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Ranking the top five QB’s for the next five years. How do the Vikings not fall down the same path as the Rams?

It’s the middle of the shortened week and Matthew Coller is joined by ESPN’s Courtney Cronin and Former Vikings Alex Boone to discuss some Vikings future paths, Everson Griffen’s rebound, and the future of the QB position. Coller and Cronin open the show talking about how the Vikings don’t fall down the same path the Rams have since they lost the Super Bowl (1:00). We finish out the first hour of the show discussing Everson Griffens’ rebound since his down year last year (25:00). Former Viking Alex Boone comes in for Hour Two as we share our rankings of the Top Five QB’s for the Next Five Years (49:00). We close out today’s show with a moment of praise for Frank Gore, who moved into second on the rushing charts over the weekend, and debating the Hall of Fame Finalists (1:14:00).

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