Mackey & Judd

Reusse and Judd Unchained: This is a flop for the ages (ep. 5)

Reusse and Judd are back from the holiday break and they’re both fired up about the Vikings season coming to an end prematurely. The two discuss Reusse’s first trip to the Zygi for a Vikings game, Cousins’ BS, the Bears actually being well run, whether Trubisky will be the best QB in the division in two years. That’s just the first segment! The guys, in the second segment, get into the bad contracts in this town, the Vikings locker room dynamics, the longevity of Zim and Spielman, and the Vikes’ putrid offense yesterday. We deviate from the all Vikings in the final segment to discuss KAT’s monster night last night, Thibs showing some personality, what Moss and Carter would have done to Cousins, and we end with Positive Pat.