Mackey & Judd

Ramie’s Andrew Wiggins Declaration and Twins Hot Stove Discussion

Andrew Wiggins had another big night and the Twins (re)inked a pitcher plus the boys are joined by Alex Boone on today’s Mackey & Judd with Ramie. We open today’s show with Alex Boone sticking around to talk football and the 49ers team that made it to the Super Bowl (1:00). We stick with the football talk as Sage Rosenfels joins for some Sage Football Wisdom (17:00). We close the first hour with some Twins Hot Stove discussion (42:00). Ramie opens Hour Two making an Andrew Wiggins declaration (51:00) before we pick this weekend’s crappy QB’s in our QB Cesspool Challenge (72:00). Reusse joins to help wrap up today’s show (84:00).

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