Mackey & Judd

Reckless Twins Hot Stove Speculation and is #8 correct for the Gophers?

The Gophers are the eighth ranked team in the nation, it’s Hot Stove season, and Judd turns 50 today so there’s plenty of celebrating on today’s Mackey & Judd with Ramie. The boys open today’s show discussing whether that eight spot is the correct ranking for the undefeated Gophers (1:00). We also discuss whether we would sign Colin Kaepernick if we were a QB needy team (14:00) before closing the first hour with Judd’s Five Rules of Being a Sports Fan (36:00). The second hour of today’s show begins with some reckless Twins Hot Stove Speculation (51:00). We’ve also got In Other News (72:00) and Reusse joins to wrap up today’s show (83:00).

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