Mackey & Judd

Mackey is REALLY excited for this Wolves season. Jayson Stark on the World Series.

Mackey has an odd take to begin the show and the boys try to talk him down while they also go over some of the responses to our show survey. We open today’s show with Mackey telling us why he’s so excited about this Wolves season (1:00). The Athletic’s Jayson Stark joins us from Houston to discuss the World Series (15:00). To close the first hour we read off some of the answers to our show survey (40:00). To begin hour two we discuss Alex Boone’s ‘credibility’ and our Wolves guy Danny Cunningham joins to preview the Wolves season (51:00). It’s also an In Other New Wednesday (71:00) and we wrap the show with Reusse (83:00).

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