Week 2: Overreactions, Underachievers, and There’s No Way This is Clocking In Under an Hour

With an entire week of evidence to sort through the Fantasy Football Party was up to its old tricks, separating fact from fiction and TV from reality as they set the table for Week 2 shenanigans.

Of course, given the depth of knowledge the Party-goers possess, compressing the show into the time/space confines of Andy Rooney’s favorite time frame is… well… dang near impossible.

Yes, we’ve discovered our official tagline. The Fantasy Football Party: Always Longer Than You Expect.

To achieve said length, Tres Futbol Fiesta Amigos professed their immediate regrets, shared their rummage-sale finds in 50/50, and talked about… whatever. Literally.

That meant Bo contemplated bailing on Corey Davis and peed in the Fish Tank, Magsh broke down the breaking down of the Steelers and tried to quit Jameis Winston (Narrator: He couldn’t), and 2V professed his tainted love for Chris Thompson while filling you in on the man, the myth, the legend and one of only four quarterbacks to post a perfect Week 1 passer rating in the Super Bowl era: the one and only Dick Shiner.

The lads answered audience questions, sampled JL Beers libations like Goodwood and Ol’ One Eye (you only think we’re making that up), and generally entertained themselves while cramming your brain hole with all the fantasy football knowledge required to put a winning product on the virtual field.

Raise a glass and drop your pants, it’s the Week 2 edition of the Fantasy Football Party!

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