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SKOR North Recs: A few embarrassing discoveries with Mackey, Judd & Ramie [Quarantine discoveries]

This is part of an ongoing series at SKOR North where we share our staff’s recommendations for things to do or watch while we all Stay Home, Minnesota.

Consider this part of your No-Sports Quarantine Survival kit. Phil Mackey, Judd Zulgad and Ramie Makhlouf gave up some helpful (and quite possibly embarrassing) information about their Quarantine Discoveries.

The rules of the road were simple. Share something that you’ve stumbled upon that you probably would not have if you were not in quarantine right now.

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Judd has set out this month to “perfect,” in his words, “the art of nothingness.”

*Sports replays, and he’s even coming around on the non-HD versions

*”How to be single” with Dakota Johnson.

“It was so bad and I couldn’t turn it off.”

It got 47% on Rotten Tomatoes. We should probably refrain from further comment.


*”Yoga with Adriene”

*”Fitness Blender” and the accompanying website

*Cubs 2016 World Series

Ramie, a native of Chicago, copped to watching his team win it all (four years earlier) as a way of celebrating opening day.

*Bonus Tiger King.

Some people are skeptical about one additional episode getting released. Not Ramie.

“What’s in it? I don’t know, I don’t care,” Ramie said. “I’m in quarantine, I need things!”


“The Invention of Lying”

The plot is pretty straightforward — Ricky Gervais is the first person to take advantage of lying — but check out the cast!

Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hil, Louis C.K., Jeffrey Tambor, Rob Loew, Tina Fey, Martin Starr.

“30 minutes of yoga”

“Grace & Frankie”

“The Big Show Show”


*Archive of old Manchester United games

Of course…

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*12 Video Games to play while you Stay at Home

Mackey & Judd

Previous Story SKOR North Recs: 12 Video Games to play while you Stay at Home