The Scoop with Doogie

Joel Corry, Sean Tyler, Jayce Tingler, Ryan Jeffers, Pablo Lopez, Carlos Correa, Matt Wallner, John Tauer, Parker Bjorklund, and Andrew Rohde (ep. 407)

A fresh episode of The Scoop will help you close out the first month of 2023 as Darren ‘Doogie’ Wolfson breaks out his bag of notes and fills you in on his latest scoops surrounding the local sports scene before getting into conversations. Guests include NFL contracts and salary cap expert Joel Corry, Gophers RB Sean Tyler, Twins bench coach Jayce Tingler, Twins catcher Ryan Jeffers, Twins pitcher Pablo Lopez, Twins shortstop Carlos Correa, Twins outfielder Matt Wallner, St. Thomas men’s hoops coach John Tauer, St. Thomas forward Parker Bjorklund, and St. Thomas guard Andrew Rohde.

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