Mackey & Judd

Why Minnesota Timberwolves need to trust KAT and ANT over D-Lo; Who Gets It and Who Doesn’t!

The Minnesota Timberwolves lose another frustrating game in which D’Angelo Russell take the last shot over Karl-Anthony Towns!; Why the Timberwolves have no idea who they are in the last four minutes of a game; (21:00) Kevin Garnett’s comments on Jimmy Kimmel Live on new owners Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez; The Wolves owners being fined for violating league rules but who cares!; The Green Bay Packers opening up new shareholders; Jose Berrios getting a contract extension with the Toronto Blue Jays and Teddy Bridgewater “giving up” on an interception and more on Who Gets It; Who Doesn’t!; (48:00) Random Season Recall on the 1983-84 Minnesota North Stars!

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