Reusse Unchained

Reusse Unchained: Stop being morons (ep. 6)

No need to worry about no Reusse and Judd Unchained with Pat in Florida as technology allows us to still talk with each other despite the vast distance.

Today we open this episode talking all about the Thibs firing. Pat was hot about Saunders getting the gig, the two discussed the awkwardness for Layden, as well as Pat’s wild notion that Philly won’t pay Jimmy. Along the lines of other things Pat is upset about is the idea being floated about Lynx coach/GM Cheryl Reeve getting the gig. As for other topics discussed today were kickers, NFL playoffs, twitter idiots, gambling, and the newest way to get blocked by Pat on twitter.

All that and much more on this edition of Reusse and Judd Unchained.

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