Purple Daily

What is Kubiak’s influence on the offense? Can this offense carry the team to the playoffs?

We’re now turning our focus to the Broncos as well as Gary Kubiak on today’s Purple Dail as Matthew Coller is joined by Sage Rosenfels, Brian Murphy, and PFF’s Steve Palazzolo. Sage and Coller open up today’s show talking about impact Gary Kubiak has had on the Vikings offense this season (1:00) before discussing the reality of trap games and what to expect from the Broncos (25:00). We close out the first hour with our Journeymen QB of the Week (41:00). Brian Murphy comes in for Sage for Hour Two and we start with some Hot Routez (49:00). Coller and Brian are joined by PFF’s Steve Palazzolo to discuss whether the Vikings offense can carry this team to the playoffs (71:00). We close out today’s show discussing whether this Vikings/Broncos game is a trap game (84:00).

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