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Saturday, January 12th

We touch on Pitino and the Gophers horrible free throw shooting...New NFL coaching hires...and Matthew Coller joins us to break down the NFL playoff games this weekend!! Join Matthew starting Tuesday each afternoon from 2-4pm! Thanks Korzo for so many great years here at 1500!! Korzo then says goodbye...This is it!

Hour One is great...thibs is gone!!!!!!...ding dong the wicked witch is gone!!! Hear the unbelievable words spoken by Jim Peterson from the Raised by Wolves! Tommy joins us from Thailand to make the playoff picks this week. Korzo also touches on the great news about Jayme Closs.

Saturday, January 5th

We shouldn't watch games the Gopher hoopsters play in Madison...but we do it anyway! This time however, we were treated to a rare victory!! Korzo says the Vikes blew it with Cousins...and would've been maybe better off or at least in a similar position with KK or Teddy with millions leftover in cap space!!

Two great guests and lots of interesting insight this hour! We also make our picks for Wild Card week including Matthew Coller this week who will try to avenge his 0-5 week he had the last time! We also pick the College Football Championship! How does coach Saban do it every year?

Saturday, December 29th

Show opens with conversation on The Wolves, Matthew Coller joins to preview Vikings/Bears

Hour starts with Korzo reacting to the Quick Lane Bowl and Gopher season in general. Tom joins to make some NFL picks

Saturday, December 22nd

Korzo wants to do the same with the T-Wolves! How can this team be that much different on the road? Same court size, same ball and hoop! Why is Thibs playing Wigs so many minutes when he not doing anything?!! Coller also joins us to bust down the Vikes and Lions!

Korzo touches on Kaepernick and Josh Gordon and how that was handled too. Shouldn't the NFL do more for these players? Is it ok that PJ Fleck doesn't answer questions during press conferences? Tommy and Joey D join in on the fabulous five football picks this week, with games that could affect the Vikings!

Saturday, December 15th

Defilippo gone!!!! Will it make a difference? Matthew Coller joins us and says it should and could turn this offense around! Cousins needs to bust out of his usual slump and be they guy they paid dearly for!

The guys do their not-so-fabulous five NFL picks this hour...where the Vikes are actually giving 9 points this week...not sure about that? So we got rid of Butler after a bad west coast trip, and now we're having another bad west coast trip... can we can get rid of Thibs this time? If the Gophers even make it to the NCAA tourney and go one and done, do they fire Pitino?

Saturday, December 8th

Hey are you listening to us live at 9am each week? Love it! So we moved our football picks back an hour now to this hour in an effort to let Tommy the Johnnie have an easier time of joining us for our 5 fabulous football picks this week. Korzo and Joeyd are battling for the top prognosticator! Even trade, Wiggins to the Wild for Charlie Coyle? Will the Wild continue on this downward spiral?

Tough loss for the Gopher Volleyballers yesterday! Losing to Oregon again...and at home? Go Lindsay go!! Vikes and Seahags this week...Korzo and Coller dig in on this possible must win game for our guys! Patrick calls in during the show today too!!

Saturday, December 1st

Should the Chiefs have fired Kareem Hunt? Korzo says no! We also talk about Gopher hoops and another win last night at the Bank! Gopher women sports are on fire! We round up the hour with Vikes/Packer talk and what's with Rodgers?

Check it out...he did! Plus he also gives Thibs some credit...what? Yes! We also bring Tom and Matthew Coller in to make our 5 NLF picks this week and then break down the Pats game this weekend. We all think the Vikes have a decent chance to win this one!

Saturday, November 24th

So did you go to a Gopher football game this year? How about hockey yet this season? Attendance is way down to being downright embarrassing! What's happening at the U? Tommy and Joey D pick some NFL games...Vikes/Packers? We also here Korzo's first official take on the Jimmy Butler trade...thumbs up or down?

Big hour #2 here...Some Wolves talk...but then we bust down rivalry week with Gophs/Badgers...and Vikes/Packers!! Matthew Coller also joins in the fun!

Saturday, November 17th

Korzo out today...Doogie and Drewgie in!! The always relaxed and scooped Doogie talks Wolves with a great interview with Brian Windhorst this hour. A KG sighting last night at Target Center too!

Doogie jr otherwise known at Drewgie helps us with Tommy's picks this week...cant do any worse right? Bobby Marks talks with us about the Wolves trade this hour too...good or not?! Who will the Twins go after to replace Joe and others for next season? Can the Vikes pull off a big win against the Bears?

