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Saturday, August 8th

Todd Rooker talks with Nick Foulks of Great Waters Financial about various topics involving Financial Independence and retirement.

Saturday, August 1st

Todd Rooker talks retirement investments with Will Johnson of Great Waters Financial.

Saturday, July 25th

Todd Rooker discusses the importance of having a will or a trust with attorney Jesse Griffin.

Saturday, July 18th

Todd Rooker tells you everything you need to know about investing in real estate as the market continues to change.

Saturday, July 11th

Josh Legband from Great Waters Financial joins Todd Rooker to examine the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on planning for retirement. You can contact Great Waters Financial at or by calling 612-360-2127.

Saturday, June 27th

The Barter Guy, David Carroll, joins Todd Rooker to share how he helps businesses find new customers and how barter can generate benefits and new opportunities for your business. You can contact David by calling 952-856-8866 or by going to

Saturday, June 20th

International real estate extraordinaire Evie Brooks joins Todd Rooker to explain the investment and lifestyle benefits of finding a second home in the paradise of Panama. You can learn more by visiting

Saturday, June 13th

Todd Rooker breaks down the intricacies of asset protection and why it's critical to avoid co-mingling your finances with others.

Saturday, June 6th

Great Waters Financial advisor Taylor Sundeen joins Todd Rooker to discuss how the CARES Act impacts your retirement accounts and provide other advice on financial planning for retirement. You can contact Great Waters Financial by visiting or by calling 612-360-2127.

Saturday, May 30th

Todd Rooker explains why challenges and struggles shape successful people and improve self-esteem. He elaborates on why you should embrace challenges, rather than avoid them, to enhance your life.

Saturday, May 23rd

Todd Rooker dispels a few myths and gives you a clear understanding regarding life insurance.

Saturday, May 16th

Todd Rooker takes a deep dive into how to build a strong team - whether it is at home, at work or in your community - and the power a successful team brings that an individual simply cannot match.

Saturday, May 9th

Todd Rooker explains why successful people thrive on an "earn more" mindset and are focused on accumulating wealth, rather than just looking for ways to spend less.

Saturday, May 2nd

On the latest edition of Great Waters Retirement Radio, advisor Brian Jass joins Todd Rooker to spell out how to develop a comprehensive plan to weather market volatility, such as the turbulence generated by the coronavirus pandemic. You can find Great Waters Financial at or contact them by calling 651-964-3423.

Saturday, April 25th

Todd Rooker defines the difference between a business owner mindset and an employee mindset in order to help you understand how to start your own business.

Saturday, April 18th

Todd Rooker explores the success story of another extraordinary business, Russel Williams Home Services. You can find Russel Williams at or give them a call at 612-423-3059.

Saturday, April 11th

Jon Whitcomb, President and Owner of Metro East Commercial Real Estate, and attorney Tim LaCroix join Todd Rooker to address the most problematic situations in commercial real estate right now. The trio offers advice for tenants without business, landlords facing a downturn in rent and how to handle force majeure clauses. You can find Metro East CRE at or give them a call at 651-351-5005.

Saturday, April 4th

Skip Johnson, a founding partner and lead advisor at Great Waters Financial, joins Todd Rooker to guide listeners through the financial challenges presented during the coronavirus pandemic. The duo explains how you can turn what seems like a financial issue into an opportunity. Contact Great Waters Financial at or by calling 612-360-2127.

Saturday, March 28th

Barbara Stinnett, the Founder and CEO of the Timmaron Group, and Song Lo, the company's partner and general counsel, join Todd Rooker to outline how they are helping businesses adapt their operations to succeed in an incredibly challenging time. You can contact Timmaron Group at or by calling 1-800-846-6276.

Saturday, March 21st

Matt Feehan, owner and operator of Fix Auto in Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park, joins Todd Rooker to share his family business success story and how he's created an unmatched customer experience. You can find Fix Auto at or call them at 763-424-2522.

Saturday, March 14th

Kim Nybo joins Todd Rooker to explain what occurs when the unthinkable happens, and she helps answer a plethora of insurance questions. Contact Kim Nybo at her Minneapolis office at 612-767-7775 or her Columbia Heights office at 763-571-6111.

