Week 7: A Little Column A, Over-Served on Column B, and Soft “J”s All Around

Living up to the longtime show motto, “Always Longer Than You Expect”, the Fantasy Football Party delivered at least a minute of bonus content in Week 7—largely because they had so much to tell you.

Moe Greene’s out at the Tropicana, my brothers Mike and Fredo have moved in, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the reams of news that threatened to crush Bo’s Channel SKOR news desk under the weight of thousands of dead trees.

But more than just news regurgitation, Tres Fiesta Futbol Fantasia Hombres speculated and analyzed, packaging everything you need to treat your league like FOX News treats facts into bite-sized digestible nuggets your brain will consume with a gusto not seen since Monday night’s officiating crew hit the cheese bar on Aaron Rodgers’ dime.

Of course, the podcast would not be complete without the usual shenanigans: Bo returning Jacoby Brissett to his rightful place on a 50/50 roster, an overly caffeinated Magsh smashing the sound drops, 2V providing actionable advice during the “Whatever” segment.

Wait, what? Oh yes, it’s true… though it came on the heels of a heated “Is chili soup?” debate.

Plus Magsh laid out a comprehensive plan for getting your hands on Chubb… and OBJ, too; 2V stacked the 49ers passing game and bemoaned missing out on Chase Edmonds; and Bo beat the rush to take a Duke—in this case, Williams, the Bills’ new starting wide receiver.

Putting the “world” in World Series and the “fest” in Oktoberfest, it’s the never-heard-before Week 7 edition of the Fantasy Football Party podcast, in living color and coiled like a mongoose ready to spring into your frontal lobe.


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