Mackey & Judd

Would you extend Cousins? Who are the most exciting athletes to watch in person?

The show returns to full strength and we’ve got questions about Cousins, Zimmer, Pitino, and which players are the most exciting to watch live on today’s show. The boys open today’s show discussing whether they would extend Kirk Cousins and who is easier to replace out of Spielman, Zimmer, and Cousins (1:00). Judd saw Alexander Ovechkin live over the weekend and it sparked a question about the most exciting athletes to see play live (31:00). We open Hour Two with a return of one of our favorite games: Fire, Extend, Year to Year (54:00). We close out today’s show asking whether Tony Romo is actually worth $17m and wrapping with Reusse (1:19:00).

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