Mackey & Judd

Brett Favre jumps into the Rodgers/Green Bay drama. Doogie with The Scoop. Write That Down.

We had a show planned before Brett Favre hopped on airwaves across America and gave us a different show than we had originally planned plus Doogie stops by for The Scoop. We open the show with the boys reacting to all of the things Brett Favre had to say about the Aaron Rodgers/Packers drama (1:00). Doogie jumps in to close out Hour One for his weekly Scoop session (33:00). Hour Two opens up with our weekly Accountability and Write That Down sessions (56:00). We close out today’s show with Ross Brendel defending his topless eating before Reusse jumps in to help wrap up the show (1:19:00).

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