Reusse Unchained

Ziggy getting giggy (ep. 10)

It wasn’t that exciting of a Super Bowl but it did leave us plenty to talk about today on this week’s Reusse Unchained! Pat and Judd open this week’s episode waking up from the slumber that was induced by last night’s Super Bowl. Pat declares Goff was terrible but Brady wasn’t much better before the boys jump to the Lions and asking why anyone would be a Lions fan. To finish off the first segment a discussion about the era of crappy health QB’s (beer belly’s, smoking, etc.) and two Pats related hot takes from the guys. Our second segment begins with the importance of coaching in certain sports before we marvel at the fact that the Vikings still haven’t found a way to sneak into the big game. Before we move onto the final segment we quickly transition to Gopher basketball and Big Ten basketball. Reusse tells us about his trip to Gainesville and how that college town compares to what the Gophers put on for their campus. Lastly, we close the show with a return from Positive Pat and the boys get Unchained before wrapping the show.

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