Mackey & Judd

Minnesota Timberwolves are HOT! Who gets it; Who doesn’t!

he Minnesota Timberwolves are red hot having won seven of their last eight games and inside the top 8 in the Western Conference; Anthony Edwards brining the energy the team has lacked for years; D’Angelo Russell making strides on defense and Karl-Anthony Towns maturing; (24:00) Gopher football offensive coordinator Mike Sanford Jr. not coming back in 2022; P.J. Fleck hiring Sanford in the first place; Kirk Cousins lining up the wrong butt!; MLB free agency period being off to a hot start but for all wrong reasons!; Rob Refsnyder era is over; George Kittle calling out Mike Zimmer for the holding calls and college football coaches jumping ship to other programs on who gets it; who doesn’t!; (52:00) Random Szn Recall 2012 Twins.