Saturday, March 7th

Matthew Schwartz and Nick Foulkes from Great Waters Financial join Todd Rooker to explain how controlled spending can ensure that you don't outlive your money in retirement. The team also explores the inflating cost of health care during retirement and how you need to prepare. Contact Great Waters Financial by calling 612-360-2127 or by visiting

Saturday, February 29th

Jon Whitcomb, President and Owner of Metro East Commercial Real Estate, joins Todd Rooker to discuss best strategies and practices for commercial real estate. You can contact Metro East Commercial Real Estate at or by calling 651-351-5005.

Saturday, February 22nd

Todd Rooker encourages you to take the leap! Put yourself in a position where there is no turning back, and you will grow.

Saturday, February 15th

Success doesn't come easy. Its never a never happens without hard work! Surround yourself with some great people and market yourself along with some great networking! Sometimes the truth hurts...but it can also help...and that's what Todd does and is all about!

Saturday, February 8th

Todd Rooker teaches you how to attain expert status in the shortest period of time.

Saturday, February 1st

Nick Foulkes from Great Waters Financial joins Todd Rooker to analyze legislative changes for retirement plans and to share how you can stay up to date on legislative changes that relate to your own retirement.

Saturday, January 25th

Todd Rooker brings on Tom Wheelwright to discuss strategic tips for saving on taxes and building wealth. Tom Wheelwright, CPA, is the founder of WealthAbility and author of the book "Tax-Free Wealth: How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes." You can learn more about WealthAbility and contact Tom at

Saturday, January 18th

Todd Rooker speaks to public relations and marketing extraordinaire Liz Kelly about building your brand and developing strategies for telling your story through the media. Liz is the founder of Goody PR and the author of "8-Second PR: Energize Your Story for Ultimate Media Success." You can find her online at and at

Saturday, January 11th

To identify where things go awry in asset protection, Todd Rooker brings in the dream team of Gene Sullivan, President and CEO of New Concepts Management; Steve Arrell, General Manager and President of SMA Exteriors and Restoration; and Kimberly Nybo, State Farm Insurance Agent. Use the contact information below to get in touch with these asset protection experts: Kimberly Nybo - Call 763-571-6111 or Email Steve Arrell - Call 763-315-8900 or Email Gene Sullivan - Go to

Saturday, January 4th

Todd Rooker teams up with Great Waters Financial advisors Elijah Kovar and Joshua Legband to define the retirement bucket list, a summary of the things you must do in the coming year and that you should get done sooner rather than later.

Saturday, December 28th

Todd Rooker explains why challenges and struggles shape successful people and improve self-esteem. He elaborates on why you should embrace challenges, rather than avoid them, to enhance your life.

Saturday, December 21st

Todd is joined on the show by real estate investor extraordinaire Ken McElroy who owns and manages billions of dollars in real estate and started from humble beginnings. Todd and Ken discuss Ken's fifth book "Return to Orchard Canyon" which is the best educational book for your kids.

Saturday, December 14th

Tom Wheelwright, CPA and founder of the revolutionary tax-saving WealthAbility platform, joins Todd Rooker to examine various ways to reduce your taxes for 2019. Tom and Todd also explain how to successfully run an Airbnb and financially manage properties.

Saturday, December 7th

Tood Rooker is joined by Brian Jass, an advisor from Great Waters Financial, and the duo discusses financial moves you should be making before the end of the year, as well as ways to prepare for 2020.

Saturday, November 23rd

Todd Rooker outlines how to properly purchase investment real estate. He explains that investment real estate success requires choosing between commercial and residential property, conducting thorough property inspection and optimizing your financing options.

Saturday, November 16th

Todd chats with Daniel, the owner of The Holiday Light Company, highlighting the success of a business owner who has triumphed in a very challenging industry. Contact The Holiday Light Company at 612-423-3059 or go to

Saturday, November 9th

Todd Rooker defines the difference between a business owner mindset and an employee mindset in order to help you understand how to start your own business.

Saturday, November 2nd

Todd Rooker is joined by Nick Foulkes from Great Waters Financial to reveal the significance of estate planning and the most important things to consider when putting a plan in place.

