Mackey & Judd

Jayson Stark talks MLB Playoffs. Michael Cuddyer joins to talk about Twins/Yankees.

We’ve got plenty of Vikings news to discuss now that Diggs isn’t showing up to practice and Cousins is apologizing, plus the Twins are just a couple days away from playing the Yankees in the ALDS. The boys open today’s show wondering just what the hell is going on with the Vikings (1:00). Jayson Stark joins to talk MLB Playoffs (24:00). We close Hour One discussing what New York media is saying about the Twins (42:00). To open Hour Two we get back to the Vikings talked before former Twin Michael Cuddyer calls in to talk Twins/Yankees (54:00). The final half hour of the show we get to In Other News (72:00) and wrapping with Reusse (85:00).

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