Saturday, November 10th

Geez we actually go pretty far into the show today before we talk about Wiggins and Butler and Thibs and the Wolves! Then its some Gopher football...does Korzo have any issues with coach Fleck now? What kind of Defense is that?

So its official...Joe is retiring...and Lindsay draws 14k in the seats at the barn last night to start her new job! Where do these two rank in MN for local sports figures? We also talk with Marcus on the Gopher hoops this early season, and after a 5 minute un-sportsman like conduct penalty...Tom dries out and happily left the "who dat" region to join us again to pick our 5 NFL games this week.

Saturday, November 3rd

Korzo who never conceals his true thoughts on the Wolves actually gives some props out to Butler and Derrick Rose...but you they cant win consistently with ball hogs right? Korzo and Joey d then pick 5 NFL games this week. Will they both play the Vikes and give up 5.5 points to the Lions?

Are the Wolves a surprise so far this season? Korzo talks to an expert Brit Robson from The Athletic to break them down. Matthew Coller joins us this hour as well to see what he thinks could happen with the Vikes game!

Saturday, October 27th

As usual, part one of hour 2 we eat, sleep, and drink football!! We have Matthew Coller come in to go over how the Vikes could win the big Saints game tomorrow...or how they could lose it? Then its Thibs talk, trade talk, Kat talk and much more on all things Wolves!

Has Korzo dropped his oar on the PJ boat? Last nights game reminds Korzo of the last friday night game they had many moons ago! The guys including Tom Linnemann all make their picks of 5 NFL games so see who likes the Vikes and who doesn't?

Saturday, October 20th

Korzo starts the show by breaking down the Wolves home opener. Tom Linnamen joins for the picks segment

Matthew Coller joins Korzo to talk Vikes. Korzo talks about the state of QB's in the NFL and we wrap with some Gophers discussion

Saturday, October 13th

Oh lets just get on with another disappointing Wolves season! Thibs is getting a kick out of this whole Butler fiasco! This team isn't even showing up in the pre-season!

Matthew Coller joins us to talk Vikes game last week and this week against the Cards!

Saturday, October 6th

Vikes are struggling...Molitor out...Wild poor first game...The ongoing Gopher sports losers...and of course the Wolves are the this hour, Korzo, Tom and Joey D make their NFL picks...and they can truly do no worse than last week...right?

Matthew Coller joins us early this hour to talk Vikes and do they have a chance in Philly at all? We then talk Gopher Football with Dan House to see if the Gophers have any kind of chance against a pretty good Hawkeye squad?

Saturday, September 29th

From Sunday Sports Talk and now on Saturdays...its the debut of the Korzo Show! Scott just does his thing with a little help from his friends. This hour, Tom Linnemann joins us from Spain to talk NFL and pick 5 games as well!

The Vike defense is in shambles...Scott welcomes in Matthew Coller to help pickup the pieces on this and see how Zim can put it back together! Updates on the Ryder Cup...why do we put Phil and Tiger on the team?

Sunday, September 2nd

We have some fun on the last edition of Sunday Morning Sports Talk talking Vikings roster cuts, the NFL, and making NFL picks with Tom Linneman.

It's the final hour of Sunday Morning Sports Talk and we spend it discussing PJ Fleck and the Gophers, (of course) Thibs, and the Green TV.

Sunday, August 26th

Korzo opens the show discussing high school reunions before diving into Little League joining the IOC, NCAA, & FIFA. We close the hour talking about Urban Meyer situation as well as the boxing that, sort-of, took place Friday at the Armory.

Korzo opens the second hour with an ode to John McCain. We then talk about the Vikings lack of a kicking game as well as the Gopher's lack of a QB game for, well, much of their history, good luck Zack Annexstad... Batting Cleanup wraps up the penultimate Sunday Sports Talk.

Sunday, August 19th

We open the show discussing the rather lackluster Vikings game from yesterday and the NFL Rules changes. Korzo then discusses Jalen Ramsey's comments from his GQ article. We close the hour discussing Keith Hernandez's comments about hitting a batter.

Matthew Coller joins to kickoff the second hour as we discuss yesterday Vikings/Jags preseason game. Korzo then discusses the fact that he was right, them wrong, and now right again about Tiger Woods and his return. Before we get to Batting Cleanup we talk about Lindsay Whalen retiring as well as an interesting bit of news regarding Steph Curry and the Wolves.

Sunday, August 5th

Joe & Craig are back for their final show of the weekend at the final 3M Championship. The guys are talking all things golf with Hollis Cavner discussing the final 3m Championship as well as the upcoming 3M Open.

Joe and Craig are joined by TPC Twin Cities Director of Golf Alan Cull to discuss all the changes coming to the course in anticipation of next years 3M Open.