Saturday, October 19th

Todd Rooker explains how to be extraordinary and create extraordinary success in every area of your life.

Saturday, September 28th

Guest host Jason Walgrave fills in for Todd Rooker and answers credit score questions from numerous callers.

Saturday, September 7th

Justin Halverson from Great Waters Financial talks with Todd Rooker about required minimum distributions.

Saturday, August 31st

Todd is joined by Erik Therwanger to talk dynamic sales combustion and his book sales system.

Saturday, August 24th

Cover Your Assets with Todd Rooker -- 8/24

Saturday, August 17th

Cover Your Assets with Todd Rooker -- 8/17

Friday, August 9th

Cover Your Assets with Todd Rooker -- 8/3

Saturday, July 27th

Cover Your Assets with Todd Rooker -- 7/27

Saturday, July 20th

Cover Your Assets with Todd Rooker. How to make yourself attractive for loans and finance to purchase investments with real estate.

Monday, July 15th

Cover Your Assets with Todd Rooker, from 7/13/19

Cover Your Assets with Todd Rooker ... Todd is joined by Nick Foulks from Great Waters Financial

Tuesday, July 9th

Cover Your Assets with Todd Rooker .. 6/22

Cover Your Assets with Todd Rooker .. 6/29

Saturday, June 15th

Tune in at 8am every Saturday to stay up-to-date with Todd and his advice to grow and protect your money!

Saturday, June 8th

Success doesn't come easy. Its never a never happens without hard work! Surround yourself with some great people and market yourself along with some great networking! Sometimes the truth hurts...but it can also help...and that's what Todd does and is all about!

Saturday, June 1st

Elijah and son are in today talking with Todd about managing your retirement. You should be thinking about Long Term Care as part of your plan. Care costs and caregiving are big issues getting bigger and LTC can protect that retirement income!!

Saturday, May 25th

Todd has in Mark Brattvet from Home Rental Systems to talk about the local rental market...but also about the Real Estate and rental markets in Florida. Lots of us Nordic folks have some property down there...and for many great reasons right? If you've thought about it...listen to what Mark has to say today!

Saturday, May 18th

I still cant believe we got these 3 guys in the same studio with how big their brains are! Todd obviously paid Jason Walgrave from the MN Home Talk show, which is an hour before our show, to stick around for CYA! Then he welcomes in Jason's boss and leader of the best Real Estate team in the state, Ryan O'Neill, of the MN Real Estate Team!! Are you kidding me!? Super amped up show today about the Business of Real Estate!

Saturday, May 11th

Once again Todd features another business star right here among us! Tiffany Larson is in to talk about how she got her start to be so successful today in the Real Estate world. She went in to the Air Force...worked a few years after in Chicago...but then came home to try Real Estate...and boy did it work out great! Find her at Guiding You Home...

Saturday, May 4th

Skip Johnson, one of the Principles of Great Waters Financial, is in to take over our CYA airwaves today with Todd! Skip and Todd talk about the difference between successful retirement vs. a retirement without a proper plan and maybe having to keep on working longer which none of us want to think about doing!

Saturday, April 27th

Sometimes we all have to look in the mirror and re-evaluate ones goals. Todd has been there. He has had to adjust his goals at times. He has had to make a lot of lemonade in his life!! Look into your podcasting mirror today with Todd.

Saturday, April 20th

Bob Davis returns to the 1500 studios after many years to talk to Todd about the huge Podcast world and how to compete and have success! Todd and Bob have a lot of fun with this one! Both have seen the changes in broadcasting and Bob has some great insight on what the future holds as well. Check out ...and check out CYA's podcasts too of course!

Saturday, April 13th

LinkedIn...Facebook...whatever you use online can be very beneficial for you but you must learn how to use it! Todd welcomes in Drew Schmitz of Blue Octopus, a great recruiter of talent who uses those sites regularly and will help link you back in big time! Look him up... Blue Drew Octopus, or email him at, or call him at 612-234-2175.

