Mackey & Judd

NFL officiating hits new lows. Pete Najarian on Gophers Football!

The boys have plenty of football to discuss on today’s Mackey & Judd with Ramie as NFL officiating reached a new low last night in Green Bay. We open the show today discussing fixes for the NFL’s officiating problem (1:00). Pete Najarian joins for an instant energy spark as we discuss with him the 6-0 Gophers Football program (26:00). We close the first hour getting local perspectives on last nights officiating debacle as Ryan Wood from the Green Bay Press-Gazette and Jeff Riger from 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit join to talk about how the Packers and Lions fanbases are reacting (41:00). The most crooked segment of CRAM Session kicks off the second hour of today’s show (53:00). We discuss a Twins pitching question Mackey throws out (69:00) before Reusse helps us wrap up today’s show (83:00).

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