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Friday, September 7th

Joe and Patrick chat about the show over the years and Rookie pulls out some pretty good best of cuts, as well as Johnny Heidt dives into some of his best stories "From the Folder"

Thursday, September 6th

The show opens with Summer Wind, as a tip of the cap to Sports Talk over the years. The boys do a quick review of their years at KSTP, while doing the new Johnny Heidt comes up with some good ones!

Wednesday, September 5th

Joe and Patrick showcase their Sports knowledge-

Tuesday, September 4th

Joe and Patrick chat about the lengthy career of Fred Zamberletti. what a character. The Twins are done, never getting to five hundred. Great news segment with Johnny Heidt.

Friday, August 31st

Reusse and Soucherry are back for their final Sports Talk show from the Fair and the last rendition of The Corn Dog Blues live at the Fair.

Thursday, August 30th

The boys return for an hour of fun for Day Six of the Fair.

Wednesday, August 29th

Lou Nanne stops by the front porch to start off Day Five of Sports Talk at the Fair. The guys spend a majority of the hour talking about Reusse's shoe fiasco from yesterday.

Tuesday, August 28th

Pat and Joe are joined by the Wacky Wheeler. John has an extended newscast to wrap up SportsTalk.

Monday, August 27th

Joe tells the boys a story about getting stuck in the mud, Gopher head hockey coach Bob Motzko joins to wrap the hour.

Friday, August 24th

Joe and Pat are back for Day Two at the Great Minnesota Get Together. The boys discuss all things from golf leaderboards to Rooks high school math teacher. We also end the hour with a Friday Scramble.

Thursday, August 23rd

Former Twins pitcher Glen Perkins joins to talk about post career life, his beer he made, and his playing career.

Wednesday, August 22nd

Twins are not doing well against a poor White Sox club today. Patrick recalls some funny stories and Kenny takes him to task about not writing them down.

Tuesday, August 21st

Joe and Patrick are off of their game because some guys from the newspaper are taking their pictures and writing an article. It's rather funny actually, they try to talk some sports, but it doesn't really work. LOL

Monday, August 20th

The Twins the their quest to......get to five-hundred? The new MN Viking electronic ticket program. The boys want to know if it works!

Friday, August 17th

It's Fun Fest Freelance Friday! Not much sports, but some good Patrick!

Thursday, August 16th

Patrick pays tribute to Aretha Franklin on a Thursday afternoon~ Nice.

Wednesday, August 15th

Patrick and Don Shelby chat about their careers. Don pays Patrick a nice compliment, which was from the heart.

Tuesday, August 14th

Great SportsTalk hour with Mike Veeck and some great Patrick stories! Must listen

Monday, August 13th

Myron Medcalf in for Reusse and Joe.

Thursday, August 9th

Big injury news for the Vikings. Can they survive this? Myron asks Joe and Reuvers about what grade they would give the club so far, including the Twins. Joe is mocked about the time Rookie rolled up to Joe's house with a leak in his gas tank.

Wednesday, August 8th

Minus Joe and Patrick today, Myron Metcalf chats about the current state of the Vikings and then does indeed chat with Patrick via the phone to get an update from spring training. John does not get much news in today. Kenny discovers Nikki Menage.

Tuesday, August 7th

Frank had the staff in tears laughing up a storm as he puts Rookie in his place and talks about his upcoming show. Very Good.

Monday, August 6th

Myron and Joe do some straight talk about the violence in Chicago and what needs to be done to change things. Pretty good perspective from Myron. Then onto some sports, mostly the Twins and the hole that they are in~

Friday, August 3rd

Patrick chats it up from the 3M Championship today.

Thursday, August 2nd

The Twins are not going to get anywhere near .500 and to make matters worse, Dozier made his debut with the LA Dodgers and had a great game. Links golf belongs in Great Britain. more people are 'taking too the refer', according to Rookie

Wednesday, August 1st

Joe sneaks out early today and that allows the staff to mock him in his absence. The local ball club tries to beat Cleveland, but comes up two runs short......Who in the hell cuts doughnuts and leaves them in pieces in the box.........Rookie is one~

Tuesday, July 31st

There are trades all over the place and Reuvers is very busy trying to keep up. Johnny Heidt will be back tomorrow and that makes Kenny happy. Rookie replays a classic. Patrick calls in from his hospital bed and is higher than a kite!!

Monday, July 30th

The boys discuss how poorly the Twins played this weekend. Patrick takes credit for calling that they would only won one game versus Boston. Reuse runs into a lot of traffic heading to Mankato for a Viking piece. How did Pat ever build a dog box?

