Purple Daily

Terence Newman joins to discuss retirement and the Vikings secondary. How does the Vikings offense change when Thielen returns?

Matthew Coller is joined by Courtney Cronin and Alex Boone today to discuss the final three games of the season, the NFL playoff picture, and Hot Routez! Also, a special guest in former Vikings CB Terence Newman joins the show in the second segment of today’s Purple Daily. Coller, Boone, and Cronin open up today’s show discussing whether they would want Week 17 to matter for the Vikings and the NFC Playoff picture (1:00). The crew is then joined by former Vikings CB Terence Newman to discuss his retirment, coaching, the Vikings secondary, and watching football now (26:00). We open Hour Two quickly discussing the Patriots Cheating Scandal before jumping into Hot Routez (52:00). Coller and Courtney close out the show discussing the Vikings offense and how well it’s been playing this season (1:19:00).

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