Mackey & Judd

Minnesota Timberwolves learning valuable playoff lessons; Minnesota Wild get it!

Minnesota Timberwolves drop a nail-biter to the Dallas Mavericks but were the officials to blame?; Will Karl-Anthony Towns rise up and deliver in the playoffs; Why this team should at win a playoff series; (24:45)Why Bill Guerin gets it for making the right trades the Minnesota Wild need to be a Stanley Cup contender most notably Marc-Andre Fleury; Nick Delauriers is a beauty; Rest of the general manager in Minnesota need to take notes from Bill Guerin; Cam Talbot comes through and understands his role; The New York Yankees do not get it; Urban Meyer for being an absolute clown with his love for Tim Tebow; Green Bay Packers fans and more on the latest edition of who gets it; who doesn’t!

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