Friday, July 27th

Patrick tells a story of a group of friends that were making plans to go to Rudolph's BBQ for a dinner out. Much to his surprise : THEY HAVE CLOSED!! The Twins Beat Boston and Pat has a hero of the game that will surprise you. Kenny goes after Rookie for dancing on TV> Gross!

Thursday, July 26th

The time in a baseball game can be reduced greatly by implementing some new rules according to the boys. The games are just too long. Ever thought ducks could be a topic on SportsTalk? Yep.

Wednesday, July 25th

Tuesday, July 24th

Monday, July 23rd

Patrick says that he is officially done with the Twins. He is not even saying 'see ya in Ft. Myers' he is done with the team. Pretty good golf tourney this weekend with the British Open.

Friday, July 20th

Doug Hennes worked at the newspaper with Patrick and he held many jobs officially and unofficially at the University of St Thomas. Great guy, big loss at 63.

Thursday, July 19th

Patrick mentions the passing of UST backer/employee, Doug Hennes. Patrick said he was a talented City Editor at the SPPP for many years. He would also help out with the football team at UST. Big unexpected loss.

Wednesday, July 18th

ALL STAR game and the future of the Twins club. Bulged is all ready to sell off all Twins assets.

Tuesday, July 17th

Town Ball is the talk of the town with Reuvers, Hauser and Patrick. What a great way to bring people together. They better have beer. Patrick tells his Cooperstown story. Very Funny!!

Monday, July 16th

Joe asks Patrick if the Twins are going to climb back to five hundred soon. Patrick was not very optimistic. The All-Star game is tomorrow. Is the game of baseball in trouble? It just may be if they cannot keep the youth watching and attending games. Kenny comes back and he starts up with where he left off-LOL

Friday, July 13th

Patrick mentions that people are either cold people or heat people. The extremes are both bad. The bugs that are out there really can ruin a nice quiet sitting time outside. Not too many sports were covered in this hour.

Thursday, July 12th

These TCL TV's are remarkable, according to Pat and Joe. Seeing how beautiful these courses are and the clarity is amazing. The Twins will have their hands full tonight at the ballpark. How do the Tampa Bay Devil Rays do this? They only have three starting pitchers? What purses there are for tourney like the John Deer Classic. Wow!

Wednesday, July 11th

The showdown between Croatia and England comes down to the wire with extra time. The Twins beat up on a pretty poor Kansas City club. Rookie gets distracted with National Pina Colada Day~~~

Tuesday, July 10th

The death of former radio host Barbara Carlson has the boys going back to old school radio show with her involved. What a character she was. The Twins are getting closer to five hundred. Hmmmm

Monday, July 9th

Patrick and Joe wonder if the Twins will get to .500. Pat says not going to happen. Did Phil Mickelson self report a penalty that he intended to do? Hmmm. Why would anyone zip line over live alligators?

Thursday, July 5th

Reusse is joined for the whole hour by wrestling historian George Schire!

Tuesday, July 3rd

Tom and Patrick with the crew chat about soccer and the poor Twins. A call from Gil makes everyone laugh a bit.

Monday, July 2nd

The Twins are terrible/Manny has things on his mind/Patrick describes his train ride to Chicago.

Friday, June 29th

Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press is in for Reusse again today. He and the crew spend the hour talking about Wrigley Field and other older ball parks in MLB. John Heidt has more crazy news stories!

Thursday, June 28th

Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press is in for Reusse today. The guys spend the hour talking about various topics of the day, including the awful smell of old ketchup, mobile coolers, and a camera exploding on someone's foot. All while the Twins battle the White Sox. Also, some serious and sad news regarding the mass shooting in Annapolis, MD.

Wednesday, June 27th

Patrick will take the train to Chicago instead of driving. I wish it was on a reality TV show. Patrick says that the Twins are officially done now. Dave Dahl brings the new meteorologist to meet the staff and she gets heckled. Her name is Wren and Joe says give her the Foghorn.

Tuesday, June 26th

Can the Twins get back on their winning ways? The boys hope so. Bill Russell was a pretty good play-by-play guy. Johnny Heidt saves a news story for Kenny.

Monday, June 25th

The Twins did not fair very well against the ball club from Texas, except for one game. Old school columnists, and Pat asking for a specific item from another member of the press-LOL

Friday, June 22nd

Reusse chats with Andrew Offerman from Canterbury Park about the upcoming Mystic Lake Derby this weekend. Also it's general discussion on the topics of the day with Reusse, Manny and Kenny!

