Mackey & Judd

Vikings shouldn’t be afraid to move on from a non-Top 5 QB. Tom Pelissero’s NFL Insights.

To recap a great Super Bowl and what it all means for the Vikings the boys are joined by Tom Pelissero during today’s Mackey & Judd with Ramie. The boys open the show discussing how the Vikings shouldn’t be afraid to move on at QB if their current QB isn’t in the Top 5 (1:00) before closing the first hour discussing the risks the Vikings should take to get a potential Top 5 QB (31:00). NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero joins for his weekly NFL Insights (56:00). We close out today’s show with Phil sharing his food spread with a lot of judgement from Ramie and wrapping it all up with Patrick Reusse (1:17:00).

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