Mackey & Judd

Should the Vikings trade for Jalen Ramsey? How to set up Twins pitching for the playoffs.

Ramie is out on a much needed stay-cation so Phil and Judd have the show to themselves today to discuss Twins pitching and Vikings speculation. The boys open the show discussing Judd’s plan for Twins pitching in the playoffs (1:00). Jayson Stark joins to talk home runs and why the Twins will beat the Yankees in the playoffs (19:00). To close hour one we talk about Kirk Cousins’ comments today and whether they were introspective or something else (39:00). Hour two starts with a question of whether the Vikings should trade for Jalen Ramsey (52:00). We take a break from the hard hitting sports news with In Other News (62:00). Patrick Reusse joins to help wrap the show (80:00).

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