Mackey & Judd

Building the Twins Playoff Roster. Twins President Dave St. Peter. Sage Football Wisdom.

The Twins clinched the AL Central yesterday and the boys officially start looking towards the playoffs and it’s QB Cesspool Challenge day. The boys open the show building the playoff roster for the Twins (1:00). Sage Rosenfels joins afterwards to help review the Vikings/Bears matchup with his Sage Football Wisdom (24:00). We finish hour one discussing whether the Twins should aim to be home run kings (43:00). Twins President Dave St. Peter joins to open hour two to discuss the Twins clinching the AL Central (51:00). It’s time to pick bad QB’s for NFL Week Four in our QB Cesspool Challenge (68:00). We close, as we always do, with Patrick Reusse (80:00).

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