Purple Daily

How much will a win or loss on Monday change our view for the rest of the season? Jay Fiedler joins for a Journeyman QB Party.

It’s our final Purple Daily of the week as Matthew Coller is joined by Brian Murphy, Sam Monson, Sage Rosenfels, and Jay Fiedler on today’s show. We open the show with Coller and Murphy discussing how much a win or loss on Monday will change how we view the rest of the season (1:00). We close out the first hour joined by PFF’s Sam Monson before we have Brian apologize for his Detroit football squad always playing on Thanksgiving (27:00). Sage Rosenfels jumps in for Hour Two and we’re joined by fellow Journeyman QB Jay Fiedler to discuss playing football all around the world (56:00). We close out the show with Coller and Sage discussing how quarterback play is changing in the league (1:23:00).

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