Thursday, June 21st

The boys get down on the local nine after losing to Boston today. A caller checks in to convey his displeasure with the game today.

Wednesday, June 20th

The Mayor has an emergency golf meeting so Patrick points out how many Wednesdays that Joe has missed-LOL The Twins win last night and Harmon Killebrew comes up. patrick and Rookie have some nice words to say about him.

Tuesday, June 19th

Patrick tells Joe about his chat with Time Herron from yesterday's show. Herron can't wait for the Senior Tour. Joe and Patrick chat about the problems with Buxton and the Twins. Then the talk scoots over to the State Fair and some of the new food that is available. Yum

Monday, June 18th

Did Phil Mickelson go nuts because of his play or to send a message to the U.S. Open officials? He could have been DQ'd. Watering down the course completely changed the course for the next day's play. The Twins are just going through the motions.

Friday, June 15th

Scores are way up for the Open, Tiger looks like he is not going to make the cut. What? Pat's pool will be usable but he will need a new liner. Ouch.

Thursday, June 14th

It is very windy at the U.S.Open today. Scores are up and the greens are like putting on glass. The Twins got beat by Detroit. They only scored one run. Boo! Guess what Joe wants to do in the parking lot at the Open?

Wednesday, June 13th

Joe and Patrick preview the Open that starts tomorrow. The NHL celebrating the Stanley Cup is very entertaining to take in. Listeners get to sit in on a staff meeting at the Crabby Coffee Shop.......

Monday, June 11th

Alexander Ovechkin and his party antics are quite fun to watch. Reuvers explains to Joe and Pat the procedure and protocol that is followed when you are keg stand drinking. Will the Twins put together a win streak? Stay below five-hundred?

Friday, June 8th

ESPN's Myron Medcalf is in for Patrick today. He spends the hour talking about the news of Shohei Ohtani going on the DL. Later, John Heidt has a news and sports update.

Thursday, June 7th

The local ball club beats their rival from Chicago, evening the series. Are they back on track? Patrick recaps his story from yesterday.

Wednesday, June 6th

Patrick's pool story has no equal. Will his liner survive? Ummm

Tuesday, June 5th

A true double header today at Target Field makes Joe pretty happy. The Wild with a surprise hire!

Monday, June 4th

Will there be a potential golf stop here in place of the 3M Senior Championship. Will Joe Mauer play for the Twins next year? Maybe. Pretty good news segments with John Heidt.

Friday, June 1st

Today is the sixth anniversary of the death of Dark Star. Patrick tells some stories about Dark and his rise to fame and fortune. He is missed. Patrick makes good on his Monolith Monsters movie from 1957. Solid Heidt news with all of the interruptions.

Thursday, May 31st

Game two did not let the people down last night. Three pointers in the NBA are now part of the everyday, Joe tries to ask Patrick about what else is there. Pretty entertaining. The Memorial golf tourney starts today. Joe writes a book about trees that Rookie mocks.

Wednesday, May 30th

Will there be adequate ice for tonight's game 2? The debate is on. The Twins lose in walk of fashion, for the eighth time. A man named Gil calls the show. Who the hell is this guy?

Tuesday, May 29th

Joe says that Las Vegas has such a great thing going during their playoff run that other teams should not be allowed to copy it. The three pointer in the NBA? Patrick says get rid of it.

Friday, May 25th

Reusse and the crew chat about the upcoming Indy 500 this weekend, and Reusse talks about what the perfect gin and tonic would be for the start of summer. John Heidt also has the news.

Thursday, May 24th

The NFL has a plan according to Patrick. Their new anthem ruling has been carefully thought out to benefit them. The Stanley Cup Finals are set/ Ovechkin wants this really, really bad.

Wednesday, May 23rd

The boys are pretty down on the local ballclub, losing to Detroit today. Hughes will get his $22 Million and the NFL players, as a result of their poor labor deal, still are way behind MLB as far as contracts go. The Crabby Coffee Shop?

Tuesday, May 22nd

Joe and Patrick chat about the current state of the NHL playoffs and expansion of the league. The Twins losing Phil Hughes is probably a good thing, but $22 million still hurts. Ouch. More extras at the Crabby Coffee Shop~

Friday, May 18th

Will Morley is all over this eve of the Royal Wedding. Patrick forces him to tell where will be the best spot to take in the wedding

Thursday, May 17th

The Byron Nelson is on the TV today and Patrick confesses that he once was on a dark roller coaster and didn't like it. Rookie trips and falls while dropping his lunch. Nobody helped him but they all took pictures of him on the ground!!!

