Mackey & Judd

Why Minnesota Timberwolves fans should embrace Rudy Gobert!

Why are Minnesota Timberwolves so afraid of the trade for Rudy Gobert?!; What were the other trade offers on the table?; And why the trade is totally fair; Don’t sleep on Gobert’s offensive abilities; Hammer the moneyline on the Wolves odds; Be prepared for splash moves; The Wolves have 2010-2011 Dallas Mavericks vibes; (37:00) Minnesota Twins rebound with a nice win over the Chicago White Sox but the bullpen usage continues to be perplexing; why can’t Judd apologize to Dylan Bundy; Carlos Correa is a treat to watch; Luis Arraez is going to win the AL batting average race; Jhoan Duran is the filthiest reliever in MLB history and the pecking order of the filthiest Twins relievers in their primes