Reusse on Baseball: Houston Astros punished; Miguel Sano gets a contract extension

Special episode: Patrick Reusse and Derek Wetmore chatted about Miguel Sano, Jose Berrios and Eddie Rosario – and where all of them stand on the long-term plan, following Sano’s contract extension. Plus, thoughts on a new wave of minor league hires, the trend of the future with the Twins, and a baseball lifer gets a job on the big league staff.

After the show, news broke about MLB and Rob Manfred’s punishment against the Houston Astros for their electronic sign stealing scheme and we just had to jump back on the microphones to discuss in detail. Would you trade your manager, GM, two years of first- and second-round draft picks and $5 million for a World Series title?

Will this put an end to the funny business in Major League Baseball?