Mackey & Judd

How do we feel about the Vikings’ season going forward? Which Tier do the Twins belong in?

The boys are back to sift through the fallout from the Vikings loss at the weekend plus talking about the Twins being five games up in the division with just 12 games left in the season. Mackey & Judd with Ramie opens today discussing how we feel about the Vikings’ season going forward (1:00). The boys are then joined by Roy Smalley to talk about the Twins taking two of three from Cleveland (22:00). To close hour one the guys try to place which tier the Twins be in among baseball teams (43:00). The Corrupt Judge Jonathan pops in for this week’s CRAM Session (51:00). Before we Wrap with Reusse (81:00) the boys discuss all the NFL Drama and try to help Ramie plan his five day stay-cation (63:00).

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