Preseason Episode 1: Sneaky-Smart Sleepers, Bloated Busts to Bypass, and All the Alliteration Avid Anchorman Aficionados Allow

They’re ba-aack! Neither rain nor snow nor dark of night—nor, apparently, court-mandated public service or multiple restraining orders—could keep the Fantasy Football Party podcast from its appointed rounds.

Bo, Magsh, and 2V gathered at JL Beers in Burnsville to set the table for the 2019 season with the usual assortment of immediate regrets, fantasy football analysis, and juvenile humor. The party-goers broke down pertinent offseason news, shared their sleepers and busts, and generally provided the blueprint for dominating whatever fantasy league dares host you.

Plus, Bo scatted all over a certain highly ranked running back; Magsh kept his DiMaggio-esque streak of ripping Eric Ebron alive; and 2V penned an ode to Jimmy GQ entirely independent of his roguish good looks or pheremonic charisma.

All that packed into the one podcast you can’t afford to skip, lest you fail miserably at fantasy football and ultimately at life and are banned to a desert-like existence surviving on insects and poisonous shrubbery.

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