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Can Adam Thielen carry the receiving load this season? Wade Phillips joins to discuss lessons he learned from his dad.

Matthew Coller is joined by Sage Rosenfals, Joe Goodberry, and legendary NFL coach Wade Phillips today to discuss NFL QB stocks, whether Joe Burrow will play in CIncy, and Wade’s coaching career on today’s Purple Daily. Coller and Sage open the show discussing whether they’re buying or selling certain NFL QB’s stocks heading into Draft month (1:00). We close out the first hour discussing whether Adam Thielen can carry the full receiving load of the Vikings this season (28:00). Hour Two kicks off with longtime NFL coach Wade Phillips talking about old school football, what he learned from his dad, and his new book “SON OF BUM: Lessons My Dad Taught Me about Football and Life” (53:00). The Athletic’s Joe Goodberry joins to close out the show today to discuss the Bengals offseason and whether Joe Burrow will play in Cincinnati (1:19:00).