Purple Daily

Would you rather be the Vikings or Bears over the next five years? How long can this offense keep players happy?

Former Vikings lineman Alex Boone joins Matthew Coller for the full show today as well as Judd Zulgad for a half hour and Bobby Peters in the second hour. Boone and Coller open the show discussing whether you’d rather be the Vikings or the Bears over the next five years (1:00). Coller then asks Boone how much longer this type of offense can keep the receivers happy (21:00). We close hour one with Buy or Sell (37:00). The guy who wrote the book on the 2018 Bears offense, Bobby Peters, joins to discuss what’s different this year from last year (45:00). Judd Zulgad comes in for another edition of Hot Routez (61:00). To close the show Jonathan and Declan ask Boone about some of the football terms he’s used this week (79:00).

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