Mackey & Judd

Reacting to the PJ Fleck contract extension and a flurry of Twins moves

The boys have a flurry of Twins moves, a new contract extension, and more Jimmy Butler drama to discuss on today’s show. We open the show today discussing PJ Fleck’s new contract extension as well as ask if Cousins is fake (1:00). Former Gophers Kicker Dan Nystrom then joins the show to talk about the 20 year anniversary of his game winning kick over #2 Penn St. (24:00). We close the first hour with a Wild Minute and discussing the flurry of Twins moves made yesterday (42:00). The Corrupt Judge opens the second hour with this week’s edition of CRAM Session (53:00). We then discuss the latest drama kicked up by Jimmy Butler (73:00) before we wrap the show with Reusse (88:00).

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