Mackey & Judd

Should Minnesota Vikings trade Alex Mattison? – Vikings Statements!

Should Minnesota Vikings trade Alex Mattison before the season; Does the depth at running back in Dalvin Cook, Kene Nwangwu and Ty Chandler make Mattison expendable; Why this was a solid first step for the Vikings in the KOC era; Why the Vikings should be going for it on 4th down inside the redzone; Kellen Mond on receiving positive reinforcements; Illegal contact is going to be rough and why the Washington Commanders are the buffoons of the week; (33:30) Minnesota Twins need to STOP trotting out Emilo Pagan who is ship wrecking games; Judd has a common sense question for Rocco Baldelli; If the Twins blow this division lead and don’t make the playoffs there will be catastrophic events; Why Byron Buxton deserves some praise after questions about his contract; Declan is called out Joey Gallo

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