Sunday, July 29th

We open the second hour joined by's Matthew Coller to talk all things Vikings as we're into the first weekend of Training Camp. Korzo then gets suspicious about Tom Brady. Then we take a listen to a controversial song from the 90's. Batting Cleanup closes us out for the day.

We spend much of the first hour today discussing the baseball starting with the Twins making deals sending players away. We then discuss the Twins' history at the deadline as both buyers and sellers. Jack Morris is going into the Hall of Fame so we talk about whether '91 got him in. (Hint: yes). We close the hour, of course, comparing Kevin Love and Andrew Wiggins and whether we'd make the trade again.

Sunday, July 22nd

Korzo opens the show in excitement that Tiger is in contention, and even takes the lead in the first hour, on the final day of The Open. We discuss loyalty, or lack of it, in sports. Tom Thibodeau is the second most destructive person in Wolves history. We close the hour joined by Kent Youngblood to talk about the Lynx struggling through the 2018 season.

Korzo opens the second hour discussing Vikings fans' trying to find reasons to already criticize Kirk Cousins. What should the Twins do about Joe Mauer in this the final year of his contract. Korzo talks about Tiger being back in contention. Batting Cleanup and Korzo's extended thoughts on the Josh Hader situation.

Sunday, July 15th

We get to hear Korzo's best goal calls as the World Cup Final takes place as we were on air. Korzo discusses the Papa John's controversy and the Arizona Cardinals owner coming out with a political statement. We close the hour joined by Nathaniel Renteria who's at a World Cup watch party in France during the Final, in which France are playing.

Korzo opens the second hour discussing what Eric Kaler stepping down at the U can mean for Gophers athletics. We then discuss Phil Mickelson acting like a whining baby now. Phil Miller joins the show to discuss the Twins now that the All-Star Break is upon us after today. Batting Cleanup and a humorous day wrap the show.

Sunday, July 8th

Korzo opens the show going at Jimmy Butler before he's joined by Britt Robson to defend himself and to discuss the Wolves off-season moves. We stick with basketball for the first hour ending with why you shouldn't freak out over DeMarcus Cousins going to Golden State.

We open the second hour discussing the World Cup heading into the Semi Finals as well as our theory on why Russia got as far as they did. Korzo gives his thoughts on Phil v Tiger and the one thing they can do to make it even better. Batting Cleanup wraps the show.

Sunday, July 1st

We open the show discussing the Twins not taking blame, once again, for their losing. We then discuss Messi AND Ronaldo going out of the World Cup on the same day. The second half of the hour we discuss NBA teams in salary cap hell before closing it out with more World Cup.

Korzo opens the second hour discussing what the Wolves are doing in free agency and what LeBron should do in free agency (more or less what we want him to do). The last half hour of the show starts with Korzo discussing the meaning and need for Journalism. Batting Cleanup and the Lynx wrap up the show.

Sunday, June 24th

Korzo opens the show discussing the Twins' seemingly unending focus on the unwritten rules. We then discuss a couple of players with off-field issues and how they're being handled. Tom Linnemann joins to discuss his trip to Iceland and watching the World Cup there as well as his thoughts on Kirk Cousins and the Vikings. Korzo ends the hour discussing his disappointment in Phil this week.

Korzo opens the final hour discussing how the draft was par for the course for Thibs before discussing a possible change to basketball that would almost certainly be great for the game. We then discuss Iranian soccer and the meaning sports has for some people. Batting Cleanup wraps the show.

Sunday, June 17th

Korzo opens the show discussing how Phil was right and once again the USGA screw up the US Open as well as how well Caddyshack represents real life. We finish the hour discussing NBA free agency and how $44m isn't enough for Kawhi.

Hour two of the show we begin by discussing how the Twins have a win-win in sending Sano down to Single-A before discussing the NCAA making a needed change but how it's also not enough. We then discuss Fox's broadcasting of the World Cup and the US Open. Batting Cleanup and a quick leaderboard update wrap the show.

Sunday, June 10th

Korzo opens the show discussing Golden State's greatness, speculating where LeBron will go next, and how it's been a great 50 years for Bay Area sports fans. We also discuss the false narratives we place on superstars.

Korzo opens the second hour discussing the Twins slogging through the summer with young talent struggling. We then talk about Justified winning the Triple Crown and how our young sports memories stick with us more so than our adult sports memories. Then some uncomfortable sports topics get discussed before Batting Cleanup wraps the show.

