Mackey & Judd

X-Mas Eve Special: Jason Wilde, Ventline calls, Randy in Cottage Grove literally breaks down

Mackey & Judd are on earlier in the day on Christmas Eve with reaction to the Vikings Monday Night Football loss to the Packers.
*Jason Wilde of The Athletic and ESPN Wisconsin joins to start the show with thoughts on Kirk Cousins, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers win.
*An extended Ventline session: Callers weigh in on the Vikings’ loss
*Mackey introduces a new game: “FIRE ALL or KEEP ALL?” with Zimmer, Spielman & Cousins.
*Judd is out on a Kirk Cousins extension.
*(49:00): Phil on “Two of the dumbest, worst punts I’ve ever seen!”
*(1:10:00): Randy in Cottage Grove with an emotional “Dud Stable”
*(1:14:00): More calls with reaction to the Vikings’ loss. Is it time to move on from Zimmer?

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