Saturday, April 6th

Todd Rooker is here to provide excellent insight on SKOR North

Saturday, March 30th we did it again! Mark Brattvet of Home Rental Systems joins Todd one more time live in the studio to talk about renting for income, renting to own...and all things renting! Eliminate capitol a place to own and then buy when your ready!

Saturday, March 23rd

Todd welcomes in our renting Property Management expert Mark Brattvet from Home Rental Systems. They specialize in higher end renting...not only here in this area, but also in some great parts of Florida. They specialize in helping all ways of managing things for you. Thinking about buying some property in Florida...listen to Mark today! call him at 612-701-4375 or check out

Saturday, March 16th

Lots of answers here...but its up to you ask the questions when taking a job...buying a house...renting a place...where to put your 401k investments...and on and on and on.....

Saturday, March 9th

One thing about this show CYA, Todd brings in guests that always have a great story to tell...and today Noalani Doffing tells of a young woman's struggles and triumphs in the financial industry to be where she is today and who or what helped her down that path of success!! Insurance brokers can find her at 612-747-2209...or

Saturday, March 2nd

Its a great week on CYA...because Nick Foulks from Great Waters Financial joins Todd and wow do these guys know their stuff! Nick is fantastic and especially during tax season, he points out so much info today that you should know about for your investments and upcoming retirement and how the tax changes will come in to play!

Saturday, February 23rd

Todd welcomes in a non-profit group today as two ladies from Pause4Paws are in to talk about the great work they do helping rescue dogs and cats all over MN so people can adopt them! Jill Goldstein and Jennifer Ryan talk about some great events coming up to help raise money for these animals so if your a pet and animal lover they could use your help!! Get this, they have rescued over 35,000 dogs and cats! Go to for all the info.

Saturday, February 16th

No matter how long you have owned a still have a lot to learn and this valuable free hour from expert Todd Rooker is a must! Business and cash flow management is a key to success and also one of the biggest failures. Should you have a joint bank account? Should you co-mingle funds? How are you set up for taxes? Make this show your business!

Saturday, February 9th

CYA and Todd love to tell some great success stories, and today is one of them. Erik Therwanger, a former Marine, caregiver, has worked a few different jobs, and now speaks to groups about Leadership and how he got thru the tough times in his life to be where he is today. He speaks of his super interesting life story! Check out for more!

Saturday, February 2nd

Great Waters week is always the first Saturday of the month...and Todd stepped up big time today to talk about something we all think about and possibly worry about....Retirement! All brought to you by the great folks at Great Waters Financial at

Saturday, January 26th

Ok super show today in continuance from last week...The Business of Business part 2! Lots of people have great incomes but only use it to enhance their lifestyle! They forget about Asset Values and retirement accounts and just plain lack discipline! All will be ok if you spend less than you take in and that's how you build!

Saturday, January 19th

Ah yes, the business of business show! How do you do you reach your goals? Are you consistent with your plan and are your employees on the same page with you and share in that plan? Nice show today!

Saturday, January 12th

Knowledge leads to power and money right? It all starts with an Education. Great tips on this today. Todd charges $250 an hour to lead people in to Asset Protection plans and retirement. This hour is free every climb aboard the CYA train to success!!

Saturday, January 5th

Justin Halverson joins Todd today to talk about goals to set for the new year and what are some key times of the year to keep track of when it comes to taxes and much more!

Saturday, December 22nd

Todd is great every week...he is very consistent! Well this weeks show is one we aired previously but its so good we had to play it again! Enjoy and Happy Holiday from Todd and CYA!!

Saturday, December 15th

What do you think the top weapon has been for some of the most successful business people today? Believe it or not...its failure! You actually learn the most from your failures. Failure is a tool! Not listening to this show is a fail!

Saturday, December 8th

A special guest, a special show fantastic show from our not so recent past that is definitely worth your time and attention here today on CYA!

Saturday, December 1st

Great Waters Financial week on CYA this week and Skip joins Todd to get all set with how to retire on time and actually afford to do it when you want!

Saturday, November 24th

Be careful who your working with on these projects. Lots of sketchy "fly by the seat of their pants" contractors out there. Todd welcomes our guy Matt in from SMA Exteriors to go over all fix it tips you should know about!

