Mackey & Judd

Do the Vikings have an easier schedule now? Tom Pelissero’s NFL Insights.

It’s a viktory Monday after the Vikings handled the Eagles yesterday in a 38-20 win at US Bank Stadium and the boys discuss that win along with the Gophers football team being undefeated. To open the show the guys discuss whether the Vikings offense we saw yesterday is the path to success going forward (1:00) and whether the Vikings schedule is easier than we originally thought (24:00). We close the first hour joined by Jamie Watson to talk MLS Playoffs (38:00). NFL Networks Tom Pelissero joins for his NFL Insights to kickoff the second hour of the show (52:00) before we move on to the collegiate game discussing the 6-0 Gophers (72:00). We close, like we always do, joined by Patrick Reusse (86:00).

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