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Should the Vikings target a first round WR in the draft? Is Trevon Diggs off the board for the Vikings because of Stefon?

Matthew Coller is joined on today’s show by Courtney Cronin, Katherine Terrell, and David Reese II to discuss whether the Vikings should target a WR in the first round of the draft, the Saints offseason, and how a late round draft prospect makes a name for himself. Coller and Courtney open the show today discussing if the Vikings should use one of their two first round picks on a wide receiver (1:00). The Athletic’s Katherine Terrell joins the show to talk about the Saints offseason (25:00). We open Hour Two joined by Florida Linebacker David Reese II to discuss how he’s preparing for the NFL Draft and how he’s making a name for himself as a late round draft pick while in quarantine (52:00). Coller and Cronin close out today’s show with the hottest of Hot Routez (1:16:00). 

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