Mackey & Judd

Will we play baseball next year? Sage Football Wisdom. In Other News.

Today was supposed to be Opening Day and it’s left Ramie feeling lost but Judd (yes, Judd) attempts to cheer him up on today’s show. We open the show discussing whether we will play baseball this year, when will the World Series be, and what will the MLB Regular Season look like if it comes back this year (1:00). We close out the first hour with Ramie’s imaginary Opening Day lineup for the Twins before we replay an interview we had with Justin Morneau this morning on Minnesota Sports Rewind (32:00). Mackey has a Pecking Order to kickoff Hour Two before Sage Rosenfels joins for his Sage Football Wisdom (57:00). We close out today’s show with In Other News (1:32:00).

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