Purple Daily

How can the NFL fix it’s officiating issues? How good does the offense have to be to make a run in the playoffs?

The NFL’s officiating problem hit new levels last night and we’re discussing how good each side of the ball has to be to make a run in the playoffs on today’s Purple Daily. Matthew Coller and Courtney Cronin open the show discussing the league’s officiating problems and if there is a fix (1:00) before recapping a big win for the Vikings this last weekend (22:00). Coller and Cronin close the first hour discussing how good the offense has to be to carry the team in the playoffs (40:00). Former Vikings guard Alex Boone joins for the second hour to discuss how to keep the explosive offensive plays coming (48:00). We open up the officiating conversation again this time taking Alex Boone’s suggestions on how to fix them (70:00) before closing the hour handing out Week Six Neck Rolls (83:00).

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