Week 8: Buying Low on Melvin Gordon, Selling High on the Patriots Defense, and Settle In for the Longest Show We’ve Ever Dropped

If there’s one thing the Fantasy Football Party podcast is known for, it’s the show’s staunch support of the morals and principles that guide this great land, such as honesty and integrity and freedom of speech.

If there’s two things the Fantasy Football Party podcast is known for, it’s all that stuff above and brilliant, insightful fantasy football analysis delivered in an engaging, witty manner over tasty adult beverages.

But lets focus on that first part for just a second. What if, during the course of events of a podcast, someone with questionably legitimate authority deleted from the record important conversations. Not “Watergate tapes” important or even “Ukrainian quid pro quo” important; more like “Kenny Stills is a great play WHEN Will Fuller gets hurt” or “Now that I’m done being Sticky let’s dive into a Belching Beaver” important.

(Narrator: In other words, not very important at all.)

Okay, we’ll leave the political correctness for the wonks and pundits. Well, except for tres Futbol Fiesta Fantasia amigos’ staunch refusal to identify the Washington football squad by its racist moniker.

While protests rage on in the halls of justice, your duly elected fantasy football representatives shared their personal regrets, dug deeply into all the relevant news, and even provided actionable intel during the “Whatever” segment 2V usually treats like the drum solo in “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”.

Plus Magsh address the troublesome prospect of underage tabasco consumption; Bo presented so many reasons to watch “Monday Night Football” that Jason Witten retired to go back in the booth; and 2V basked in the glow of Marvin Jones’ four-score outing while educating the masses as to the wonder that is Cloyce Box.

No matter which side of the aisle you sit on, you’ll want to stay there as the rumbling bullet train that is the Fantasy Football Party podcast thunders through. Next stop: Week 8.


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