Mackey & Judd

We learned Cook is the best RB in the league and Tom Pelissero’s NFL Insights

Ramie is back after a five day staycation and he opens his first day back with a blazing hot take that some on the show find unacceptable. Once Ramie get’s done with his bad take on a Minnesota treasure Phil calls B.S. to the “We didn’t learn anything from that Vikings win” crowd (1:00). Now that Ramie is back he tries to put a halt to the trade for Jalen Ramsey calls (28:00). To close out hour one we discuss the Twins bringing the magic number down to three (39:00). NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero joins to begin hour two with his NFL Insights (51:00). Ramie then gives his bold take on who he wants in the first round of the playoffs (66:00). To close the show we wrap with Reusse (82:00).

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