Sunday, June 3rd

Korzo opens today show talking all things JR Smith and how he dreams of golfing with him one day. We then discuss that blunder in Game 1 and whether something is wrong with Golden State this year. We close the hour talking about a now former Gopher rowing away from the program after just a couple months.

Korzo opens the second discussing the Gopher baseball teams late night win and their run this year. We then move on to discussing maybe Tigers best ball striking of his career being paired up, unfortunately, with some pretty gross putting. A quick Twins talker before Batting Cleanup wraps the hour.

Sunday, May 27th

With the Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 taking place tonight Korzo opens the show discussing LeBron and Michael and how they're different and equally great. Korzo then mentions another person who's comover to his side on the Wolves and he finishes the hour discussing how Mark Dayton and the Minnesota Legislature are Thibs.

Korzo opens the second hour discussing THAT debate, thanks NFL... We then discuss the Twins' mounting issues before moving onto a baseball team doing well in this town, Gophers baseball. Batting Cleanup and the Golden Knights close the show.

Sunday, May 20th

With the Wolves, reportedly, upsetting KAT it's time for Korzo to go at Thibs again. LeBron was amazing last night; the Capitals not so much. Korzo closes the hour with a story.

Korzo opens the hour discussing how legalized sports gambling is going to change sports. We discuss the importance of Joe Mauer and how the Twins are already missing him. Korzo gets a little hyped about the Lynx/Sparks season opener this afternoon. Batting Cleanup and some Twitter cleanup close the show.

Sunday, May 13th

We start the show off with a Mother's Day tribute. Thanks KD you said it for all of us. We then transition into Korzo admitting he was just joking when he picked Webb Simpson this weekend but he'll be rooting for the guy starting today at nineteen under. We close the hour talking about how great both LeBron AND Michael are.

Korzo opens the second hour the Raptors firing Dwane Casey and what that should mean/signal for the Wolves. Sticking with NBA coaching Korzo labels Thibs a sunk cost before moving onto Wiggins. Batting Cleanup wraps up the show.

Sunday, May 6th

Korzo opens the show this week talking about the greatness of LeBron and how it's time that we recognize that LeBron is at least on the same level as Mike, if not greater. Korzo is releaved by Jamaal Crawford not taking the player option on his contract before talking about how much better the Cousins contract is than the newly signed Matt Ryan contract. We close the hour discussing the ridiculous numbers between the Yankees and Twins.

Korzo continues the Twins talk into the second hour of today's show before delving into how baseball is falling behind because of it's most recent evolution while football, basketball, and hockey all are better for theirs. Korzo then discusses the Lynx not going to the White House, but not by their choice, and Batting Cleanup closes the show.

Sunday, April 29th

Despite some early technical difficulties we get the show going and Korzo is hot on getting Wiggins out of Minnesota to fix the Wolves. We end the hour discussing the evil of the NCAA as well as the U settling with Norwood Teague accusers.

The second hour starts off smoother than the first and we open discussing the Vikings draft and Spielman's plan since taking over. Matthew Coller joins to discuss how the Vikings did at this weekends draft. Phil Miller joins to talk about the Twins and their terrible, horrible, no-good week this last week. Batting Cleanup closes the show.

Sunday, April 22nd

That's right folks the title is a Korzo quote. He's pretty positive about that Wolves win last night. We discuss all things Wolves the first hour including the gameplan for last nights game and if it's sustainable for the series, the pressure on Chris Paul and James Harden if the Wolves win tomorrow night, and the team going forward.

Matthew Coller joins the show to discuss what the Wild need to do this offseason as well as discuss the upcoming NFL Draft. We also talk about some news stories that blew our minds for different reasons. Batting Cleanup and front office work close the show.

Sunday, April 15th

Korzo opens the show after that epic snow storm discussing the 5068 days it's been since the last Timberwolves playoff game. Britt Robson joins to discuss whether the Wolves have a chance in the series with the Rockets. We then move onto talking the local squads successes in the playoffs before wrapping up the hour praising Mark Coyle.

We open up hour two discussing among other things just how good AC/DC were at what they did before Korzo makes his case for Jamal Crawford being one of the worst players on the Wolves. We discuss the Wild and their first two playoff games. Korzo talks about how much he likes the Joe Maddon style of coach. Batting Cleanup wraps the show.

Sunday, April 8th

Korzo opens the first hour trying to figure out what's going on with our weather and getting some things wrong. Jess Myers joins to discuss UMD winning the college hockey championship and the Wild heading to the playoffs. We close the hour discussing everything that's gone wrong in the Wolves quest to lockup a playoff spot.

