Mackey & Judd

ESPN’s Rece Davis joins to talk Gophers and College GameDay. Write That Down & QB Cesspool Challenge.

It’s the last time this week we’re full strength with Ramie taking off tomorrow to get his Thanksgiving food spread started and the boys are spending a lot of time on today’s show excitedly talking about the Gophers football team and GameDay coming to town. We open the show with ESPN’s Rece Davis to discuss the (10-1) Gophers and College GameDay coming to town (1:00) and we close out the first hour discussing if the Gophers are set up for long term success (31:00). We open the second hour with a Forced Home Run Write That Down segment before discussing some Twins Hot Stove Speculation (52:00). We close out the show with our QB Cesspool Challenge and Wrapping with Reusse (1:18:00).

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