Wednesday, May 16th

The Twins are fighting it out against the Cardinals this afternoon. Lucas Glover and his wife need to work some things out. She is nuts. Rookie pulls off a joke for Joe that is pretty good during the news.

Tuesday, May 15th

Twins lose 1-0 at makeup game, new women's hockey league, an old tape of Patrick's stepson calling in from years ago. Former Twins manager Frank Quilicy was a great guy to work with , as per Joe and Pat.

Monday, May 14th

Joe and Patrick are in studio talking about the Twins and why they should have played their makeup game this afternoon, not tonight. What is Tiger's future? He seems to be so inconsistent, you cannot tell what he will do.

Friday, May 11th

Jay Kolls back today to straighten some things out. Yesterday he had some questions about his accuracy on one of the last hangings in Carver. Big John pulls off the role as OC and reads the official sign in question. Nice work! 48 degree Scramble noted. What a difference a week makes.

Thursday, May 10th

Jay and Patrick chat about life and sports with a whole bunch of humor mixed in.

Wednesday, May 9th

A great call from a listener originally from Gilbert, MN, talking about the bus trip to old Met Stadium and a halter top story. Patrick then asks him about a restaurant up north. Where is Joe? Patrick is keeping track of Joe's days off.

Tuesday, May 8th

The Twins continue their winning ways. Rookie tells a poop story about his brother. Gross. Kenny is crabby about John's news.

Monday, May 7th

Joe Mauer makes a great move at third base to tie the game. Joe and Patrick have some questions about players that lick other during hockey games. This is not okay, according to the boys. Joe tells his story about removing the dead fox at his home.

Friday, May 4th

SportsTalk starts with Manny venting about the Raptors playoff struggles. Reusse, Manny and Kenny then vent about the traffic around the metro, and Reusse tells a few Minnesota Kicks stories.

Thursday, May 3rd

The Las Vegas hockey team is doing very well. Did the NHL beat the NBA to the punch by arriving there first? How much does it cost for expansion? The new stadiums seat how many?

Wednesday, May 2nd

The Twins pull off a win today and the gem of the show is Patrick as a directions guy on MapQuest. He will do it as Heinrich. Hilarious!!

Tuesday, May 1st

The entire staff is worried about the Twins and their injuries. Sano is placed on the DL and will be gone for some time. Ouch.

Monday, April 30th

What should Patrick's name have been? Check out the new info he has on his name. The Twins? Well, you know the story......

Thursday, April 26th

Joe and Patrick do not care for the way the current golf tournament is being played today. The Twins lose to the Yankees in the bottom of the ninth. The fellas fully cover the big loss and then some. It was a bad week for MN sports teams, according to Patrick.

Wednesday, April 25th

Oddly enough, goats come up during the show, as well as the Twins losing in NY all of the time. Patrick comments on Timberwolves and one of his bosses.

Tuesday, April 24th

The boys chat about the Wolves and their big loss. Tough to win when a team scores fifty in the third quarter! Kenny gets very crabby during the news and wants to walk out.

Monday, April 23rd

Sports and stuff with the whole gang, but a very entertaining remembrance of Monty the Reptile guy, who has passed. the State will never be the same. Pretty good Monty stories.

Friday, April 20th

Patrick had a little fun and got the attention of PJ Fleck's wife Heidi. The Twitter excitement that followed was addressed by Patrick. Reuvers checks in from Winnipeg, Canada.

Thursday, April 19th

The boys talk about the logistics of the game in Puerto Rico. Joe says people didn't have toasters that were working, but they played a ballgame. The NFL Draft? Already?

Wednesday, April 18th

It looks like the Wild are about to complete their season, according to the boys. What if Patrick owned a Kwik Trip? It woud be great.

Tuesday, April 17th

The Twins have quite a road trip set up and are getting a lot of rain. The Wild are in big trouble with Parise suffering a broken sternum. Oh no!

Monday, April 16th

Patrick has some difficulty with the Wild schedule. His shoveling techniques come into question this last snowfall. The Wild came alive at the end of Game 2, we will see if this continues. The Wolves are being mocked by NBA experts.

Friday, April 13th

SportsTalk, Friday version, carries the live press cinference from Williams Arena, where new coach Lindsay Whalen answers some questions. The news is consumed by, well, going number two at work.