Saturday, November 17th

Should young people be concerned about buying a home and thinking equity is the way to go? Maybe not! In many situations, renting just makes more sense and should be the way to go so let Todd tell you why right here today!!!

Saturday, November 10th

As his producer...I had no clue what Todd was going to talk about today either...but now I get it and its pretty cool! Are you one of those guys who likes to gamble and pick your own stocks? Your better off using some experts...same thing for Real out for those short term loans...see what hard money equity can do for you!

Saturday, November 3rd

Its Great Waters Financial week on CYA...and this week Elijah is in! If your retirement was a would get a bulls eye with the info you will hear on this show!

Saturday, October 27th

An excellent show today from Todd to help you gain a second income! However, you will need to keep your day job and save that potential property income over time and build that up over time! Todd tells you how to get this done and do it the right way!

Saturday, October 13th

Today show is all about life!! Remember the old phrase "buy Term and invest the difference"? So Todd talks all things Life Insurance today. Buy a Whole Life or UL permanent insurance plan...when should you do this? Your life is on the line with Todd today!!

Saturday, October 6th

Todd and GWF's Justin Halverson are in talk everything retirement. What are the key steps you need to know about reaching that Retirement sooner than later? Check out for more info and to register for some fantastic classes they offer as well!!

Saturday, September 29th

If you ever wanted to have another income and do it with Real Estate...this is your lucky hour! Are you paying too much for your renting it option? Interest rates are moving up to averages now...don't lose that property!

Wednesday, September 26th

9/1 CYA with Todd Rooker

9/15 CYA with Todd Rooker

Saturday, September 22nd

Todd has some great ideas on how to get your kids thinking the right way about what their future holds and what they want to do for a career. Do they always have to think about high paying careers even if they will be unhappy? How important is it to actually like what your doing?

Saturday, September 8th

This show is great! Todd offers up some surprising info on what couples should be doing with their money! Should you have a joint bank account? Should you file married and together or married and separate on your taxes?

Saturday, August 25th

It’s a best of show today…and you will see why! Todd knows you want a better life and more money…listen here to his free valuable advice!!

Saturday, August 18th

Matt from SMA Exteriors joins the show to talk contractor pitfalls.

Saturday, August 11th

Real estate investing for married couples

Saturday, August 4th

Nick Foulkes from Great Waters Financial joins Todd to talk about what kind of homework you need to do to get ready to retire

Saturday, July 28th

Todd welcomes in Mark Brattvet from Home Rental Systems to tell us how we can do all these things and how Real Estate can be a super investment! Just think...another income streaming in each month.

Saturday, July 21st

Todd rocks again with AC DC today and also rocks with fabulous free information! Make your business work buy using referrals and always keep adding some great business relationships! Join some networking groups...put yourself up there and out there. Make a short presentation about yourself and why people should want to work with you!!

Saturday, July 14th

Wealth and can have it! A second income stream can do this for you!! Todd's free advice on this one hour show is worth $250 of his weekday time so take advantage of it and use it. You can have it all so look for that piece of Real Estate or that second job and set yourself up for wealth and stability!!

Saturday, July 7th

Justin Halverson joins Todd today from Great Waters to discuss how things are changing with your Traditional and Roth IRA's and what you should be looking out for to have that retirement you deserve.

Saturday, June 23rd

Its a super replay show today from our April blizzard day...if your into or thinking about real estate investments...this this is the show to hear. A national expert joins Todd today and will set you up with some fantastic ideas here today.

Saturday, June 2nd

Elijah Kovar is in with Todd and they have an interesting topic today. How will you make sure your kids don't blow through the inheritance they may receive? You just might want to have that discussion with them and put up some possible road blocks to that happening!

Sunday, May 27th

Todd is joined by Rich Dad Poor Dad advisor, Josh Lannon. Josh has joined with Former Special Forces Tom Spooner to open the FIRST & ONLY private and accredited treatment center in the US for “warriors only” (military, veterans and first responders) With a bold vision to bring 1 million warriors home from addiction and PTSD, Warriors Heart is leading the way in chemical dependency treatment for our Warriors”