Week 1: News for the Uninformed, Advice for the Unaware, and Therapy for Dave Berggren

The vow was to slice and dice the format to rein in the Bohemoth (and the Magshemoth and 2Vmoth, for that matter). The intention was to give the Fantasy Football Party a… what’s that called, a Columbian? Anywho, we’re shaving that bad boy down under an hour. And one show into the new plan, we’re happy to say it worked!

Narrator: I wish you weren’t a liar.

Less is more. Day is night. Up is down and wrong is right. And yet somehow the Week 1 edition of the FF Party is still stuffed to the proverbial gills with everything required to beat up your league and take down your DFS contest of choice (though obviously we hope your choice is Fantasy Draft).

If it’s Hump Day that means Tres Futbol Amigos gathered at JL Beers in Burnsville for the weekly assortment of hopped-up beverages, witty repartee, and the sharpest fantasy football analysis this side of OJ Simpson.

Narrator: I see what you did there.

With the sands trickling through the hour glass, your second-favorite trio of fantasy football intellects shared some deep personal regrets, raced through the pertinent news, and doled out 50/50 teams that are bound to turn the fortunes of at least half of you.

Narrator: It was my understanding that there would be no math.

Plus, Bo visited the land of sky-blue waters by way of a tasty Hamms; Magsh managed to squeeze in some dial-twisting and knob pulling while bidding up Josh Jacobs and Latavius Murray; and 2V danced his weekly polka with censorship, good taste, and political correctness.

And making this a very special episode (not unlike the one where Blossom… well, we don’t want to spoil it for you), friend of the program Dave Berggren joined the festivities for mirth, merriment, and first-person advice on how to handle a running back that just won’t honor his contract.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the Week 1 edition of the Fantasy Football Party!


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