Mackey & Judd

Would you still sign the Cousins extension if you knew about the departures? Pecking Order: Which guy looked most out of place in a new jersey?

Mackey and Judd spend today discussing a question that popped up on Purple Daily relating to the exodus of Vikings defenders as well as bringing back a Pecking Order. Mackey and Judd discuss whether they still would have given Kirk Cousins a contract extension if we knew then what we know now about the exodus of players (1:00). The boys take calls on that question as well to end the first hour (29:00). We bring back Pecking Order to discuss which guys looked most out of place in new jerseys (58:00). To close out the show today we’re joined by 5 Eyewitness News’ Kevin Doran to fill us in on the latest info regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and we wrap with Reusse (1:22:00).

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