Thursday, April 12th

Patrick and Jay Kolls chat about some breaking news at the U of Minnesota women's basketball program. Apparently Patrick called this shot some time ago and is now referring to himself as the fixer.

Wednesday, April 11th

The boys comment on the baseball game in the cold at Target Field during the show. Joe is very worried about dumping water on the hero of the game when it is so cold. Patrick is very worried about ketchup. Very funny!

Tuesday, April 10th

The fellas chat about the chances that the T-Wolves will advance to the playoffs. Patrick says no. The Wild will get beat in the series, but it will be fun to watch. Kenny returns and gets crabby right away-LOL.

Monday, April 9th

The boys chat and breakdown the Masters and chime in on what the crowd was looking for during the final round.

Friday, April 6th

Reusse has an idea for the next Gopher Women's hoops coach if Marlene Stollings leaves for Texas Tech. Later, Al Berstein joins to look ahead to Caleb Truax's upcoming fight.

Thursday, April 5th

Sports Talk has Korzo in for Reusse today!

Wednesday, April 4th

Joe and Patrick are getting ready for the Master's tourney. Joe has some trouble paying attention while golf is on and it is pretty funny. Baseball in the cold? Really?

Tuesday, April 3rd

Patrick is all over the new baseball season and the crummy schedule that has been executed. He says that he has his own plan. Will it get to the right hands? Well......

Monday, April 2nd

Soucheray and Reusse spent the hour taking a 38 question baseball quiz in honor of this week being the home opener for the Twins. They also talked about the Men's Basketball National Championship game tonight. They then had the 330 news segment with John Heidt.

Friday, March 30th

Soucheray and Reusse spent the hour reacting to the Twins season opener. They also talked about Karl Anthony Towns franchise record 56 point performance, and the shame placed on the Australian cricket team.

SportsTalk for Friday March 30!

Wednesday, March 28th

The boys are worried about the Timberwolves and the Wild. Patrick thinks the hockey club will not make it past the first round. The wolves are done. Rookie confuses the staff with the impersonations.

Tuesday, March 27th

Joe and Patrick chat about the latest play of the Wolves and the Wild. Joe is nervous for both. A new Gopher Hockey coach will be a great fit.

Monday, March 26th

Breaking news with the Ryder Cup. It's coming back to Hazeltine again! Wow. High school hoops is done and went out with a bang!

Friday, March 23rd

Patrick back in studio, minus Joe on Friday. Manny Hill jumps in to chat about the NCAA tournament and how Loyola keeps up their winning record. Pat rips Rookie for showing up at a basketball viewing party, not knowing the hell is going on. Gravel roads? Kenny loves 'em.

Thursday, March 22nd

Patrick is back in studio with Joe and there is some catching up to do. Pat has trouble finding some dental floss. Some upsets in the high school hoops tourney. The Islanders are out? Wow!

Wednesday, March 21st

The boys high school hoops tourney results and Patrick is winding down his spring training stint. How well would Patrick do in the wild? Probably not very.

Tuesday, March 20th

Pat and Joe discuss the Wild and their loos last night. Kenny takes Reuvers to task saying that kids should not be allowed on the air ever! He provides audio that proves Joe and Patrick do not like kids-VERY FUNNY!

Monday, March 19th

Patrick's Florida days are winding down. Tiger gives it a pretty good go again this weekend. The NCAA Hoops tourney is in full upset mode.

Friday, March 16th

Patrick talks some spring training and mention some of the latest moves from the MN Vikings.

Thursday, March 15th

Breaking news: The MN Vikings sign QB Kirk Cousins and the press conference is carried live on Sports Talk.

Wednesday, March 14th

Patrick checks in from Ft. Myers and Joe is in studio chatting about the Wild, Wolves, and a couple of hokey knock knock jokes. The news segment is sure to please.

Tuesday, March 13th

Patrick reports from spring training, the news that the Twins new pitcher Lance has pitched three scoreless innings. What will the new Viking's QB be paid?

Monday, March 12th

Patrick checks in from FT. Myers and Joe is live in studio chatting about Tiger Woods and his very good performance in the weekend's Valspar tournament. A pretty good HS Hockey Tourney this past weekend.

Friday, March 9th

Joe in studio and Patrick live from FT. Myers Twins and High School Hockey

Patrick checks in from Ft. Myers and wants to know what is on the mind of Manny Hill and Kenny Olson! Are the T-Wolves spiraling down into nothing? Hockey tourney has some surprises!

