Purple Daily

Would would be a surprising pick for the Vikings? Dan Shonka joins to discuss offensive lineman prospects.

Matthew Coller and Ramie Makhlouf stick around for Purple P.M. to discuss the Vikings and what they should be targetting in tomorrow night’s draft. We open the show discussing five home run scenario’s for the Vikings in this weekend’s draft (1:00). We close out Hour One chatting about guys who surprised us who slipped in past drafts as well as what we thought about QB prospects before they were drafted and how their careers panned out (29:00). Hour Two kicks off with Dan Shonka joining the boys to discuss what the Vikings should be looking for in the draft (54:00). We close out discussing what guys would surprise us if the Vikings took them in tomorrow’s first round and which NFC North can help themselves the most in the draft (1:20:00).

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