Reusse Unchained

Could Joe have hit differently if he was brought up during a different era? (ep. 28)

This week on Reusse Unchained was a surprisingly calm week from Reusse but Judd was still able to find somethings that got Reusse stirring a bit. The boys discuss the ceremony for Joe Mauer and Mackey’s questions of whether Joe could have ever been a different hitter if he was brought up in a different era. Also, on this edition of Reusse Unchained the guys talk about the trade market in baseball already being open and the Twins needing to pounce now, the US Open, Kirk Cousins’ comments from last week, and the Vikings calling Rudolph’s bluff. Reusse also shares a Fulda story and the boys end with a mild Unchained, no Positive Pat today.

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