Mackey & Judd

Is ‘Brand Bias’ working against the Gophers? Mike Golic Jr. joins to answer. Mackey says KAT is a Top-5 NBA player right now.

We’ve got an extended Mackey & Judd with Ramie today as we’re going three hours today with just Mackey and Ramie as Judd is off on vacation. The boys open the show discussing the state of QB play in the NFL and how it effects our thoughts on Kirk Cousins (1:00). Derek Wetmore then comes in for some Hot Stove talk (30:00). The second of three hours begins with a discussion of whether the Gophers are getting jobbed by “Brand Bias” as well as ESPN’s Mike Golic Jr. joining to talk about college football (54:00). We close the second hour attempting to fix the College Football Ranking system and sharing stories of us getting kicked out of places (1:17:00). The final hour of our marathon Mackey & Judd with Ramie starts discussing Mackey’s potential hot take that KAT is a Top-5 Player in the NBA… right now (1:47:00). We close out our show today with In Other News and wrapping it all up with Reusse (2:09:00).

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