Wednesday, March 7th

Joe and Patrick comment on the state high school tourney. It is in full force right now. What fun to watch. the Wild win big last night and the news is a little sketchy. The boys go after Johnny Heidt.

Tuesday, March 6th

The Twins are playing while Patrick is doing the show today. Joe runs down the list of games that are going on and the boys preview the Wild's upcoming schedule and the hockey tourney. It's the twentieth anniversary of "The big Lebowski"

Monday, March 5th

Joe back in studio and Patrick live from Ft. Myers. This golf match in Mexico has been a rather large success, with the top sixty-four golfers getting paid quite well. Who is Barry? Roger Bannister, the man that successfully ran the first four minute mile, has died.

Friday, March 2nd

Brian Murphy sits in for Souch today and Patrick checks in from sunny Ft. Myers, FL to give us a live report from Hammond stadium.

Thursday, March 1st

Patrick live from Florida and Joe in studio. the PGA Tour is in Mexico and Joe is monitoring. The stadium that Pat is at is completely empty, except for birds. The Gopher Hoops team is completely done. They almost made it to March!!

Wednesday, February 28th

Korzo sits in for Patrick today. Joe and Korzo chat about the comeback that Tiger Woods is trying to put together. Korzo is buying into it big time. Joe is not so sure. Wild are still hot, winning 8-3 last night.

Tuesday, February 27th

Pat in FL and Joe in studio talking about old time hockey and the latest play of the Wild. Who is hot in the NHL?

Monday, February 26th

Patrick live from FT. Myers and Joe in studio. The Wild pulled one off last night and they are hot as of late. A story Johnny Heidt has in the news gets a couple of pretty good chuckles. The Olympics are done. Yea!

Friday, February 23rd

Patrick live from Ft. Myers and the staff back in the studio. The snow has hit ans Patrick asks the staff some questions about plowing snow. Rookie makes some confessions about his history the last twenty-seven years at the radio station. Wow!

Thursday, February 22nd

Jay Kolls from the Channel 5 news department was in for the Mayor today. He and Reusse spent the hour talking about the U.S. Women winning the gold medal last night.

Wednesday, February 21st

St Paul Pioneer Press sports columnist Brian Murphy filled in for the Mayor today. He and Reusse spent the hour discussing the Olympics last night. Lindsey Vonn winning the bronze in her final ever run, also Jessie Diggins from Afton winning the Gold in cross-country skiing. They also talked Twins spring training.

Tuesday, February 20th

The boys have some fun with the Olympics and the timing. Clem calls in to chat briefly about Kentucky having to vacate their National Championship.

Monday, February 19th

Patrick live from FT. Myers, Joe in studio. What is the deal with the Hungarian Hal-Piper? She stinks. The girls high school hockey tourney is set and spring training is in full form.

Friday, February 16th

Sports Talk with Joe and Patrick is live from the Venture Bank Minnesota Golf Show with Scott Korzonowski filling in for Joe and Pat. Korzo and Reuvers discuss another Tiger comeback and the lack of signings in MLB. John Heidt news update.

Thursday, February 15th

Joe and Patrick mention the upcoming Wild game against Washington and mock the fact that the previewed it several days before. The Twins and the turf and Hammond Field look pretty good.

Wednesday, February 14th

Patrick live from Ft. Myers and Souch in the studio with the staff. The Wild, the Wolves, the Olympics.....what more is there?

Tuesday, February 13th

A recap of the Olympics from the fellas and who are the Wild playing soon? Ummmm.

Monday, February 12th

Joe in studio and Patrick live from Ft. Myers. Golf, Olympics and Kenny.

Friday, February 9th

The Friday Fun Fest is back! And Reusse and the boys start the hour sounding off on the Wild's bad loss to Arizona last night. Manny then wonders what should intrigue him about the Winter Olympics. Reuvers then has news updates.

Thursday, February 8th

Brian Murphy sits in Patrick's chair today. Joe quizzes Murph about his Super Bowl and Olympic experiences. Rookie goes off and does a President Bush impersonation and nobody can follow where he is going.

Wednesday, February 7th

Patrick calls Joe to look for a car wash on Grand Ave. Rookie asks Patrick if he did well at the car wash. Then Wild win bug. Why can't they do that every game? The Gopher hoops team may not win again!

Tuesday, February 6th

Patrick is still upset with people that flip their wipers on their cars when it snows. Joe gives Rookie's crappy car a review. Super Bowl leftovers......

Monday, February 5th

Joe and Patrick review the Super Bowl, as today it is SB LII talk all day!!