Korzo opens the second hour discussing everything that the Wolves have done wrong in the past couple games as they've looked to tie up a playoff spot. Gary Van Sickle joins to talk about the Masters and share an incredible story about leader Patrick Reed. Korzo continues the Masters discussion before we close the show with Batting Cleanup.

Sunday, April 1st

Korzo opens with the Wolves, fat guys, and the weather. We then spend the rest of the hour telling you why Sister Jean, Mark Emmert, and Mark Coyle are all wrong.

Korzo opens the second hour with the bad news for Wild fans before telling you why you're wrong about Jamal Crawford. We discusses Corey Widmer turning down the Montana Football Hall of Fame and how that should effect the NFL. A Zlatan filled Batting Cleanup wraps up the hour.

Sunday, March 25th

Korzo opens the show saying we should be happy that our teams are making the playoffs. With the season just around the corner Korzo looks ahead to the Twins season. Gophers hockey gets some love as it looks like the Frozen Four may become the Embarrassing Four for Gophers fans. Loyola closes out the hour.

Korzo opens the second hour with a rant about how much Thibs has screwed up the Wolves in just two years. We wrap up the last half hour of the show discussing the most improbable of brackets and Batting Cleanup.

Sunday, March 18th

Korzo is back this week and opens the show discussing the Kirk Cousins signing and the value of it. We then talk about the sham that is Performative Anger before closing the first hour with an Ode to Derrick Rose.

Korzo opens the second hour with the upset of the tournament and how Virginia's coach Tony Bennett handled it. Marcus Fuller joins the show to discuss the Gophers Women's hoops squad in the Women's Tournament. Korzo shares the reason he likes Loyola Chicago. Batting Cleanup and the Jets trade close the show.

Sunday, March 11th

Brian Murphy is in for Korzo today on Sunday SportsTalk. We open with a bit of a grab bag of items before settling talking about the Twins and their signing of Lance Lynn. Orono head hockey coach Will Scholz joins to discuss his team winning the Class A Hockey Title. Mike Berardino joins to talk about the Twins offseason.

Brian Murphy fills in for Scott Korzonowski on Sunday SportsTalk. We open the second hour joined by Marcus Fuller to talk about Selection Sunday. Murph then jumps into some Wild disussion. We discuss Tiger making a return before Batting Cleanup. We close the show talking about the Wolves.

Sunday, March 4th

Korzo opens the show discussing Wiggins and the lack of everything he's bringing in the wake of the Butler injury. Korzo uses the Wiggins contract to vouch for a Keenum contract. We continue the Keenum talk into discussing DeFilippo and his eye for QB talent. Korzo closes the hour discussing Roger Bannister,

Kozro opens the second hour discussing the Sean Miller story and some questionable(?) journalism. We talk about the Wild briefly before moving on to some talk about how the NFL Combine can be dumb. As it's Oscar's night Korzo talks about some of the movies up for an award. Batting Cleanup wraps up the show.

Sunday, February 25th

Korzo opens this weeks show discussing the quality of the US's wins over the quantity at this years Olympics. We move onto Wiggy and the Wolves to close the hour.

Korzo opens the second hour talking about the NCAA controversy and how to fix it. The Wild get some love as they've battled their ways into playoff contention. Korzo discusses what looks like another return by Tiger. Batting Cleanup wraps the show.

Sunday, February 18th

Sunday SportsTalk with Scott Korzonowski is live from the Venture Bank Minnesota Golf Show. Korzo opens the show discussing Lindsay Vonn and politics mixing with sports. Phil Miller joins to talk about the Twins. James Tracey, from 2nd Swing, joins to geek out with Korzo about Golf Clubs. We wrap the hour talking about the Michigan State situation.

Sunday SportsTalk with Scott Korzonowski is live from the Venture Bank Minnesota Golf Show. Korzo opens the hour discussing LeBron's comments and Fox News' response. We're joined by Mark Johnson from Breezy Point. Korzo finally gets to his weekly Wiggins talker. Batting Cleanup and an NBA Playoff restructure close the show.

Sunday, February 11th

The first week after the big game and we're joined by guest host Jess Meyers. We talk a lot of puck in the first hour joined by former Gopher and Team USA hockey player Natalie Darwitz. KSTP's Tom Hauser joins the show to discuss college hockey. We close the hour joined by Phil Miller to talk about the Twins who welcome pitchers and catchers this week.

Guest Host Jess Meyers is filling in this week and starts the second hour joined by KSTP's Chris Long to discuss the Super Bowl, the NFL in London, and the Vikings decision not to let Kevin Stefanski interview with the Giants. Jon Krawczynski helps close out the show discussing the Wolves.