Purple Daily

Trade deadline reactions and which core players are back next season?

The trade deadline comes and goes during the show so it’s a bit of a split affair talking about whether the Vikings should be/should have been active at the deadline. Matthew Coller is joined for the first hour of the show by ESPN’s Courtney Cronin and they open the show discussing whether the Vikings should be active at the deadline (1:00). Coller and Cronin then move onto a discussion of which of the core players are back next year (23:00). We close the first hour talking about whether Sunday Night was a good preview of this upcoming weekend’s game (41:00). Former Vikings guard Alex Boone comes in for Hour Two of the program and we open up with some Hot Routez (48:00) before discussing whether the Vikings should have made a move at the deadline (70:00). We close today’s show handing out some made up awards and neck rolls (83:00).

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