new this year from several of the vendors. We close the second hour with a special announcement regarding Ingy.

Thursday, August 23rd

The gang is back at the Fair and there's no better way to start it all off than with Marjorie Johnson. The guys, with Marjorie's help, honor our newest Medal of Freedom recipient. Joshua Cunningham drops by to discuss his art and where you can find him.

The guys are live at the first day of the Minnesota State Fair. We start the second hour joined by Two Dogs who is now running Monty's Traveling Reptile Show. The Martin Family Band then comes and plays on our stage. Dorris drops by with today's State Fair Animal.

Wednesday, August 22nd

Joe ponders the bustling of the State Fair. Forget volcanos, the Big Earthquake is something for you to worry about. The illegal immigrant that is charged with murder in Iowa had to really jump through some hoops to override paperwork.

The Failed Academy is introducing gender classes that you cannot possible fail. This is the beginning of the end. Joe recalls Paul Harvey doing a three minute bit from 1965: "if I Were the Devil" Hmmmmmm. State Fair tomorrow!!

Tuesday, August 21st

I truly cannot put into words what Joe had to bring to the GL'ers. Listen at your own risk. Onto other things, a current study states that children are not reading books, magazines, etc. at all. What a sad state for our future.

Joe learns of some confusion with the state fair schedule. Uh-oh! Is there a rather large national earthquake coming? Forget volcanos, this is what we need to worry about. Joe tells ma joke about chimps and that leads to a great cartoon bubble. Political candidates abducted by aliens? Nope!

Monday, August 20th

Joe is back in the chair, with a lot on his plate. Rep. Keith Ellison has a problem. He might be left leaning, but that doesn't make him a liar. Joe says that we need to see a copy of the tape, if it exists.

A new TV channel for Joe has the staff mocking him. A 1666 fire in London destroys almost everything in it's path. The shootings in Chicago need to get more attention. What would happen if that many shootings took place in the Twin Cities?

A new TV channel for Joe has the staff mocking him. A 1666 fire in London destroys almost everything in it's path. The shootings in Chicago need to get more attention. What would happen if that many shootings took place in the Twin Cities?

Friday, August 17th

Best of Garage Logic today. Great lineup: Gregg the Cow Guy/Old Bar Mockery/Who is Pauline?/Otto Schmidt Obit


Thursday, August 16th

Rookie replays some of the fun uplifting bits from GL over the years! Joe's Great Vacuum story and Crazy Bread, included~

As the radio show winds down, some of the good solid segments are replayed. New phone technology for Joe and 'The Donkey segment' Huh?

Wednesday, August 15th

Former WCCO-TV and Radio vet Don Shelby takes to the Mayor's chair today. The staff's chat with Don was very nice, laid back and natural. It was very nice to finally have him fill in! He had some nice words to say about Joe and Garage Logic.

Don Shelby takes a call from Carl who had some things to say about Joe. He also told a Joke! Some talk about politics, family and careers over the years. A nice listen

Tuesday, August 14th

Best of Garage Logic, including Rookie's drunk call from last Friday!

Rookie takes a couple of his favorite segments from Garage Logic over the years.

Monday, August 13th

Joe announces the changes being made to 1500 and the shows run of 25 years ending.

The second hour of Friday's show including more talk on the anthem and the changes to 1500.

Friday, August 10th

Thursday, August 9th

Joe is wondering how long an Orca whale mother will keep her dead calf close to her. There are pictures of her with her dying calf. What goes through their mind? Nature. Davidson College in North Carolina has a professor the has contract grading. This is what is wrong with our world.

Why would a friend push another three stories down into the water? Joe says it's because people are losing touch with nature and as a result of this the social contract is also suffering. NOAA releases it's Hurricane Forecast for this year. Kind of like in Trading Places, when Clarence Beeks, from Lyndhurst Security, gets the crop report for FCOJ. Pledge of Allegiance trouble in an Atlanta school.

Wednesday, August 8th

Joe has always said the the NY Times has the best obituaries. The latest is the one they did on Stan Mikita. It followed his whole story all the way from Eastern Europe. really good. The NFL has come one step closer to Joe's prediction that it will be a reality TV show. They are starting to use male cheerleaders. Ahhhh

Liberals may be losing the political fight, as some of the elections recently have gone to republicans. Joe wonders if this trend will continue during the upcoming elections. Is President Trump more popular than ever? Hillbilly Elegy? Joe likes JD Vance.

Tuesday, August 7th

The wildfires that are burning up across the country should be put into perspective. Joe gives some numbers of what some of the most spectacular and grand fires were across the country and the state of Minnesota. Scandia a tourist mecca?

How much is a gallon of gas if you have one dollar? Confused? So was the entire staff. They could not get this number correct. It's pretty good. President Trump should not want to do away with any of the Press, regardless if he doesn't care for them. No way says Joe.

Monday, August 6th

Joe mentions that cell phones are ruining the social interaction of kids . They are not reading, not looking people in the eye and suffering with social issues. A bystander in Florida, shoots a man randomly firing at people. He legally owned the gun and will not be charged.